How to remove acne and acne scars naturally for oily skin?

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There may be acne due to skin not clean regularly, use more cosmetics than needed, blood problems, irregularities in urine-toilet etc. Acne is usually within a certain age range.

Acne is the most horrific problem for oily skin women, which are constantly inextricably linked. If the skin is oily, you know this well. Acne is almost yearly on your skin by the effects of summer, monsoon, winter-any season or additional dust, sweat and dryness. You have to follow the following rules below to eliminate acne from oily skin and to reduce the oiliness of your skin.

Regular face skin should be kept clean. Try to wash your face repeatedly during your own convenience because of the discomfort caused by sweat and oily skin. You can mix one or two drops of rose water in the washable water, get fresh feeling. Which face wash are available in the market to buy, if it adjusts to your skin, you can use it. If possible, take a bath at least twice a day. Neem leaf keep drowning in hot water, you can take a bath to use this. This will save you from various germs infections. You can also use Neem soap.


If you use powder, it will be cleaned by the end of the day. You can use water base make up, and other cosmetics. That is to say, you should not use cosmetics these are more likely to be oil-based. The foundation will be very low. There is no harm to use face powder. The Eyeliner should be fitted so that it does not get wiped even if it is wet.


You have to build a balanced diet every day. You should not eat extra fat and eat less fat. If possible, it is good to no eat. Build habit to eat small fish, vegetables, and drink plenty of water. You can drink lemon water in the morning after getting up. Emerging young people can add a little honey with lemon water too. You can also drink fruit juice.


The problem is seen in emerging aged. Excessive sunlight and summer acne can be higher. There can be two types of problems from acne. One is a stain and the other is a wound creation. After the recovery of acne, the scars went away gradually. The cream can be used to remove the stains if the stain does not go away. But it takes long time to remove wound.

There is an element called citric acid in lemon which removes excess oil on the skin, and help to reduce the acne problem. Besides, lemon juice destroys the harmful bacteria of the skin, and Effective to eliminate various stains of the skin. And honey is a natural element which retains moisture from the skin. It also increases the natural brightness of skin as well as removing acne problems. Take one spoon lemon juice and the equivalent honey in a clean pot. Mix well together, and make a thick paste. First, wash the face with water and after that, apply paste in the face and neck portion. Cotton balls can be used to put the mixture. Wait for 15 to 20 minutes, and wash your mouth and neck with a cold water. You can use it every day to"

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