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PMI Drives Progress in Project Management Spectrum. But, how will membership of PMI benefit you? Find out with Certification Planner.

If you are working in Project Management spectrum, you would probably know about the Project Management Institute (PMI®). PMI® is a global organization that drives progress in Project Management industry. The organization constantly monitors the Project Management industry to identify the latest trends, conducts research in the field and governs certifications in project management. While the importance of project management certifications like PMP®, CAPM, PMI®-ACP and PgMP is well established, there is a huge air of doubts related to PMI® Membership benefits.

In this article, we will discuss exclusively what you can gain from PMI® Membership and how it will help in your Project Management journey. But before we jump into it, let’s take a detour towards the types of memberships provided by PMI®.


While people generally question PMI® membership worth, scores of professionals have become a member of PMI® for the benefits that it provides.

9 PMI Membership Benefits

1. Discount in PMI® Examination Fee

The very first area that marks its presence is the financial liberties that you can avail as a PMI® Member. So here is the difference that you witness (let us take the example of PMP®):

PMI® Membership charge = $129 + $10 = $ 139

Examination Charge (as a PMI® Member) = $ 405

The total cost to you = $ 544

Examination Charge (as a non-PMI® Member) = $ 555

Clear that PMI® membership charges easily gets covered by the financial liberties you avail with PMI® membership.


2. Access to Standards and Publications at no additional charge

As a PMI® Member, you can access all the standards published by PMI® at no additional charge. You can download an electronic copy from the Library of PMI® Global Standards. These publications can be an asset for your general learning and if you a PMP® certification aspirant, you can download the latest copy of PMBOK® Guide as well.   While you may choose to take a formal PMP® Certification Exam Course, PMBOK® Guide remains an essential reference point for you.


3. Get a deeper insight into Project Management with Research Papers

As a member of PMI®, you are entitled to free access to several Research papers. You can also get paid Research papers at a discounted rate.


4. Get access to PMI® Market

As a PMI® member you get access to PMI® Market and an array of Project management books, all at a discounted price. This presents an excellent opportunity for you to build additional skills and acquire more knowledge about the latest advancements.


5. PM Network and PM Today

PM Network and PM Today are monthly magazines released by PMI®. These magazines are filled with ideas, perspectives, tips, and tricks from experienced and engaging leaders, and be a source for countless tested ideas that you can adopt. With PMI® membership, you are entitled to get a copy of these magazines or can get them delivered at your doorstep.


6. Project management Journal

PMI® publishes the Project Management Journal 5 times in a year with the aim of providing a clear understanding of project, program and portfolio management to its members.


7. Local Chapter meetings of PMI®

After becoming a PMI® member, you will also get the chance of joining local PMI® chapter meetings at a discounted price.


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