Unhealthy Foods that you Love to Eat

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Know more about your favorite "Unhealthy Foods" and how packaging has become to eye-catchy to customers.
Confusion with healthy foods is never ended. Despite the fact that burgers, chips and other fried items are considered some of the unhealthiest foods which people love to eat. There are a number of other food items that add to the list. Few people know that they are unhealthy. Even those who know, love to consume them. Similarly eating too much of bakery items are not good for your health. Well-designed bakery boxes add to their attractiveness but if you are facing some health issues or want to avoid any chronic disease, you should not take much of these foods. However, some of them can't be avoided completely but you can minimize their use. Below is the list of unhealthy food items that everyone loves to eat:

1) Sugary Drinks
The addition of sugar is the worst thing in all modern diets. However, some of its sources are more dangerous than others like that of sugary drinks. Our brain doesn’t recognize sugar as food. As the number of calories increases, people do not compensate by eating a lot of other food, which raises the level of total calorie intake. Consuming a large amount of sugar makes insulin resistance which causes non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. This may also lead to type 2 diabetes and other heart diseases. Taking them in large amounts may lead to obesity and fat gain. Some good alternatives include water, soda water, lemonade, tea or coffee. 

2) Most Pizzas
Pizza is the most popular junk food item worldwide. It has a great taste and is extremely convenient to eat. Most of the pizza is cooked with unhealthy ingredients like cheese and dough. The dough is prepared from finely refined wheat flour instead of whole grain wheat. The processed meat and a large amount of cheese are used, which make it high in calories. Homemade pizzas or the Italian versions are comparatively healthy as far as you choose wholesome ingredients. 

3) Cakes, Pastries and other Bakery Items
Most of the bakery items like cakes, cookies, and pastries are very unhealthy. They are prepared from refined sugar, refined flour, and additive fats. Although they taste awesome if you can make an analysis, these bakery items are the worst thing you can put into your stomach. Most of them are iced with heavy frosting, which is un-nutritional for health.
Here, packaging boxes play an important role because they are so attractive and tempting for the customers. The bakery boxes are designed with windows to make customers view lovely creations. The same is the case with donuts. No one can say no to a chocolaty donut enclosed in tempting donut boxes. Such items contain almost no essential nutrients and a ton of calories and other unhealthy ingredients. 

4) Margarine
The margarine was better than butter, but with the passage of time people have realized that it is far from being true. Margarine is one of the most processed pseudo-foods. It is processed in a way to look and taste like butter. It contains a number of artificial ingredients and industrial vegetable oils that have been hydrogenated to convert them to solid. This increases the content of trans-fat in it. Although, most of the manufacturers label their products with "no trans-fat" when they contain less than 0.5gm per serving. It is still a significant amount if we think. Real butter gathered from grass-fed cows is the best alternative to it. 

5) Candy Bars
Candy bars are extremely unhealthy. They are rich in sugar and processed fats. Refined wheat flour is used to make them which is low in essential nutrients. They are enclosed in attractive candy boxes to tempt the people for their purchase. Candy bars are processed in a way to make them super tasty so that you can eat more. They fulfill your short time hunger, but you become hungry quickly as these high-sugary treats get metabolized. Eating fruit or a piece of real cocoa dark chocolate freshly packed in chocolate boxes is a good option.
6) Every Type of Junk Food
Everyone knows that junk food is extremely unhealthy. According to a survey in 2013, about one-third of the US population tries to avoid gluten. Keeping the research in mind, a"

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