Service CRM Company Introduces Hassle-free Automation of All Business Activities!

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Service-oriented business enterprises need to attend multi-tasking assignments, every time they get a call from their Customers, for trouble-shooting. Coordinating all the above tasks has been tougher proposition hitherto. Lot of paper work and physical strain were involved in maintaining records. In order to nullify all their difficulties, CRM Company ( has come forward with innovative software solutions that can look after all the tasks, by pressing some buttons now.

By making use of this Best Field Service Management Software, the Company assures numerous connected activities, such as entering into Service Agreements; instant ability to find Field Engineer On Map; Quoting the charges involved for the Service to  be offered; ably carrying out Job Management; analyzing and updating the Inventory; Customization of the jobs involved to suit the priority of the job-list; EMI Management for entered Service Contracts; Invoicing and Payment activities for the finished jobs; Email and SMS Notification to Customers at various places; and enabling unique White Label Branding solely for the Company concerned etc. can be completed in a jiffy, with little effort. This software app can work offline too.

Service CRM in their announcement indicates that the aspect of human error and time delay are totally eliminated, by making use of this complete automation of the activities. It also points out the advantages accruing, namely the business enterprises can eliminate paper work as a thing of the past; they can grow sales manifold by their faster and timely Service; back office work as well as field work can be synchronized seamlessly; and at the same time eliminating duplicate data entry; the payments for the jobs done will be realized faster and thus the profitability of the enterprises will go up and up.

In respect of small businesses, the announcement indicates that they need not employ excess staff for office work, and everything can be finished by this very valuable and ideal Software for Small Business usage. Thus these small Companies can save a lot by way of administrative costs in Field Management activities.

Virtually there are a number of Companies that can use and get benefited by the Software Solutions offered by CRM – starting from IT Computer Repair; Plumbing; Electrical Repair; and ending with Medical Equipment and Facility Property Management etc. The cost involved for this automation of Service Industries is negligible. CRM Company by their announcement invites one and all to visit to know more about these Software Solutions, and derive all the benefits.


Service CRM

SERVICE CRM is one of the reputed and highly acclaimed service providers of advanced Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM). The company is serving multiple industries with their customized a..

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