How to hold speed with your computer?

   2020-06-05       20        Technology
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Computers are now a very important multidimensional practical electronics device. With this one device, various tasks can be done starting from official work,

  1. Your computer’s memory and processor should be a little better and faster.
  2. Your computer’s mainboard should be a little better brand. For example: Intel, Asus and Gigabyte mainboards will work at the same speed as some cheap Chinese mainboards will not work. A computer basically runs all its activities centering on the mainboard, so try to make your computer’s mainboard a little better and of a better brand.
  3. Your computer’s hard disk must be free of badsectors. If there is a bad sector on the hard disk, then of course your computer will be slow. Suppose you bought an expensive private car and you will drive the car fast but there are many small holes in the road you will drive then you will not be able to drive your expensive car fast. Similarly, if you buy an expensive computer, it will work at a lot of speed, but if your computer’s hard disk has a lot of bad sectors, then your computer will work slowly. So you must use a bad sector free hard disk.
  4. The software must be compatible with your computer’s hardware. Suppose your computer has dual core and 1 GB of memory and if you put all the latest operating systems including Windows 10 in it, then the speed of your computer will decrease. You need to remember that the software is compatible with your PC’s hardware.
  5. Adequate space must be left on the C drive. If you want to give Windows 8 or later operating system, you must have at least 50 GB of C drive. This is because Windows often uses the free space on the hard drive as its temporary memory when it runs out of memory. In addition, when you install any software, at one stage of the setup, browsing the files other than the program files will go to the browsed drive, otherwise it will go to the C drive, this will slowly fill your PC’s C drive. By doing this, the speed of your PC will continue to decrease day by day.
    7. You must use a good quality power supply to maintain the speed of your PC. The low quality power supplies available in the market cannot supply 100% of the correct amount of electricity. Keep in mind that your hard drive will show rate performance as fast as it gets the right amount of power.
    8. You must keep your computer virus free. Remember that your expensive computer bought with a lot of money will be slow due to the virus. And in the light of my actual experience, I can say that most computers are slow due to viruses.
    9. If you want to get maximum speed from your computer, you need to keep all the drivers updated9.If you want to keep the speed of your PC, you need to refrain from installing unnecessary software. Remember that the more software you install on your computer, the slower your PC will b
  6. 10.Even if your PC is low, install a new operating system every two years

  1. Your PC needs to run diskdefragment and scan disk programs. How often you run it will depend on your usage. If you use more, you should do it once a week and if you use a little less, you should do it twice a month.
  2. You need to make sure that the cooling fan of your PC’s processor rotates properly. If the fan does not turn properly and the processor ove

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