Quantum Workplace Recognized as a Representative Vendor in Gartner’s May 2020 Market Guide

   2020-06-11       29        Business
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Company Named in the Technology-Focused (Common) Category of the 2020 Report

Quantum Workplace, a leading provider of comprehensive employee engagement software, announced today it has been named as a Representative Vendor in the Gartner Market Guide for Voice of the Employee Solutions report [Gartner subscription required]. Quantum Workplace was named in the Technology-Focused (Common) category of the May 29, 2020 report.Hrtech News

Quantum Workplace is proud to be recognized by Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company, in this new report.

According to the report, “voice of the employee (VoE) refers to solutions which enable organizations to collect and analyze employee opinions, perceptions and feelings related to their experience at work. VoE helps organizations to better understand the employee experience, which is the cumulative effect of their interactions with customers, leaders, teams, processes, policies, enabling technologies and work environments.”

Key findings of the Gartner report include:

  • “The pace of change, digital workplace adoption (especially in light of COVID-19-driven rapid shifts to remote work) and increased focus on employee experience are well-documented. These factors are all driving organizations to seek more frequent means of monitoring and assessing employee sentiment.
  • Traditional annual engagement surveys, while still important, are increasingly being augmented (and sometimes replaced) by other feedback tools (both direct and indirect).
  • Voice of the employee (VoE) is an emerging market, with no single provider delivering capabilities across all categories. Early adopters are managing multiple survey-based and analytics tools in order to meet requirements.
  • Some providers and their early adopter customers are beginning to blend VoE with other HR processes, such as continuous performance, rewards and recognition, learning and leadership actions. The goal of these mashups is to build an ongoing ‘sense and respond’ talent management capability that crosses traditional application boundaries.”

Regarding the Technology-Focused (Common) category, Gartner notes “providers in this category come from two main origins. The first began in the annual engagement market but focused on building robust and configurable engagement measurement survey platforms for larger complex organizations. In response to market trends and customer demand, they evolved their offerings to include pulse methodologies, sentiment analysis and advanced visualizations. The second type of organizations emerged in the mid-2010s in response to the market call for more frequent employee feedback, and made pulse engagement measurement the centerpiece of their value propositions. Many of these vendors added annual survey management in response to those customers who were not willing to completely abandon it for pulse-only approaches. Others have built or acquired additional talent management capabilities (such as continuous performance management) to tighten the link between VoE and talent-related actions. The use of emerging technologies such as machine learning and NLP are common in these solutions.”

“Quantum Workplace is honored to be recognized by Gartner as a Technology-Focused (Common) Representative Vendor. Since our founding, we have developed and continually evolved to always offer a broad range of innovative solutions that foster employee engagement, promote interaction and facilitate productivity. We believe being named by Gartner as a Representative Vendor reinforces the value of our deep portfolio of engagement solutions amongst our thousands of customers,” explained Greg Harris, Quantum Workplace co-founder and chief executive offic

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