HashCash Consultants Announces Work From Home Till 2021

   2020-06-12       35        Business
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USA’s HashCash Consultants announces work from home till 2021, upholding employee safety amid COVID-19 while ensuring quality and uninterrupted service to the global clients and businesses.

HashCash Consultants has announced that it will continue work from home for all employees till 2021, considering the global COVID-19 situation.

Headquartered in the USA, HashCash has physical offices in Australia, Singapore, UAE, and India. The company remains active in other regions including the UK and Africa through its robust network of partners, all of which culminates into a 1200+ workforce active globally.

As per HashCash’s announcement, the remote working continuation will apply to all employees irrespective of the region they are residing in.

“Multiple countries have come out of their lockdown state, but fact remains that the COVID-19 virus is still active. After deeply observing the pandemic situation, the management has felt the need to extend work from home for its employees. Opening up the physical offices at the moment or in the coming months, without the availability of a vaccine will pose health hazards for both the workforce and the clients. It is a risk that is just not worth taking,” commented Raj Chowdhury, CEO, HashCash Consultants.

Speaking of the company’s remote working experience, he further added, “From day one of lockdown HashCash has remained operational, without any lost business days. Our globally active team has been providing uninterrupted service to the clients, collaborating with partners, and innovating solutions for businesses while working from their homes. We have even hired people in all locations, by conducting virtual interviews and remote onboarding. The way we see it, remote working is the new corporate reality, and HashCash is striding towards it.”

  • How HashCash is Supporting the Employees and Clients?

HashCash has been dedicated in their support to the workforce, clients, and partners based across geographies. The company has made several internal policy changes and fortified its infrastructure, innovating ways to adapt to the COVID reality and mitigate its challenges.

The online customer support and development center has been made accessible to clients and businesses 24×7 so that both services and communication remain uninterrupted. Since the initial days of COVID-19, the finance, risk assessment, and compliance teams of the company have been keenly observing the market-effects, providing consecutive solutions to businesses.

The company has been striving to make the remote working seamlessly for the employees, supporting them with advanced infrastructural support and significant changes in the HR policy. Employees are getting support through:

1. Flexible work hours
2. Advanced communication channels and VPNs for security and privacy
3. Task redundancy and time zone coverage
4. Advance paycheque option
5. Online skill development courses for all who want to enhance their profile
6. Regular counseling by therapists considering the psychological impact of COVID-19
7. Online life-coaching sessions with interactive team-building exercises to boost productivity and relieve stress and anxiety

HashCash has been at the forefront in extending its guidance, expertise, and specialized services to businesses across sectors. They have been helpin

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