Journalism and Foreign Jobs: What are Your Chances of Settling Abroad

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Do you think about settling abroad as a journalism graduate? Have you considered the possibility of taking up a foreign job?

Chances are that you hold this misconception that journalism and settling abroad do not go along and you always limit your focus within the country even when your calling is outside. The reality is, graduates fail to realise that the skills that you develop while studying in the best colleges for journalism are indeed global and make you eligible for a job anywhere in the world. Your chances of settling abroad are only as good as your mindset and the determination that you have for the same.

The trade does not change, only the culture does

Technically speaking, journalism in India is the same as that of the UK or the US. What differs is the culture and the audience’s outlook. Your writing skills cannot change with relocation, neither can your instinct to pick up news. But your thought process needs some modifications as what is acceptable in one country may be outrageous in another. You can always study your target’s country’s culture, read their local papers and form an idea about the way reporting is done there. Fitting in then will only be a matter of time.

You may also need some extra skills

It doesn’t need an expert to tell you that you will have to pick up some extra skills if you are targeting a foreign job. The first obvious one is their local language. English is not a widely spoken language everywhere, especially in Europe and becoming fluent in an extra language will boost your chances. This will also help you to mix with the locals there when you arrive which will make your career easier. Others skills that you can work upon includes website maintaining, photography and videography, marketing analysis, a bit of coding and much more.

The networks you form will be your key

Networking is crucial no matter where you have your eyes set and this will often turn out as your key to enter a foreign marketplace. In today’s world of the internet, it is not a herculean task to get in touch with an influential foreign journalist and build a substantial rapport. With passing time, you can present your skills to that person and later ask for a reference. There are places like France where journalism jobs are never advertised and you will have to land one through some connection. So, keep looking at the online portals but also develop solid networks. The best university for journalism in Delhi will give you the necessary exposures from where you can capitalise and move forward in securing a foreign job.

Some training is always helpful

You may not jump into applying for the jobs abroad right after your graduation. Recruiters all around the world value experience and it won’t harm you to get some experience in. During your degree course, decide on the field of journalism you want to work in and gather some training or experience in this country. Even internships count as long as you work to develop your skills and have something to show in your CV. Foreign companies prefer trained personals over complete novices as you can immediately take the field after arriving there. So, take your time and apply when it’s right.

Lastly, be up to

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