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Prescription Pad is a clinic management software provides all types of facilities for hospitals & doctors.

“Healthy Children build a Stronger Nation”

This is not just a slogan that we frequently quote during observing Children’s week. This slogan becomes very much important when we get ready to bring holistic upliftment of the state and status of child care in the world. Shockingly, according to an Institute of Medicine report approximately 7,000 paediatric deaths occur every year from preventable medication errors. This has called for an increasing consideration towards paediatric medication safety to be taken by the medical fraternity so that we can achieve the essence of the above-mentioned slogan.

As a matter of fact, it is more evident that paediatric patients are more susceptible to medication errors. The reasons vary, which include difference in the physical and social approach, the necessity for perfect patient-specific dosing. Another important consideration in paediatric medication is weight-based drug calculation for the patients. Common errors are noticed in prescriptions for controlled substances. This has posed a serious question about the quality of prescription being written in our hospitals and clinics. Paediatric patient safety has become a big concern in the recent times.

Moreover, what is disturbing is the cost of these errors. We are at a bigger stake that includes the patient, drug cost, potential therapeutic mishaps, pharmacist time and the physician. The most fitting solution available at the first hand is the use of electronic paediatric prescribing tool. This is an automated tool that takes care of the whole bunch of important as well as casual consideration involved in child medication. Electronic prescription software brings in a systematic approach to paediatric prescribing.

Humanistic approach may, at times, fail to connect the missing links, but the software approach never fails to do the task. It is just a one-time affair to type in the necessary details about the patient in the software database and the tool, then takes care of every small and big aspect, weeks-on-week and months-on-month. Keeping this in view, many hospitals and medical education institutes have made a serious intervention by introducing medical prescriptions writing for safe medication practices.

Out of a few trusted paediatric medical writing software, Prescription Pad offers the best child growth and development module for the paediatricians. The software has provisions for issuing safe prescription according to the individual child’s physical and medical conditions. This is the best prescription management software that has a dedicated paediatric module. The doctors are offered with advices, suggestions according to the information they feed into the patients’ database. The software takes an analytical approach to finding the overall growth pattern of the child right from its birth and accordingly suggests the best possible medication.

To summarise, listed below are some of the key features of Prescription Pad.

  • Comparative analysis of the child’s growth parameters against standard medical stats.
  • Suggests remedial actions, in case of findings conferred on the basis of height, weight and head circumference.
  • Complete medication and immunisation schedule suggested to the child.
  • Complete growth and development status updated according to standard height and weight for the child’s age.
  • Informative graphical presentation of based on various important factors like Apgar score, Denver Developmental Screening, body surface area calculator etc.

Prescription Pad is an ideal solution for eradicating medication errors in a prescription for paediatric patients. Many paediatricians, who are using the software are in the opinion that Prescription Pad has dramatically reduce

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I am regular blogger of prescriptionpad.in . this is a medical software for doctors.The best part of the software is Prescription writing facilities for doctors & drug & brand interaction checker tool..

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