Prescription Pad ensures writing the Best Prescription in case of Disease in Combination

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Prescription Pad is a clinic management software provides all types of facilities for hospitals & doctors.

Disease in combination usually requires long-term medication. And, usually the doctors have to constantly monitor the interaction of one drug on the effectiveness of the other drug as well as affect on the disease. The issue is termed as chronic-multimorbid condition, where the patient suffers from more than two diseases. The matter of concern is that with growing age, the case of multimorbidity is gradually increasing. Hence the doctors treating such patients need to take in to a number of things in to account, which includes the treatment protocol for disease in combination.

All doctors take care of disease safety in their practice. The main aspect of treatment is writing the best prescription for the disease and when it comes to writing prescription s for diseases in combination, the practitioners have to be extra cautious.Disease safety prescription writing can be best assured through an automated prescription writing software.

Prescription Pad is one of such trusted and tested electronic medical writing software that takes care of disease in combination. The software has been developed keeping in mind the treatment protocol for diseases in combination. Whenever the details of the patient are entered who has been suffering from more than two diseases, the software intelligently suggest medications that do not interfere with the working of each other. Also, the software takes care of the previously taken medicines by the patients while prescribing new or fresh medications for other diseases.

The doctors are promoted with the disease highlights along with informative details specific to the category, type, treatment alert in special situations, treatment alert for disease in combination is observed. Here are a few key points of Prescription Pad.

  • Gives full information about the disease that include differential diagnosis and causes, disease related investigations and interpretations.
  • All possible investigations suggested for the diseases in consideration.
  • Option to find or locate specific treatment protocol for a disease from its indigenous database of diseases.
  • Prescription writing for children has always been a careful task for medical practitioners. The age of the children plays a very important role in writing prescriptions as the strength of the dose is accordingly determined. Along with the composition of the medicines, doctors must take care of simple and general facts as well. For instance, many liquid preparations suitable for children usually contain sugar that encourage tooth decay. For long-term treatment, sugar-free preparations are advisable. This is just one, there are many such examples. Hence, the best help that doctors can take is use of specialised electronic prescription writing software in their practice.

    It has been some time; such medical software is being used in some of the big medical institutes in our country and abroad. However, its widespread use is something that can streamline the practice of medical prescription writing. An e-prescribing software with child growth module can help the paediatrician in more than one way. Let us see how.

    Dosages & Dose Calculation

    Paediatric doses, in no way, can be extrapolated from an adult dose. Hence, calculating the exact dose for preterm, neonate, infant, child and adolescent should be carefully done. A lot of things, such as age, body weight and even body surface area are taken while finding the dose and dose strength. This is where the usefulness of a prescription writing software is best realised.

    Understanding Adverse Drug Reactions

    Drug reaction is a critical aspect in case of paediatric medication. There is a whole bunch of drug combinations that can interact with

Compurx Infotech

I am regular blogger of . this is a medical software for doctors.The best part of the software is Prescription writing facilities for doctors & drug & brand interaction checker tool..

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