5 mistakes to avoid while Doing Online Marketing of a lifestyle Brand

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In the present era, customers are dependent more on online platforms to get information about brands and their products before they buy them, so this makes it very important for any brand to make their space in customers mind via online marketing. While making a strong online presence and space in the customer’s mind. Brands often end up doing mistakes which can cost them.

 Here are five mistakes one should avoid.

1.    Wrong platforms

Platforms are a real hero for the success of Online Marketing of the lifestyle brands, so choose your platforms very carefully.  Each brand has its requirement and each platform has some unique features which can benefit the brands for influencing the target audience. Lifestyle products sales depend on strong visuals, so such brands should market their products on the platforms which are highly visual, like Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube. You should never choose microblogging social media platforms like Twitter and tumbler. Also these brands should choose network partners which support them to reach a wider audience.

2. Wrong keyword target

Keyword target is the key to make your brand shine online. Use of irrelevant keyword phrases can affect online marketing. Deep research should be done before choosing your keywords, use keywords that reflect your product. Keyword traffic should also be kept in mind, there are keywords which truly reflect your brand but have very low search volume.

3. Wrong advertisement

Without advertisement, you cannot sale your brand. Each brand needs advertisement to create an impression on their target audience’s mind. One must run the advertisements in a balanced way on the different platforms like Google, Network partners, Instagram and Facebook. In addition to the platforms choose the type of advertisement more carefully.  Secondly, the flow of the advertisement should be in the order of branding or impression to conversion, reversing the order can damage brand building process.

4. Non Tested content

Content is the most powerful weapon to win in online marketing. Before the content goes online, it should be completely tested according to the algorithms of the platforms you are going to use. Ignore the words and phrases that violate the advert policies.  You should be aware of restricted content and prohibited content. 

5. Wrong Placement

In the end, what matters in online marketing, is the placement of your content. An average person sees more than 1000 ads a month, and less them half of them are actually clicked or viewed. Placement of your content decides the fate of your brand. Decide carefully who is seeing your ad, the one who is using a mobile phone or the one who is sitting on a desktop. Your ads appeal differently when the screens are changed, so you must have proper planning of your content according to where it is going to get placed.

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