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Channel Description : Northex cosmetic Surgery center is the best surgery center in Delhi. Female Cosmetic Surgeon and Plastic Surgeon in Delhi with 15+ years of experience. It is owned and run by a qualified team of female surgeons to provide confidential plastic surgery at our plastic surgery center in Delhi.
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Title : Breast Tightening Surgery | Mastopexy | Breast Lift Surgery
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Find a breast tightening treatment and breast lift surgery in Delhi. Book your appointment with us 9810184824. Breast tightening gives a younger look to a woman.

This surgery is also known as breast implants. Breast implants surgery is done with our best team in Delhi.
Get the latest method for breast implant surgery in DelhiChoose from the wide range of breast tightening surgery in Delhi.

Post Date : 11/29/2017
Title : Breast Reduction Surgery in Delhi by Northex Cosmetic
Description :
We offer breast reduction, breast lift surgery, in Delhi. Breast reduction is also called a reduction mammoplasty. Available best Breast reduction surgery in Delhi.  We offer the best cost/price on breast reduction surgery in Delhi. We also offer low-cost breast reduction surgery at the time to time.

Benefits of Breast reduction surgery

Breast reduction surgery makes a woman more comfortable and makes her free from pain which is caused by oversized Brest.
A woman can do her daily physical activities more freely and it also gives confidence to a woman who otherwise feels awkward.
Interested women can find us on Google by entering --
Common causes of oversized breasts :

• In pubertal breast development stage due to hormonal imbalance...
• Some women develop large breasts after weight gain at menopause.
• In some cases, genetic factors are responsible for heavy breasts.
• In some women, after delivering baby and breastfeeding.

Breast reduction is also called as reduction mammoplasty. this procedure gives proportionate and correct size to an oversize large breasts. Extra large breast causes dragging pain in the head, shoulder, and neck and back. Extra weigth at breast causes difficult breathing in supine position.

Post Date : 11/29/2017
Title : Birthmark Removal Surgery clinic in Delhi
Description :
Birthmark removal surgery and Birthmark Removal Treatment are same. And now a days Birthmark Removal Surgery is easily done with advance technology at Birthmark Removal clinic, also known as Northex cosmetic Surgery center, located in Delhi.

Birthmarks are marks or scars on the skin that are present from the time of birth. Basically these are discoloration of skin which looks a bit unusual.
Two types of birthmarks are:- 

• Coffee and cream birthmarks – These are the marks that are formed by patches of skin with high concentration of pigmentation. These marks may or may not remain for the life time. Some type of birthmarks can also pose health risks for the person.

• Port wine stain birthmarksThese are flat red marks and generally remain for life time. With the ageing these marks become thicker and more unpleasant. These are resulted by high concentration of blood vessels in a certain area.

Post Date : 11/29/2017
Title : Face Lift Surgery in Delhi, Book Appointment Online | Northex Cosmetic Surgery Centerr
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A Face lift surgery also known as Rhytidectomy, is a cosmetic surgery done to restore the youthful look and glow to our face. In it extra skin is removed from the face and tightening of the facial tissue is done. After the surgery face becomes wrinkles free and much younger.

We at Northex cosmetic surgery centre are committed to provide best and quality treatment to our patients. Using world class technology and latest equipments for face lift surgery in delhi we give perfect solution to the patients with different requirements. Northex Gynocosmetic centre is one of the best cosmetic surgery center and most trusted name in the Delhi.

Post Date : 11/23/2017

Northex Cosmetic Surgery Center

At our northex cosmetic surgery center, we are doing all types of plastic surgeries like Breast tightening surgery, male breast reduction surgery, abdominoplasty surgery, etc... and our female staff h..

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