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Title : Documents | Age Criteria | School Admission in Delhi
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Documents | Age Criteria | School Admission in Delhi 

online nursery admission

With the upcoming school admission season, all parents need to gear up and try to get their children in the best possible school in Delhi. It is quite clear that the impact early childhood education has on the child, remains with them for their entire lives. A child’s brain is like that of an earthly pot which will take the shape whatever the care givers propel the child to take over. As the baby grows up, its brain is fully developed till the age of 5, which means that the activities a child takes up in their initial years is of utmost importance.

school admission in delhi

Admission in Delhi Schools grab pace from mid november to  march end. Parents queues starts to get prolonged outside the schools for admission forms, there is no way get them notified about the enrollment in schools.
When we look at the school life of the child, it is of utmost importance that the school provide the very best facilities to help the child grow, in a sheltered but still exposed to the outside world way. This doesn’t mean that the school should be equipped with the latest technology, and no teacher up to date with how to use the technology, there has to be a balance between the two aspects, since modern day learning, and classroom knowledge go hand in hand.

Some of the question regarding this should be looked into by the parents/guardians of the child-

HOW FUTURE READY IS THE SCHOOL- In the coming times, technology is a basic tool for the children to cope with the everyday world, and just giving the children a basic knowledge of everything is not enough. The school should be able to provide a medium for the children to also practice whatever they learn in these classes.

HOW SKILLED ARE ALL THE TEACHERS- Other than the household, teachers are the closest in shaping a young child’s mind. Make sure that the school ensures all the teachers have the best degrees and know their way around kids.

DOES LEARNING HAPPEN OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOM- Gone are the days when the learning was constricted to just classrooms. It is essential for the children to get knowledge from both rote learning, and things in the physical world. Therefore, educational trips are necessary.

HOW SAFE ARE THE LEARNING SPACES- With the every growing crime against children, the security guards employed at the gates have to be well trained and the schools should be equipped with cameras for utmost security.

DIFFERENT LEARNING SPEEDS- Not every child holds the same mental capabilities, and the teachers should have the patience to welcome the children with open hands.

WHAT IS THE VALUE SYSTEM OF THE SCHOOL- Every school has a value system which is essential to them, some schools have mottos, make sure that the value closest to your heart reaches your child’s brain.

ARE CO CURRICULARS ACCEPTED- So many school admissions in delhi to be okay with co-curricular activities, but then trouble the child afterwards, with extra educational burden. This is something to be careful of.

Having covered the essentials for the schools, these are the essentials required for the child to be eligible for the school’s criteria.-  
  • Child’s passport size photograph
  • Parent’s passport size photographs
  • Family photograph
  • Proof of residential place of the family( VOTER ID CARD, PASSPORT, AADHAR CARD, RATION CARD, ELECRTRICITY BILL)

   EWS/DG Category:

The DOE provides a relaxation of one year in the Upper Age limit for Children with Special Needs/Disabled Children Category. The mentally challenged applicants can further have a relaxation in the upper age limit post approval by the Principal on submission of the requisite documents.-


Physically Challenged- Less than 5 years as on 31st march of the year in which the admission is sought.
Mentally Challenged- Less than 5 years old as on 31st march in which the admission is sought. Can be further relaxed by the Principal.
For KG and FIRST class admissions, the same procedure is followed.
The rejection of an application for relaxation in upper age limits (in case of a student with mental disabilities) should be based on valid grounds & a speaking order shall be passed by the Principal of the school. The parent/ child should have the right to appeal before the Director (Education) & before the principal secretary (Education) in the second appeal. The decision of the principal secretary shall be final & binding on all concerned.
According to a new ruling, no child is allowed to live beyond 8km radius of the school, so that the child doesn’t face many difficulties in travelling to and fro from school. Make sure that you only apply to schools within this radius.
  • Birth certificate of the child
  • Medical fitness certificate of the child 
  • Child’s Aadhar card
  • Parents’ Aadhar cards 
Hope this knowledge helps your child to get into the best school possible!

Post Date : 11/06/2019
Title : All schools in Delhi to remain closed till November 5th as air pollution continues to rise: Arvind Kejriwal
Description :
Delhi CM Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has said that all the schools in the state will remain closed until the 5th of November 2019. A notice confirming the same has been issued by the Deputy CM Mr Manish Sisodia. This step has been taken to protect school-going children from exposure to smog. The pollution level in the city is at an all-time high post-Diwali. CM, however, said that the major source of the pollution is stubble burning and not Diwali and pollution due to Diwali is lesser than last year.

While Ghaziabad is the most polluted city in the world right now, Delhi isn't far behind. The Pollution Control body declared a public health emergency and banned the activities that may worsen the condition. For instance, construction work and bursting firecrackers.

Earlier today Mr. Kejriwal along with Mr.Sisodia distributed N95 masks to school children. These masks filter 95% of the pollutants by covering the nose and mouth.
"The present air quality condition in Delhi is a cause of concern for all. To ensure that students studying in schools of Delhi are not adversely affected due to the current air quality, all the heads of government, government-aided and unaided recognised schools under Directorate of Education are hereby directed to sensitise the parents of the students about the worrisome air quality situation prevailing in and across Delhi and further appeal them to restrain their children from undertaking outdoor activities until severe pollution condition persists," read the circular by the Directorate of Education.
Post Date : 11/04/2019
Title : Things To Prepare For School Admission in Delhi
Description :

Things To Prepare For School Admission in Delhi

Every year school admissions took place in Delhi during the winters, which start by January and end up by the last week of March. However, nobody waits for January but the preparation shall start much before January, as the process of admission require involvement of both the student and parents not only physically but mentally too. Many parents mislay important details regarding admissions like date of registration, new updates, required documents etc. due to lack of proper information on internet. So in this article we’re going to discuss “things to prepare for school admission in Delhi” which will surely help you to start your new journey with flying colours.

Is your child entitled for the admission?

There used to be a time, when criteria of admission were very strange like Parents were interviewed, their education used to be checked, social status, income and few parameters were very strange like eating and drinking habits. The director of education has banned such parameters formally used by Delhi in schools.

Eligibility For School Admission

The thing which makes parents eligible for the admission in Delhi is ‘valid residential proof of Delhi’. This could be ration card issued in the name of parents, Domicile certificate of the parents or child, voter ID card, electricity bill, Aadhaar card, water bill, MTNL telephone bill. Criteria of Child eligibility is his age, for nursery/ pre-school: between 3-4 years, KG/ pre-primary: 4-5 years, class 1: 5-6 years. One-year relaxation in the upper age limit for children with special needs/ disabled children category and EWS category. These criteria were brought by Director of Education so that the children studying in the particular standard should have the same level of brain development and no child should feel inferior to other because of an age gap.

Documents Required For School Enrollment

Documents plays vital role in the process of school admission in Delhi. These documents should carry- original certificates & affidavits from the basis of providing your identity, if school finds the documents invalid so it can reject the application, so keep in mind that all the documents should be valid to date. Other requirements are- passport size photos of child, mother and father, birth certificate, medical certificate, photocopies of documents and Aadhaar card.

If you belong to EWS and SC/ST/OBC category so you have to carry income certificate issued by the revenue officer and caste certificate issued by revenue department.

Courtesy : Pradeep Singh Pilkhawal.
Post Date : 11/02/2019
Title : Importance of Nursery Admission to Parents
Description :

Importance of Nursery Admission to Parents

Mostly kids start going to school by the time they reach the age of 3-3.5, but the overall development starts from the day one. Nursery class is one of the first step, it’s the initial stage, where kids develops a lot of social, emotional and motor skills. According to a survey done by, the times of India, only 12% kids change their school, that simply suggests that, a kid learns his/her morals, value, lessons etc. all from one institution.
Here, we believe that if a kid is going to spend his next 14 years in an institution, which will not only give him/her education, but also give those friends, ethics, knowledge, support, principles, etc. don’t you think that nursery admission is a very huge task as a parent? Indeed it is, but don’t you worry. We have got you cover.
Every single school uses its unique ideology to make sure it attract parents as well as kids, but on the other hand parents are thinking differently. Other than education they want overall development of the kid. Now parents want their kid to be a doctor, engineer, CA, MBA’s, etc. Well it’s true if you want a fruitful result in future, you have to make a right and correct investment on your kid? Now you must be thinking, do I have enough money for my kid? There isn’t any good school around, do I have travel a mile and put an effort to make my child’s future. The ultimate goal is same to get your child admission in the best school. 

Why is it so important to select a good nursery school?Almost 90% if the child’s brain develop when they are in nursery, it is that time when child goes under rapid changes and development i.e. cognitive, social, emotional, linguistic, and motor skills.

A nursery school teaches your kid certain skills like taking initiative or helping others. This is where it will help your kid to be a better person in future. The kids also learns and develops a lot of communication skills.

Class nursery is where kids learn his/her first alphabets/vocabulary which stays with them for lifetime.

A child grabs a lot of things and learn from the environment they are in, later they use it in life, ideally, whatever a kid learn in nursery, it is reflected and can be seen in his/her later life.

Since in nursery, kids are taught in a very playful and a very friendly manner makes them self- confident. And self-confident is reflected in the overall personality of the kid.

Some tips to make sure that there isn’t any last minute rushGet a copy of all the documents needed, let it be adhaar card, passport copy, residence prove, alumni letter.

Visit the photo studio and get clicked, because a lot of school require picture of parents as well. And get enough copies, because you might want to consider other schools as well.

If possible add a PDF of all the documents required on mail, so in case you miss on something, you can get that printed.

Leave at least 30 minutes early from the house on the day of admission, so that there isn’t any rush at the last moment.

How to prepare your kid for the interview?We all know that it is a stressful period, and you want best for your kids, mostly students are enrolled in nursery without any interview round, but some school have interviews. Interviews are a big part of life, wherever you want to get enrolled in life, one needs to pass the interview round. 
Be confident: Ask your kid to be confident, though confidence doesn’t come in one day. Still, parents can work on it slowly. By not blaming the kid, let them explore their creative side, kids will have to bring confidence themselves by interacting with other kids and exploring what they like.

Basic question: Don’t worry about the interviewer asking your kid about the mathematical theories or about physics. But they can ask some basic questions like, Name 3 fruits? , Name 5 animals? Basic number count, etc. one can teach all of this, using a picture book etc.  

 English: Mostly the medium of interview is in English, one can start learning English, when they see their parents talking in English. Or, parents can bring a picture book and start with basic word to make your child understand about the words. Watching English programs on television or Netflix can be a good habit to learn English quickly.

We hope all these tips have helped you, we wish you all the best with the admission of your kid. Hope you choose the best school for your kid.

Thank you 
Surabi khurana 

Post Date : 10/11/2019
Description :


Delhi; a city known for its fast paced life and political significance is one of the most dynamic city of
India. One more thing that the Capital is famous for is its excellent educational quality. Every year
approximately 1700 schools in Delhi conduct admissions and almost every school gets a massive
response from parents.

Not only schools even Delhi University colleges face a massive response of students. This year 58,000
students are admitted in Delhi colleges. This shows that people from all over India dreams to study in
Delhi. Getting an admission done in schools of Delhi is as difficult as climbing Mount Everest.


Conquering Delhi school admissions is more like winning a lottery. According to 2019 news reports most
schools of Delhi has given preference to neighborhood distance, siblings and alumni while allotting
eligibility criteria. Some of them have also considered girl child, single parent, first child and adopted
child while giving preference. Most of the schools have 50-75% of reservations for general category on
entry level seats, 25% seats are reserved for EWS and disadvantaged category.
Delhi has approximately 1600 schools. Delhi Government has fixed the upper age limit of 4 year for
nursery admissions , 5 for KG and 6 for first class as per the circular of Directorate of Education.


Every year there are drastic changes in admission system of Delhi schools which makes it difficult for
parents to understand the admission process. Delhi admissions are no less than a catching a butterfly.
So here is a list of things you might have to face during admissions –
  •  Standing in long queues for several hours.
  •  Visiting different schools on regular basis
  •  Difficulty in selecting the best school
  •  You might face problem if you don’t have proper documents
  •  Understanding complex admission system
  •  Problems can be faced during interviews if you are not well prepared


Parents face a lot of problems during the admission when they don’t have proper documents or
certificates. Sometimes it may happen that we don’t have a document and after the admission process
starts we get to know that having that particular document is important for admission. This may lead to

delay in admission process of your child. So here is the list of mandatory documents that you must have
at the time of admissions-
  1.  Birth Certificate
  2.  Proof of residential address
  3.  Adhaar card of child.
  4.  Passport size photograph of child
  5.  Adhaar card of both the Parents
  6.  Medical certificates
  7.  Passport size photo of both the parents


There are certain important things that you should be prepared for before facing the admissions of Delhi
schools. As the process is very complex and requires a lot of dedication one should always be 100%
prepared for this .Here is the list of certain things that you should sort before heading for admissions
  •  Make a list of schools that you want to apply and rank them according to your preference
  •  Keep all you documents prepared and don’t forget to have copies of each
  • Prepare your kids and yourself for the interview round
  • Understand the admission process and system in general as well as for the schools where you
  • are planning to apply.
  •  Fill the forms as early as you can


There are many loopholes in admission process which makes this even more difficult for parents. Here
are some of them which we feel should be changed so that admissions become a little convenient for
  •  Online forms – digitalisation makes everything simpler. There should be online applicationsavailable on every school’s website so that parents don’t have to stand in queues and there is less rush.
  •  A Simpler System – Not all parents are highly qualified and intellectual enough to understandcomplexity related to admission process. We should have a little simpler system because this is something that is related to the masses.
  •  Reservations – reservations does not provide any advantage to children coming from socially
    and economically weak background as they are forced to compete with people from better classes who obviously will be better than them.
  •  Donations- many private schools give admissions to rich class through donations which is
    injustice for the middle and lower class people so there should be strict rules against this.


No matter how hectic admissions are Ezyschooling is here to make Delhi School Admission easy for you so that you don’t have
to struggle for you child’s future . Here are some ways how we help you for your child’s admission –
  •  We help you in selecting the best school for your child. We have school listings where you canread about the facilities and educational quality of every school. Our school listing helps you to know more about the school and helps you in selecting best for your child.
  •  You don’t have to visit different schools filling forms and standing in long queues because Ezyschooling brings you online application system where you can apply for any school’s admission without visiting school.
  •  Filling one form again and again for different schools is tiring and takes a lot of time so here we have a Common Application Form (CAF) where you can apply for all schools with just one click.

                                           “Education is the passport to the future
                               For tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”

Future of your children depends on the school and universities they choose so it is very important to
make it best. Admissions maybe difficult but with right guidance you can tackle this easily. Hope for
the best and you will make it happen.
Post Date : 09/25/2019

Kartik Kumar SHARMA

Are you looking for nursery school admission in delhi for your child. You need to take care of 2 things while applyin online play school admission. The Portal you are apply throgh is worth applying. I..

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