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Title : How To Remove Approach Anxiety
Description : In this blog, we’re going to discuss how to REMOVE your approach anxiety and fear of rejection. How are we going to do that? By a technique called the “Eraser-technique”. You know those endless negative thoughts that make you associate approaching with more pain than gain? This technique will literally erase those thoughts from your brain. Let me elaborate. […]
Post Date : 05/02/2023
Title : Understanding the Secret System behind Attraction & Confidence
Description : Today I’m going to be talking about value systems. If we want to understand not just confidence but attraction and social dynamics, we need to understand the value system we all subconsciously use every day. WHAT DO I MEAN BY A VALUE SYSTEM? As part of our day-to-day awareness, we are less reactive to things […]
Post Date : 04/04/2023
Title : Personal Lifestyle Evaulation
Description : In order to become a mature, successful adult, it’s necessary every now and then to take a personal evaluation. Only then can we centre ourselves, acknowledge our strengths and recognise our weaknesses. This way, you can check the progress you’re making on your journey to self-improvement and see how far you have left to go. […]
Post Date : 03/03/2023
Title : A Guide to Online Dating
Description : A Guide to Online Dating It’s a method fast growing in popularity, especially after the pandemic of 2020. Online dating has been around for as long as there’s been guys and girls using the internet, and for much of its lifetime has been met with not a little scorn by the general public. But as […]
Post Date : 02/03/2023
Title : The Basic Model Of Attraction
Description : Here’s the bottom line: the more you try and PULL a woman towards you, the further you’ll end up pushing her away. Instead, you have to let them WANT to come to you. This is the art of attraction. SO WHAT DOES ATTRACTION CONSIST OF? Two things: HOPE & DOUBT As humans, if there is […]
Post Date : 01/09/2023
Title : Don’t Ask Lead
Description : Don’t ask. LEAD!!! But before we get into the specifics of seducing a woman, you need to get into the right mindset. Detach yourself emotionally from any preconceived outcome. Whatever happens, happens. If you’re not indifferent, you’ll start to worry about screwing things up. Remember that you come into every interaction with nothing, so you’ve […]
Post Date : 01/03/2023
Title : How to Practice Your Social Skills
Description : Just as you don’t order dinner immediately after walking into a restaurant, you don’t skip right to philosophical debates with someone you just met! Social skills are a subtle, important part of building rapport. You’ll become more natural by practicing. I’ve provided some word-for-word scripts to help you start this process but eventually, you’ll be […]
Post Date : 12/02/2022
Title : How to achieve the best results in your photos
Description : There is no way to look better in every photo. There are too many variables of lighting, posing, expression, and framing. A skilled photographer can allow for some of these variables and produce acceptable results more often than not. But here are some basic tips that will help you to level out your image, whether […]
Post Date : 10/27/2022
Title : How To Be A Mature Successful Adult
Description :   Life is not a direct path from chaos to order. You can't expect to think, "I'm a catastrophe now, but I'll get my shit together later and then live happily ever after." Instead, life is a process of falling apart, coming back together, and falling apart again that gets repeated over and over. Understanding […]
Post Date : 10/03/2022
Title : How to Choose a Signature Fragrance
Description : In an ideal world, a signature fragrance acts as a personal identifier for valued companions, friends, and family. Yet, as is commonly said, it's not about the destination, it's about the journey. The journey to discovering a fragrance can feel somewhat like an aromatic version of understanding Bran Stark's excursion past the wall. Most men […]
Post Date : 09/01/2022

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