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   2020-01-06       114        Business
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Title : Pre Engineered Buildings, Pre Engineered Structures
Description : It's high time that We need digital transformation in the construction industry..!Have you ever thought about how engineers work in the field? Or how they plan and strategies your construction. Nowadays the methods have changed. Previously when there was no big influence of technology on the market, engineers work according to traditional methods. But in this new era, a new term is introduced and that's Digital engineering. If it is used correctly, it tends to increase productivity and reduce t [...]
Post Date : 09/04/2020
Title : Fundamentals of Structural Engineering in commercial Property and their role
Description : Have you ever unreal why some commercial buildings like workplace buildings, warehouses, retail buildings and different structures last longer than others? it's all hooked into the structural engineer. The role of structural engineers on the commercial property is incredibly important. Each structure either personal or commercial features a style that's rigorously and properly planned by a structural engineer. A structural engineer styles and correctly plans each structural facet of the p [...]
Post Date : 04/28/2020
Title : Choosing The Best Pre-Engineered Structure
Description : The construction industry in India has actually gone through a huge evolution in the past few years. The exposure to the global construction technologies as well as best practices has significantly contributed to this. Here we are talking about PEB structure or Pre-Engineered building. This shift from the construction to pre-engineered quality construction has now changed requirement of materials, skills and engineering of the construction sector today.Dilemma of selecting the best materi [...]
Post Date : 01/17/2020
Title : Roles and Responsibilities of the Structural Engineers
Description : Structural design engineers play a very important role in the construction field. Being a part of the wider discipline of civil engineering, structural design engineering has to do more with the physical integrity and design of the buildings or other big structures, like bridges and tunnels. The structural design consultants have got many responsibilities – and the duty to ensure durability and safety of any project that they are working over.Not like architects, who have to focus m [...]
Post Date : 12/23/2019
Title : India's Best Structural Engineering Firms
Description : Why the structural engineers are needed...?This is the age of renovation and class. The designs of the buildings are changing and becoming more advanced. They change according to the place, the view from the window and sometimes because of the requirements of the choices of the person we love. So, the renovation is the mandatory thing and for that, you need  top structural engineering firms that can suggest you the best strategies to go the restoration or renovation.Let's take the ex [...]
Post Date : 12/19/2019

Prajukti Consultants

Prajukti Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in the field of Civil and Structural Design Engineering since 2006 and has seen steady growth till date. We undertake the design and drawing production ass..

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