HR Summit 2020 in India

   2020-01-06       124        Business
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Title : Valuable Reasons for Attending HR Conferences – Learn New Things
Description : Whether to spend that much money, time, and company resources or not, attending conferences and seminars is a question faced by many HR professionals. Doesn’t matter the type and size of your business, it’s one kind of investment to look at. In order, to help you take the decision of sending your HR team to the Human Resource Events, we have identified the top ways your business can undoubtedly benefit by attending the professional conference. Let us have a look:Learn from the [...]
Post Date : 02/17/2020
Title : HR Summit 2020 in India
Description : HR conference in india is a platform that opens up the door of opportunities not only for the recruiters but also for the freshies. These conferences provide the speakers that focuses on treding thoughts in the industry and talk to freshers as an HR professional so that freshers can get an idea about the points that should be taken care while preparing for the dream position in the industry.Emerging HR invite the speakers who will provide new ideas and trends that will draw the idea for t [...]
Post Date : 01/06/2020
Title : Importance of Human Resource in an Organization.
Description : A company or An Organisation is a formal structure of people formed for a common goal for conducting Business. Hence Employee management and Employee Life Cycle Management is one of the most important functions of every leadership of every company. This makes HR or Human Resource core to an organisation, when we talk about Human Resource or HR the one thing that comes to our mind is that it is the go-to department, within any organization, when it comes to talent acquisition, employe [...]
Post Date : 09/30/2019

Emerging HR

Emerging HR is India's Top HR & CHRO Conference organised by Programic Asia. It is an event that brings together Human Resource C-Level executives...

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