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Title : Our Sulphur and Lake Charles Lawn Service Includes Exterior Pest Control
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We have good news for all the residential clients of Tender Care Lawn Service. We are about to start offering exterior pest control services, on top of the Lake Charles lawn service that we already offer. 

For some time, our clients have been asking why we cannot offer them a full package of lawn care and pest control, so that they do not have to look for a different pest control service. We can assure them that we are now ready.

This is indeed a big step for us, but we are very ready for it. We will soon include pest control in the package that we offer our residential clients in Lake Charles and Sulphur. We are going to remove the harmful insects from your lawn and then we are going to leave your lawn looking glamorous and appealing.

One-stop shop for Lake Charles lawn service and pest control

TCLS intends to become the one-stop center for lawn care and pest control. We already have a team in place for this.

For people who might be wondering how well equipped we are to offer such a sensitive service as pest control, they have nothing to worry about. We have the chemical control license that is required. To be licensed, we have been found meritable to offer this service and so at last, our clients for Lake Charles landscaping services can have a one-stop center for their lawn services.

We know all the common pests in Lake Charles. Thus, not only will we take care of the pest problem, but we will also advise our residential lawn care clients so that the pest problem does not recur. This means using chemicals that not only kill the pest but its eggs as well.

The chemical control license that we have fully allows us to perform all of your exterior pests. However, we bring an extra touch to it because we are lawn care experts and therefore, we will offer pest control as part of a bigger package.

Pest control done by lawn care professionals

By controlling the schedule of both the lawn professionals and our chemical department we are able to uniquely provide the best schedule with the appropriate overlap time needed. This benefits our clients as we can spread the costs of the pest care service as well as the lawn. That way, you pay less for exterior pest control than you would pay if you would get a company that exclusively offers pest control services.

All of our routine applications are made on the outside of your home to prevent pest from ever getting in.

We will offer pest control once a month. We plan to use the best products that are not harmful to the environment. We certainly would not want to use anything that will keep you from your home or that could be detrimental to your family and pets.

Our pest control programs are going to keep your lawn pest-free year around. You already know that our packages for Lake Charles Lawn Service are designed to keep your curb looking stunning, land awn nicely manicured and neat. The addition of the pest control unit in the package will make your lawn more complete.

Billing for pest control services

Our existing clients for lawn care services in Lake Charles LA know that we require their credit card on file. This helps us in charging them a day after mowing their lawn. We then update our portal with the latest information and transaction details so that our clients can find their transaction history with us by signing in to our portal.

When we do a pest control job, we will charge your card the following day, same as we always do for lawn care services offered. We will then send you an email with the paid invoice. This invoice and others will be available on our portal so you can just login and access it if you need to. Most of our clients do print these invoices for tax purposes.

We can assure our clients that their identifiable information is safe with us. We take the same safety measures as any other company that processes credit cards.

If you have been having a pest problem in your lawn, be ready for the new package that we bring our Lake Charles lawn service clients. We will not enter your house or spray any structures but the pest mitigation measures that we will take will exterminate harmful bugs and insects, and their eggs, both in the lawn and subsequently in your home.

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Post Date : 08/29/2019
Title : Paying For Your Lawn Care and Landscaping in Lake Charles
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One of the questions that our new clients for landscaping in Lake Charles ask is how they can pay us. For security and convenience, we take credit card payments. At first, some clients want to step back a bit and think about it, but soon after, they can see the wisdom in choosing to do credit card processing.

To offer the best and most timely services for landscaping Lake Charles, we like to bill our customers in a convenient manner. All landscape services providers have the one objective of offering their customers the best service and charging them the best rates for it.

For our customers of lawn care Lake Charles, we accept payment via credit card. There are many reasons why we do this. However, the main one is that this is the most convenient way for our customers to pay us.

First, we would like to assure our customers that we use the latest security measures to encrypt their identifiable information. Your credit card data will never be accessed by unauthorized parties. The security measures that we have in place are the same as those that other companies that process credit cards leverage.  We ensure that we keep all our customer details safe and secure.

Invoicing after the job

We like to collect payment after completing a job because it is convenient for the customers and for us. Our existing customers are very comfortable with this arrangement. This way, not only are our customers assured that the job is done, but from a business perspective, it allows us to keep our business running smoothly, while our team focuses on our primary job – customer satisfaction.

We do credit card processing for our residential clients in Lake Charles. While some people may have concerns about this, we assure them that there is nothing to be afraid of.

First, we mow the lawn, or do whatever lawn care job we were retained to do. The following day, we charge the card, and create an invoice for the job. This paid invoice is emailed to the customer, if we have an email address on file.

We require all of our residential clients to have a credit card on file. This way, we can charge the card the next day instead of expecting on the spot cash payments or sending invoices for payments and subsequently payment reminders. It also makes administration work easier for our staff.

We can confidently say that processing credit cards for our landscaping Lake Charles residential clients is a win-win situation for them and us too.

Detailed customer records

After every job, we update our customer records in our file. We keep contact information, job history, invoices, and payment history records. From start to finish, we can follow their lawn maintenance history. We can also access all of their invoices for tax purposes.

Are our clients ever skeptical about giving their credit card details? Usually, just like everyone else, they are. However, they are convinced soon after. After all, this process is so convenient for recurring lawn care Lake Charles services.

We are always researching ways to enhance our services for landscaping Lake Charles. Processing credit card payments is one of them. It is so trouble-free for our customers and makes our administration work easier.

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Post Date : 09/10/2019
Title : Christmas Lights Installation By One of The Best Landscaping Companies in Lake Charles LA
Description :

It will never be a complete Christmas if you do not have all the bells and whistles, you know, the lights! As one of the most outstanding landscaping companies in Lake Charles LA, we will help you decorate your home with lights, and get ready for Christmas.

We are your professional Christmas lights installation company in Lake Charles, LA. For years, we have been hanging lights for different occasions. We have a team that is very adept at installing Christmas lights and uninstalling them when the season is over. We are the lighting experts! In the spirit of the Christmas season, we will give your outdoors a new and festive look.

Before installation, we review your lights plan, unpack and set out your lights as per the design, and install them. What’s more is that come January or February, we take the lights down, and carefully repack them for storage until the next Christmas season. That is the beauty of the whole process, it’s managed and executed in an organized and safe way.

Our Christmas lights installation package

Our lights installation package is well thought out. It includes the following:
  • Designing and planning where to install the lights
  • Ensuring outdoor connections are available to support the design
  • Assisting in selecting the lights (if needed)
  • Installation of the lights
  • Takedown and storage of the lights by February

Giving a listening ear to our customers has made us the experts that we are. We listen and work with you every step of the way.

From the planning stage to the moment we test the lights, we engage you. It is your home and we understand that you want to celebrate Christmas in style, without having to worry about the outdoors. We believe you should have a say in how your lights are installed.

Christmas is family time. That’s why you should engage reliable Lake Charles landscaping services for your outdoor maintenance, and have a fun filled worry-free time with your family.

We do the best Christmas lights installation for our customers in Lake Charles

TCLS offers a full lights installation service. The most important part of this service is the design of the display. Whether you are a residential or commercial customer, you deserve a unique display that will stand out among the many lights in your neighborhood.

If you have an idea or concept in mind, tell us about it. We will transform it into a design. If this is your first time working with us at TCLS, you will barely recognize your house when we are done. We take customer satisfaction quite seriously since we rely on referral business a lot.

Once the design is finalized, we will install the lights. Whether you want a simple design or have something more elaborate in mind, we create an exceptional lights design for you.

We choose the best Christmas lights and materials

We know the best lights to install. Most of our customers for Lake Charles landscaping services find lights selection quite hard. We have the expertise as we have hung lights every year for many years, and we’re happy to share that with you. We will eliminate the guesswork and install the best lights befitting your house. We can make recommendations based on your house, yard, budget, preference, and design.

Get ready to be wowed.  While our team of experts installs the lights, you can rest assured that you’ve saved yourself the work and possible injuries that come with the high groundwork.

DON’T do a DIY installation – Call the experts at TCLS!

From September going into December, we get many calls from customers that are looking for landscaping companies in Lake Charles LA that offer Christmas lights design and installation. The reason they call us is because they have been referred to us, or we did their lights installation the past year.

While you may be tempted to do a DIY installation, ask yourself whether you are really ready for it. It involves the use of special equipment and expertise such as ladders, installation tools and materials, and electrical know-how which require training for safe use. There is also a lot of groundwork and labor involved. If  you’re unfamiliar with electrical wiring, mounting, or installations, or don’t have people to assist, it’s easy to risk an injury by underestimating the task. Having a team do your installation does away with the risk.

Installing the lights require an expert touch. It is easy to lose the symmetry and have everything go haywire just because of a small mistake. Save yourself the backache. Let us do the heavy work for you, while you prepare to celebrate with your family.

We ensure that your display will look spectacular and your home will shine. Our goal is to enable you to check this task off your list and focus on family and friends this holiday season.

Don’t risk your Christmas joy with poor lights installation – call us now!

Here in Lake Charles, Christmas is usually a very special time. Friends and family that we may not have seen in years visit during this time. The spirits are high and there are smiles of joy everywhere. TCLS amplifies this joy with excellent lights installation.

However, it takes just one failed strip of light to turn your mood from jovial to sombre immediately. Have a great Christmas season without the worry of lights not working, installation gone awry, or electrical failures. Let TCLS take on your outdoor lights installation.

By February, we will take down the lights and store them carefully to ensure that your lights have a longer life and that things aren’t packed away haphazardly leaving you with a convoluted mess to deal with next year.

TCLS is a family owned and operated business in Sulphur and Lake Charles LA, and we know how important the holidays are. It’s for this very reason that we offer services that are customer centric especially during the holidays and guarantee satisfaction.

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Post Date : 09/17/2019
Title : What Professional Service Providers for Landscaping In Lake Charles Advise about Pruning Trees in the Fall
Description :

In the fall, our clients for landscaping in Lake Charles ask us whether it would be prudent for them to prune their trees. If you are in the same predicament, call us on 337-313-3002 today. We will check your trees to determine if they should be pruned in the fall.
We can understand where this question comes from, because a lot of information on many resources says you should not. However, on investigating further, you will find that this seems to be a blanket condemnation.
You can prune many trees and shrubs in fall without putting them at risk of disease or harm. Because many resources tell you about the trees that you should not prune in fall, in this short post, we will show you the trees that you can prune with confidence.  
In some situations, you can prune some parts of the tree in fall. For example, you can cut dead branches off. That will not affect the tree at all. However, if you are shaping the tree for spring, it would be better not to prune it unless it falls under the category of trees you can prune in fall.
The reason why you are told not to prune trees in fall is that some of them can ooze sap and the wounds will not close up. However, not all trees ooze sap. Such trees can be pruned in fall.  
The fall season is the best for shaping up your plants as they prepare to go to “sleep” in winter and bloom in spring. At TCLS, we advise our clients to hire us for landscape management in Lake Charles, to look their plants over as soon as fall sets in.
Fall is perfect for pruning young trees
Fall is the right time for pruning your young trees. If you would like them to adopt a certain shape as they grow up, prune them in fall. You may also check whether there are any dead branches that need to be removed.
When compared side by side, native plants should be easier to prune in fall than exotic trees. For example, as we offer services for landscaping in Lake Charles, we advise our clients on the types of trees that they can prune.
They include the following:
American Beech
This tree is a native of Louisiana. It grows a foot each year, up until it reaches 60 feet and then it stops growing. If you have one in your home in Lake Charles or Sulphur, you can prune it in fall without fear. However, do not do it in the early days of fall. Rather, wait until the leaves have fallen off and then prune it. When it is young, pruning it in fall is going to help shape it into how you would like it to grow.
American Holly
Many people in Louisiana plant American Holly because it offers privacy. This shrub is dormant during the winter. Thus, pruning it in fall is considered safe, although you will get less flower coverage in the following blooming season.
As some of the hardiest trees that can withstand almost any conditions, maples add a nice touch in your garden in fall. Luckily, it is also possible to prune maples in fall. These trees can grow to a mature height of 80 feet. Despite their big size, they are still some of the best ornamental trees that you can plant in your home in Lake Charles.
We recommend that you trim maples in fall to get rid of the dead branches only. In February, you can start pruning the tree for shape enhancement. To prune the small branches, you can use a pair of shears. When cutting the bigger branches, use a pruning saw, but cut the branch at the base, just outside the collar. The reason for cutting this way is so that the wound can heal easily.
Red Haven Peach
These trees add a touch of beauty in any garden. While you are not supposed to prune them when the sap is still flowing, you can wait until the leaves have fallen off and then prune the dead branches.
Why you need pros in landscaping in Lake Charles for your fall tree care
The most important thing when pruning your trees in the fall is to cut the branches correctly, so that they can heal in good time. There can be no guesswork here. As one of the highest reputed providers of landscape management in Lake Charles and Sulphur, we’re here to help.
Call us and we will send a team of experts who can tell you which tree can be pruned in fall and which one cannot. We also have the right tools for the job, and know where to cut therefore getting the guesswork out of the picture. As we offer our services for landscaping in Lake Charles and Sulphur, we take care of individual plants in your home. We know how important pruning is to tree health and growth.

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Post Date : 10/08/2019
Title : Tree Decoration Ideas and Safety Tips by Expert Lake Charles Landscaping Services
Description :
Holiday time is decoration time. Once October sets in, the mind of the homeowner shifts to decoration gear, well, at least that is what happens in Southwest Louisiana. This is also the time that Sulphur and Lake Charles landscaping services providers get calls and emails from clients asking for information about decorating their trees with lights, their porches, their gardens and so on. If you are getting ready to decorate for Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas and you do not know where to start, call us on 337-313-3002 for professional assistance.

You can have decoration lights on your trees throughout the year if you like. However, the most important times to have them is during winter when the nights are really dark and the home looks like it needs some cheer on the exterior. Whatever you do, you do not want to hang lights on a trial and error basis. You want to be sure of what you are doing. Thankfully, landscape maintenance services can help with this.

While the basic concept of lawn lighting is to make it ornamental, it is also very functional. They light up the paths in the garden and yard, which by the way, receives a lot of foot traffic during the holidays. These lights contribute a lot to keeping everyone safe. However, unless they are installed by a professional, the same lights that you intend to ensure safety can become a hazard themselves.

Tree decoration and lighting ideas to try

Turns out there is much more that you can do with your string lights, apart from hanging them on trees. Here are some popular ideas for holiday decorations with lights:

Christmas tree topped with 5-pointed star

This is very common. First, you have a simple frame and a stake to hold the Christmas tree in place. Actually, the light frame is staked to the ground to keep the Christmas tree stable. At the apex of the tree, there is a five-pointed star. It has purple and white lights. The rest of the body is decorated with blue, orange, red and green blinking lights. The lights are placed on either side of the driveway to guide you home in the Christmas spirit.

Meteor shower lights

When done correctly, these string lights strung up a tree make your garden look like a piece of the galaxy scenes that you can only catch on Star Trek. They bring a lot of beauty to your yard. If you have a slanted tree, use it to string these lights up. You can use this lighting design in two ways:

  • Place it in the most beautiful part of the garden where it can light up the things you want the guests to see
  • Station it in a bald patch where you want to draw all attention from all other parts of the garden and direct it to the meteor shower lights

You can hang these lights on anything that stands. You can even hang them on the fence and the effect will be stunning.

Holographic rope light in palm tree design

Bring a touch of the coast to your yard by using palm tree decoration. The palm tree designs stand on a stable base made of metal so there is no danger of toppling over. The design of the palm tree is simple, just four or five palm leaves and a slim trunk will do. You can have lights with a brownish tinge snaking around the trunk and green blinking lights for the leaves. It will create an outstanding effect and landscape maintenance services can help you choose the best palm trees.

White Maple tree lit up with LED lights

This white maple tree can stand on your walkway for the entire year and you can keep it up every night if you want. Specifically, this maple tree should be decorated with 264 LED lights, but the number can differ from time to time. With 3 color options for your lights, you can choose something different for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The Maple tree is designed with a heavy metal base, so it will not topple over.

Please note that these are just four of many ornamental lighting styles. These are simple and their design has the desired effect. However, always have our professional Sulphur and Lake Charles landscaping services teams do these lights for you for safety and functionality.

Safety tips in the yard  – Let professionals install your decorating lights

Only professional Lake Charles landscaping services should do your holiday decorations, for safety reasons. Disregard for safety can lead to many hazards, including electrocution. If you have kids and pets, you should be even more careful.

Safety starts with the selection of the lights

At TCLS, we take safety very seriously. We consider safety every step of the way. For example, we select the best lights, and ensure that they are in perfect condition before hanging them. We not only install the lights, but when the holiday seasons are over, we uninstall them and store them, to wait for the next season.

If you will install the lights on a green tree, you want to be sure it is not too old, that is, you want to know how recently it was cut. Just give it a shake and if needles drop, it is almost dry. Once you bring the tree home, cut a few centimeters out of the tree and soak it in water so that it can drink up more. That way, it stays fresher longer.

Follow the instructions of the manufacturer

There can be no guesswork in the installation of decoration lights. You must follow the instructions of the manufacturer regarding the number of lights that you can plug in together, and so on. Since you also want to be careful with the lights so that you can use them again, you need expert assistance from Sulphur and Lake Charles landscaping services. Never pass wires under doors or carpets and most importantly, never overload your electrical sockets.

Only install lights that are in the best condition

Other safety measures when installing lights include checking keenly to ensure that the cabling and the lights are in good condition. Make sure there are no exposed wires. Because of the weather elements, electrocution is a serious risk if exposed wires get in contact with water.

If you will be hanging the lights on artificial trees, ensure that the trees are made of inflammable material. Also make sure that you do not use any combustible material in your mix.

Finally, always use the light gear for lighting. For example, outdoor lighting requires you to use Ground Fault Interrupters. In Sulphur and Lake Charles, we advise our clients to use LED lights because they are very efficient.


As you have seen here, there are so many things to take care of regarding safety in the yard. This is why there can be no guesswork in the installation of your decoration lights. When you hire our Sulphur and Lake Charles landscaping services team, we install the lights and we make sure they are in perfect working condition for as long as you desire to have them running. When the holidays are over, we uninstall them and keep them for future use. We guarantee 100 percent hazard-free installation and usage.

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Post Date : 10/25/2019
Title : Landscaping Companies Advise on Best Fruit Trees to Grow in Lake Charles and Sulphur
Description :
One of the questions that landscaping companies always get is concerning what plants can do well in certain USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) zones. There are 13 hardiness zones in the USA. These zones are further divided into subsets A and B.

Each zone designates the plant hardiness needed so that a plant can survive the winter. The zones have a hardiness difference of 10 degrees. Thus, zone 9 is 10 degrees colder than zone 8. However, for two subsets in the same zone, the difference is usually 5 degrees. Thus, zone 9A is 5 degrees warmer than zone 9B.

Zone 9a is an all-year growing zone

15 states fall in USDA zone 9 and Louisiana is one of them. This is considered and all-year growing zone. Many fruit trees do well in this kind of climate. But not quite. Some do need to be hand-selected, as you will read later.

Because of the warm climate present in the Zone 9, many fruit trees do quite well. In fact, many of the most popular fruits thrive in this climate. Fruit trees like pears, cherry, apple and peach do well in the soft winter chill that happens in zone 9a. However, because factors may not remain constant, if it turns too chilly, they might not produce fruit. Likewise, many tropical fruits do well in zone 9. However, it is a gamble because a dash of extreme cold could deter fruition.

To survive in the south, the plants need to be hardy. The summers can be brazen hot and the winters can sometimes be extremely chilly. Because of this diversity of conditions, tropical fruits such as papaya and mangoes do not thrive in zone 9a.

Long story short, what are some fruit trees that you can grow in zone 9a? These are avocado, some citrus fruits, figs and others. However, here, we shall look at avocado and fig, two of the fruit trees that most landscaping companies recommend for growing in zone 9a.


The most recommended avocado tree to grow in zone 9a is the Mexican species because such trees do well in the cold. The temperature range in zone 9a can go as low as 18° F. As the avocado species from Mexico are more resistant to cold, they are a wise choice. A couple of options are the Mexicola and Mexicola Grande.

However, for the avocado tree to thrive in USDA zone 9a, you have to know some important things. It is paramount that you give the plant the best care from when it is very young, and continue even after maturity.

Choosing a place to plant your avocado

The main thing to consider here is a place where the plant will be exposed to some hours of sunlight every day. Avocados do not do well in waterlogged soil, so you have to choose an elevated position where the soil drains faster.

Because of the size that an avocado tree reaches in maturity, you need to plant them at intervals of between 20 and 30 feet. Keep the same distance between the avocado tree and your structures/buildings.

Watering your rootball

You should dig a hole that is three times wider and deeper than the rootball. Once you have transferred your rootball to the place where you want to grow it, water it every day. You can keep checking whether the water is penetrating the soil well, using your finger. Just make sure that the soil is not waterlogged. Too much water causes the roots to rot. You can add a layer of coarse mulch for some insulation.

Applying fertilizer

Fertilize the soil with recommended avocado food. You may also use citrus food. The good thing is that avocado requires minimal care to thrive and even then, it grows fast, achieving double the size each year.

It will stop growing any taller once it reaches 30 feet. In between, there is no need for pruning. The most important thing is to know what kind of fertilizer to apply. To get the guesswork out of the picture, contact professionals from landscaping companies.

Among some of the most recommended nourishment for your avocado tree are potassium, zinc, phosphorus and nitrogen. Use a 10:30:10 (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, with zinc) mix in the first few years of the avocado tree. Once it starts bearing fruit, apply ¼ pound of fertilizer once every two months.

When the tree is mature, use a mix of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (10:5:20) applying a pound every year.

Pest control

Pests such as borers, lace bugs, thrips and scales attack avocado plants. However, to prevent damage from these pests, plant a tree that is native to your area. Consult landscaping companies to ensure you select a tree that is well suited for your area and will thrive.

Growing figs – what landscaping companies advise

Because the USDA zone 9a has a mediterranean kind of climate, figs do really well. In areas such as southwest Louisiana, landscaping companies in Lake Charles and Sulphur will advise you to try growing fig.

Hundreds of fig tree varieties grow in Louisiana. However, varieties such as Black Mission, Adriatic, Excel and Brown Turkey do very well in the zone 9a climate. They are even hardier than avocado, because they can withstand temperatures as low as 10°F. If winter gets any colder than this, it is recommended that you grow them indoors.

Where to plant your fig tree

Take the guesswork out of the picture by contacting landscaping companies to understand and meet your fig tree’s needs. For starters, you need to know the best soil, so make sure you plant the fig tree in well drained soil. Try sandy soil instead of clay soil. You can plant your tree in late fall, when there is still enough sunshine.
Spacing is important. It is recommended that you make the space between fig tree and buildings at least 20 feet. This is also the recommended spacing between two fig trees.

Transplanting a fig tree

When planting a fig tree from a pot to a hole outdoors, make the hole deeper than the rootball and at least two times wider. Make a small mound of soil inside the hole and then carefully spread the roots over it. Cover it gently with soil, shovel by shovel until it stands straight and firm. The top two inches of cover can be compost.

Care for your fig tree

Water the tree everyday unless there is rain.These trees hate waterlogged soils, so make sure that does not happen. In late winter, you can begin applying nitrogen. Fig trees are quite hardy, so they do not require a lot of fertilizing.

They also do not require pruning. However, if the winter turns extreme, the top part of the fig may die, but the part buried in the soil stays intact. Once that happens, just wait for summer so the plant can sprout up.

Pests and diseases affecting figs

Figs have many enemies. When they ripen, birds, squirrels and other rodents will try to outdo you when harvesting. However, you should worry about the disease-causing pests. This is why you need to consult landscaping companies.

One of the most common pests to watch out for when growing figs is the root knot nematodes. They affect the roots and prevent the proper absorption of nutrients. This eventually leads to the death of the affected plants because you cannot use chemicals on the roots.

Rust and blight also affect fig trees. Rust is not dangerous and you can leave it to go on its own. However, to control blights, just clean out the dead or sick branches, apply mulch and practice clean gardening procedures.

As you can see, there can be quite a lot to do for your fruit trees. That is why you need the assistance of landscaping companies. From planting, care, pest control and so on, it can be quite a handful for you. You must enlist expert help.

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Post Date : 11/04/2019
Title : Fall Leaf Cleanup Tips From Your Favorite Lake Charles Lawn Service Provider
Description :
Southwest Louisiana looks lovely in the fall. If you live in any of the Lake Charles neighborhoods, you know this is absolutely true. However, when the days start getting cooler, it is time to hang up your summer gear and unhang the rake. It is time to plan your fall foliage cleanup. As a professional Lake Charles lawn service provider, we give the following advice for a hitch-free fall leaf cleanup.

Planning fall leaf cleanup like a pro

Leaf cleanup in fall isn’t hard if you prepare well for it. A wise woman or man ensures that their tools are ready for the job even though prep may take some time. This enables them to finish the job quickly and efficiently.

What tools does our premium Lake Charles lawn service recommend?

To get your fall leaf cleanup started on the right note, our team for lawn maintenance in Lake Charles, LA advises you to have one or two of the following tools:

Leaf blower

This tool is quite effective, especially when the foliage is thick. Blowing will do more work in less time as opposed to raking or mowing the leaves. To cover a bigger area, use a battery-operated leaf blower since movement will not be restricted by the size of the cord.

A large tarp

This one goes hand-in-hand with the leaf blower. Before you start blowing the leaves, spread the tarp on one side of the lawn. You can then blow the leaves towards that direction. When you are done, you can carry the leaves in the tarp to the place where you want them.

Mulching Mower

A mulching mower breaks the leaves into little pieces. You can read more about that in the upcoming section.

A Yard Vacuum

This one is good for sucking up even the smallest leaves in hard-to-reach spots. Best thing is that you do not need to empty often! The vacuum minces the leaves, so you can work a long time before you need to empty it.

To rake or not to rake leaves in fall? That is the question

Our Lake Charles lawn service team says that raking a big lawns may take more hard work than you’re willing to put in and somehow some leaves always seem to escape.

As seen above, there is a good way to avoid raking leaves in the fall. However, your choice of the tool to use is determined by what you intend to do with it.
One of the most common disposal methods for the leaves cleaned up in fall is decomposition. If that is what you intend to do with the leaves, the best option is to use a mulching mower. It will chop them into small pieces that will decompose easily.

When you chop the leaves for decomposition, you leave them right there on the lawn, let them decay there. The microbes that enhance the speed of decomposition provide a good nitrogen source. 

When you have mowed the leaves, you can tell how fast the leaves will decompose depending on how much grass you can see through the leaves. More grass means the leaves have been mowed into tiny pieces, which will decompose faster.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all leaves are going to decompose fast. For example, thick tough leaves do not decompose easily. They might need to be gathered and added to the compost. They can also make good mulching.

When to do leaf cleanup for fall

One of the questions that our Lake Charles lawn service clients ask is when they should start their leaf cleanup for fall.

As soon as October goes by, it is time for you to start your fall cleanup planning. This is also the time to give your grass one last mowing for the season.

For some plants, even the hot and dry October weather causes some leaf loss. It is best to start raking the leaves as soon as they start to fall. The frequency of the exercise will be determined by the amount of foliage piling up.

Do not let the leaves pile up on the grass. You do not want your grass to suffocate under the weight of the leaves. If you have thick, velvety leaves, rake them in before they collect too densely.

How often should I do leaf clean up?

As we offer services for lawn maintenance Lake Charles LA, our clients ask how often they should do fall leaf raking.

Well, there is really no definite time or frequency to it. Just use your judgment because lawns are different.

As the trees start losing their leaves, you can arrange for a once-a-week cleanup. As they lose more, you may find that the leaf coverage becomes too thick. It might suffocate the grass underneath. In that case, you can increase the cleanup frequency to once every three days. The frequency can be adjusted depending on the type of trees you have (some leaves get heavy when wet and can in turn affect your grass), the rate of the leaf fall, and the size of your yard.

If it rains, skip the leaf cleanup. Wet raking is messy and it leaves your lawn looking shabby. Wait for the return of fair weather. 

What to do with your leaves

You can add the leaves that you rake or blow into your compost pile. However, this may not always be a solution if you do not need all of them. If you have excess leaves, what can you do with them?

At TCLS, our Sulphur and Lake Charles lawn service teams advise our clients on their options beyond adding the leaves to the compost pile:

  • Mow the leaves into small pieces and leave them on the lawn as your mulch
  • Ask your neighbors or local farmers whether they need leaves for their compost piles
  • Contact the municipal authorities and see whether they can get the leaves for recycling or other use

Why hire a Lake Charles Lawn Service for fall leaf cleanup

If you don’t have the time or the tools to manage your leaf cleanup, hire a provider for lawn maintenance in Lake Charles or Sulphur LA. A professional service uses the most efficient method and already has the necessary equipment and expertise to get the job done. At TCLS, we work with you to determine the preferred method of leaf cleanup. If you opt for disposal, we bag the mulch and take it away. We will then blow your window wells and flower beds to leave them clean.

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Post Date : 11/13/2019
Title : Winter Blooms That We Recommend For Our Landscaping Lake Charles Clients
Description :
If you want to add some winter bloom to your lawn, we can help you. We provide services for landscaping Lake Charles and we’re here for you throughout the year. Call us on 337-313-3002 for more information.

Winter is cold and dreary. However, as we offer other services for landscaping in Lake Charles, our clients ask about the best winter blooms. They want their lawns to look beautiful and break the dreary monotony of winter.

There are many winter blooms that do well in climate zone 9a. The temperatures in zone 9a can go as low as 18°F and even still this is good enough to grow some lovely blooms.

Plants that can do well in your landscaping in Lake Charles this winter

Although not all plants handle cold weather well, here are some options that will not only thrive but also flower nicely and brighten up your garden.


These are hardy cold weather plants that will do very well in your garden. Hellebores or Lenten Rose grow well in zones 4 to 9 winters. They are available in many varieties, some of them growing to up to 2 feet and some that are quite short. Their winter blooms are vibrant and many people wish they could grow them all year round. However, they just do well in cold weather.

Hellebores resist frost very well. They will last right through the last months of winter when the temperature is really low and the light minimal.  

The most common species are Red Racer, Velvet Lips, Pine Knot Strain Double Pink, Raspberry Mousse and Onyx Odyssey to name but just a few of them.

Planting tip: Do not plant your Hellebores too deep because can prevent proper flower production.
Winter Jasmine

As a native plant of China, you can expect this beautiful plant to be quite resilient during winter. The buttery yellow color of the winter Jasmine flower is a breath of fresh air in January. When our clients for lawn and landscape management Lake Charles ask us to recommend a good cold weather bloom, Winter Jasmine is usually one of our first choices. The reason for this recommendation is that it requires minimal to zero care.

While Winter Jasmine is not exactly a climbing plant, it does go over walls. It can also attach itself to other plants. Therefore, if you have a not-so-good-looking patch of wall, you can plant the Winter Jasmine there. It will climb up and look stunning with its yellow, 5-petal January flowers.

Planting tip: Plant your Winter Jasmine in well-drained soil. The soil quality is not too important but do add some compost.

Leatherleaf Mahonia

Just like the Winter Jasmine, the Leatherleaf Mahonia shrub is a native of China. The plant has beautiful clusters of yellow flowers that spread upwards. It mostly flowers in late winter or early spring. Therefore, it adds a nice touch of yellow to your garden during the dreary winter months.

Leatherleaf Mahonia is a low-maintenance plant. However, it requires enough space because it can grow to a height of 8 feet. This evergreen plant will keep its leaves throughout the year. For its flowery bloom, it does well in zones 7 to 9. In summer when the flowers turn to fruits, they will attract many birds, so be ready for some chirping and singing in the garden.

Planting Tip: Plant your Leatherleaf Mahonia in acidic, well-drained soil and in the shade.

Witch Hazel

The Witch Hazel shrub will not only fill your garden with a beautiful yellow bloom during the winter, but it will also bring a nice scent with it. Being in the business of offering landscape management Lake Charles for years, we would recommend this plant for southwest Louisiana winters.

Witch Hazel is a large plant and it can reach a height and width of between 10 and 20 feet. Therefore, it requires enough space. You may prune the bushes to maintain them at a smaller size. Our landscaping teams in Lake Charles and Sulphur also offer pruning services. Our team can restrain the upward and sidewards growth of this shrub to just the right size.

There are different types of Witch Hazel. There is the American Witch Hazel, Japanese Witch Hazel, Ozark Witch Hazel and Chinese Witch Hazel. We particularly recommend the Chinese Witch Hazel that blooms in January.

Planting Tip: You may plant Witch Hazel in acidic or alkaline soil but make sure it is well blended and smooth. Water the shrub regularly until its roots catch on.

Kaffir Lily

The stunning Kaffir Lily flowers from September to February and that is why we recommend it to our clients for winter bloom. Kaffir Lily is not a large plant, growing to about two feet tall. It performs well in moist soil, so you might have to arrange for watering if you experience dry winters.

Planting Tip: You should plant your Kaffir Lily 2.5 inches deep. Space them at intervals of 6 inches and plant them in clusters of 4 or 5 for the best effect.
Fashion Azalea

For three full blooms every year – fall, winter and spring, this is a worthy plant to have in your garden. It does well in winter and it is recommended for growing in zones 7 to 10. It will add a nice salmon-colored bloom to your garden in winter.
This is a carefree plant, and it will thrive well without requiring much maintenance. At full maturity, the Fashion Azalea shrubs grow to 5 feet high and wide. 

Therefore, for your landscaping in Lake Charles and Sulphur, we advise trying the Fashion Azalea because of its ability to give continuous bloom over fall, winter and spring.

Planting tip: Plant your Fashion Azalea in well-drained soil and then apply acidic fertilizer once they bloom.

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Post Date : 11/29/2019
Title : Lawn Care Services That Will Keep Your Lawn Healthy Year Round
Description :

Have you ever wondered how professional lawn care services keep yards looking great and glowing with health? Our team of lawn care services professionals have shared our 6 step approach to lawn care that keeps your lawn healthy throughout the year. Our lawn care services teams in Lake Charles and Sulphur will always analyse your yard before recommending or implementing any course of action. That’s how we know what your yard needs and when.

Call us today and a lawn care and lawn maintenance services professional will come by for a consultation.

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Author        : TenderCareLawnService
Address     : 1497 W Houston River Rd,Sulphur, LA 70663
Telephone  : 337-313-3002
Post Date : 12/06/2019
Title : Puzzled Over Lawn Maintenance Services Providers?
Description :

Choosing between lawn maintenance services providers can be tough. Sometimes the choices are aplenty, other times the pickings are slim. Either way, it’s essential you do your homework and pick a provider that has your lawn’s best interests at heart. Recommendations go a long way, but if that’s not an option, here’s a quick guide to help you along your way.
If you’re in Sulphur or Lake Charles, LA, we’d love to hear from you. Call us today and we’ll send a lawn care and lawn maintenance services professional over for free a consultation with you.
Want more tips on choosing a lawn care and lawn maintenance services provider? Read our blog about some questions that you probably should be asking.
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Author         : TenderCareLawnService
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Post Date : 12/20/2019

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