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Title : Paris agrees to turn Champs-Élysées into ‘extraordinary garden’
Description : The mayor of Paris has said a €250m (£225m) makeover of the Champs-Élysées will go ahead, though the ambitious transformation will not happen before the French capital hosts the 2024 Summer Olympics. Anne Hidalgo said the planned work, unveiled in 2019 by local community leaders and businesses, would turn the 1.9 km (1.2 mile) stretch of central Paris …
Post Date : 05/07/2021
Title : Three things you need to consider when retrofitting a green roof
Description : As the government announces further commitments towards carbon reduction, one of the design trends we expect to see in 2021 is the wider take-up of green roofs. There are many ecological benefits when creating a green roof. These include:  Adding mass, thermal resistance and absorbing less heat than regular roofs, so you reduce the carbon …
Post Date : 05/06/2021
Title : The loss of vegetation is creating a dangerous heat island over Nairobi
Description : Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi, used to be known as the “Green City in the Sun” for its lush environment. There have been however recently been a lot of changes to Nairobi’s land cover – what’s on the ground’s surface. Most recently, there was uproar over the felling of hundreds of trees to make way for the construction of the …
Post Date : 05/05/2021
Title : Untangling Stormwater Retention and Detention
Description : Stormwater continues to be the #1 reason for installing a green roof.  This article seeks to clarify some of the most common terminology related to green roof stormwater management, specifically: retention vs. detention. About six years ago, I presented some research at a green roof academic symposium.  The room was full of researchers, academics, and industry leaders.  At …
Post Date : 05/04/2021
Title : Should Green Roof Installation Be Made Mandatory?
Description : From Copenhagen to San Francisco, from Toronto to Singapore (and many more), locations across the globe have introduced legislation requiring the installation of green roofs on new commercial, institutional and multi-family residential developments. Offering a number of proven benefits, it’s not difficult to see why. The benefits of constructing a green roof include: Improving the …
Post Date : 04/30/2021
Title : Government needs to help industry achieve new net zero targets, experts warn
Description : Technologies and plans need to be supported and funded, groups add. The construction industry needs the government to lay out how it expects its new carbon targets to be able to hit them, experts have warned. Earlier today, it was revealed the government would legislate a new target to reduce national emissions by 78% compared …
Post Date : 04/29/2021
Title : National Retrofit Strategy Needed to Green Homes and Cut Carbon Emissions, says FMB
Description : THE PRIME MINISTER’S announcement that the UK Government will set a target of cutting carbon emissions by 78% by 2035 is welcome news in tackling climate change, says the Federation of Master Builders (FMB).  But the trade association says Government must lead a campaign to green our homes to make this possible.  Carbon Emissions Brian Berry, Chief …
Post Date : 04/28/2021
Title : UK Built Environment Climate Ambassadors revealed
Description : Dame Alison Nimmo DBE and a number of other influential property leaders have been revealed as UK Built Environment Climate Ambassadors that are part of the real estate army which has mobilised to fight climate change ahead of the United Nations COP26 summit in Glasgow in November. The construction and operation of buildings and infrastructure …
Post Date : 04/27/2021
Title : MP urges green building regs to reflect use over design
Description : An MP has called for Building Regulations to change so that the environmental credentials of homes are based on how they perform when used rather than the standard to which they are designed. Former attorney general turned backbench Conservative MP Jeremy Wright asked the government whether it would make the change during a parliamentary session …
Post Date : 04/26/2021
Title : Green Roofs For Healthy Cities And The Green Infrastructure Foundation Launch Grey To Green Virtual Conference 2021
Description : Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (GRHC), the industry association for professionals in the green roof and wall industry, and the Green Infrastructure Foundation have launched the first Virtual Grey to Green Conference. Designing For Tomorrow: Green Infrastructure and the Post-COVID-19 Recovery will take place June 15-16, 2021. Through videos, panels, expert speakers and networking sessions, …
Post Date : 04/23/2021

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