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Title : Protecting Construction Workers During the Winter
Description : As a construction worker, things can become spiteful when you have to work outside without the right kind of clothes to keep you warm. If you have a team of construction workers, you want to make sure that they are warm while performing their tasks. You will not only motivate them but also ensure they're more productive. Often, construction workers fail to accomplish their tasks within the stipulated time frame if they are clothes that cannot protect them. They could also fall ill because of the extreme cold meaning that your project is delayed. Buying your construction workers thermal wear ensures they are comfortable, warm, and feeling great as they do their tasks. They are happy with you because they feel that you care about their well-being and health.

Let them layer up
You want your construction workers to be in their work clothes. However, this doesn’t mean that they cannot put on other clothes like thermals. Wearing thermal underwear sets allows your construction workers to feel warm while being in their regular work clothes. They wear the thermals under their regular work clothing ensuring that you can easily identify them. Since thermal clothes are comfortable to wear and they fit like a second skin, your workers will not have to worry about looking bulk or being in heavy clothes that make them uncomfortable.

Sometimes, when you tell your workers to get themselves some warm clothes to keep them toasty in winter. In most cases, they will pick up any type of clothing that they think will add warmth to their body. But some of the clothes they wear can make them uncomfortable and will feel restless wearing them. This can increase the chances of causing accidents in the workplace. When you buy your workers thermal clothes they can wear as underwear sets, they will be confident and comfortable. They do the tasks allocated safely and without worrying about the cold.

Let them have boots
Rather than the construction workers wearing shoes, you want to choose boots designed to allow warmth. You can consider boots that have a lining on the upper side to add warmth. Make sure the boots work safely for the environment the workers are working in. They need to be skid resistant and waterproof. Additionally, the boots should be properly cushioned inside and the soles need to feature a design that allows for easy walking and prevention of accidents like ankle sprains. Flat sole boots can work well in construction sites since heeled-boots can increase the risk of causing accidents like slip and fall or sprain.

Have gloves and helmets
You want to buy your construction workers gloves to help protect their hands. Working in the cold can affect any part of the body.  Choosing gloves that feature warmth-promotion materials will ensure your workers are comfortable. You also want the workers to wear helmets to help protect their heads. However, make sure that the helmet features head cushioning material that promotes warmth.

These are some ways you can keep your construction workers feeling toasty.  You can buy them Bodtek thermals for construction workers like thermal underwear set, leggings, men’s thermal pants, and thermal shirts or tops.  Bodtek’s thermals will wick moisture away, retain heat, ensure comfort, and reduce or control odor.
Post Date : 07/30/2021
Title : How to Stay Warm in Cold Weather Football
Description : Playing football is great fun, but it’s even more enjoyable when you do it in cold weather. The problem comes when you have to battle cold weather. To help you stay toasty while playing soccer in cold weather, you want to dress properly. Choosing thermal clothing is the first step to protecting your body and ensuring your health. Otherwise, exposing the body to cold can cause a lot of harm like suffering from hypothermia.

Playing Can Keep you Warm, but Not in Winter
When you play football, the body generates heat. However, because you are sweating, the heat is lost pretty fast than the body can retain. You will find that you are freezing even if you are engaging in exercises or sports activities. So you need to get heat insulation and here is where thermals come in handy.

Thermal Wear for Football in the Cold
If you want to have the best experience when playing football, you should choose thermal clothing pieces designed with the right material. A poly-spandex material makes an ideal choice since it’s light enough to ensure you don’t feel heavy or loaded on garments. It retains heat so your body will keep warm. Besides, it takes the moisture or sweat away, keeping your skin dry.

Often, as sweat evaporates, it tends to take with it the heat in your body. You will begin to get cold even if you are sweating. Bodtek thermals for football allow you to generate body heat and remain toasty. They regulate the body heat ensuring you don’t overheat.

You can also layer up if it’s very cold and your football garments make a good choice. Since your team has its uniform, you can have thermals as undergarments, forming the base layer and then add another extra layer of football clothes. This way, you ensure optimal warmth.

Comfort is Key
Choosing the right thermal fabric ensures comfort. When playing, you are engaging in strenuous activity and excessive body movement. If you are in garments that are rough on your skin, you will likely suffer chafe or abrasion. Your skin may develop bruises as a result of the friction created by the garment on the skin. To avoid harm to the skin, you can wear thermal underwear set underneath your football clothes.

The thermals feature ultra-soft fabric that is gentle on your skin. Besides, the fleecing lining ensures that you are comfortable in thermals. Additionally, the 4-way stretchability ensures flexibility in movement and a good range of motion therefore, you can play your football game comfortably.

Also, because the fabric draws sweat from the skin, it ensures your body remains dry throughout the sports activity. This also helps prevent abrasion, as moisture can contribute to serious abrasion on your skin from the typical garment. Thermals are ultra-soft and gentle on the skin.

Choose Bodtek Thermals
Bodtek thermals are specifically designed to warm your body and retain the heat. They are comfortable and flexible to wear during sports activities. Invest in Long Johns or leggings for your winter football sport. You may also want to consider thermal underwear set for football as they work great too.
Post Date : 07/24/2021
Title : How to Keep Kids Warm in Winter Sports
Description : When winter arrives, it’s another moment of fun activities and playing outside. Kids engage in various winter sports from skiing to ice skating and other sports. If you are worried as to whether you should let your kids go out for winter sports or not, the answer is yes – as long as you keep them safe and protected. Often, as the parent, you will hear these heart-wrenching words from your kid, “Mom, I’m freezing.”  It happens when they are out playing football, rugby, hockey, and other winter sports. However, you can protect your kid from desperately trying to keep toasty when the snow pelts down. Let them wear thermal clothing as an undergarment or baselayer.

Keeping the Kids Warm
At Bodtek, we have experience in solving the exact problems where kids have to suffer in the cold as they play their favorite sport. If you don’t keep the kids warm, they won’t enjoy the sport and worst still, you could make them suffer from hypothermia and frostbite. So what should they wear?

First, Understand How the Body works to Keep Warm
For the body to get warm, it needs internal assistance from blood. Your body, hence that of the kid, is like a house heating system. The torso has vital organs that serve as the boiler while the hands, feet, and head serve as the radiators and the blood serves as the hot water being supplied around the house. So you can’t generate heat to the heating system radiators if the boiler is not working. Therefore, you need to feed your boiler with fuel. For the kid’s body, it means drinking, eating, exercising, and all those things that help the body generate heat and hasten blood flow to assist in distributing heat around their body.

But what if the boiler isn’t insulated? All that heat generated is lost, so the radiators will not get warm.

When you insulate your boiler you get heat generated to the radiators. The same concept works for your kids and even yourself. The trick to keeping the kids warm during sporting activities is layering.

Layer Intelligently
If you are going to layer kids' clothing when in the cold, ensure you do it correctly. Select good thermal wear that is able to retain heat while not allowing the kid’s body to overheat. Bodtek thermals for kids are good at insulating the heat. The fabric, made of a combination of polyester and spandex, helps provide thermal regulation. This way, your kid will have their temperature regulated as they play on the pitch.

Thermal underwear sets or Long Johns and leggings make the base layer. Your kid can wear their sports apparel on top of the thermals. This way, you will ensure their bodies remain toasty even in the cold weather. And Bodtek thermals for kids wick away sweat, are comfortable, and flexible. They are very lightweight and easy to take care of. The thermals also prevent abrasion on the skin, meaning your kid won’t suffer from chafe or bruises caused by friction of garments with the skin.

Get your kids (Boys & Girls) the right thermal wear for winter sports to ensure they enjoy themselves and make the most of their activities.
Post Date : 07/22/2021
Title : Why Thermal Underwear Is Best For Outdoor Construction Work?
Description : Being out there as a construction worker means you will experience cold during winter months or at night. You need to be in proper apparel that helps prevent the cold weather from knocking you down. Allowing cold to reach your body during winter days or at night can bring trouble including skin problems like dryness, irritation, itchiness, and even bruising and cracking of the skin. It also could bring about hypothermia, a serious condition that could shut down your blood flow and cause poor body coordination and mental impairment. Safety is of great concern for construction workers and when cold weather has to affect your level of safety, you need to watch out. Fortunately, you can beat cold weather by wearing thermal underwear. So, how does thermal undergarment help with outdoor construction work?

Keep you warm
When cold weather hits you hard as you work on a construction site, you will mostly slow down. This can contribute to downtimes and delays in the completion of work. Thermal underwear helps to ensure your body remains warm even in cold weather. It works to trap as well as retain the heat your body produces so that you don’t go shivering. Additionally, it helps take away sweat from the skin so that you remain dry and don’t feel chilly.

Ensure comfort
In any workplace, comfort is a priority regardless of the dimension you view it. You want to be comfortable while in the office. If you’re at a construction site, you again want to ensure you are comfortable. Often, when there is something interfering with your comfort at a construction site, it can easily contribute to safety issues. Consider something like an itchy body due to sweat or some irritating garment, it can make you accidentally drop an object that hits a colleague or a bystander. So, you want to wear thermal underwear clothing that enhances your comfort. It should have ultrasoft fabric and keep the body dry and free from sweat. The clothing should also be flexible and stretches in different directions to ensure effortless movement.

Enhance safety
Thermal undergarment improves your level of comfort and reduces distractions. When you wear thermal underwear that is comfortable, you can walk easily and reach out to objects without problems. Thermal underwear also helps with blood flow, so when the body is fighting to reduce heat loss by preventing the flow of blood to the skin, your thermal that acts as compression wear will help normalize the blood flow. This helps ensure the safety of the construction worker. Additionally, when thermal wear retains heat, it allows a worker to remain focused and well-coordinated. It prevents incidents of mental impairments that could arise due to cold weather thereby ensuring you perform your tasks safely.

If you want thermal pants and tops that your construction workers can wear, you can choose Bodtek thermal wear. These thermal clothes are crafted using advanced technologies to ensure breathability, heat retention, prevention of bad odor, moisture-wicking, and a good stretch for enhanced flexibility. The garments feature 4-stretch and fast-drying technology. They retain body heat and enhance your body movement.
Post Date : 07/20/2021
Title : Keeping Your Kids Warm and Safe During Winter Holidays
Description : As the frigid winter cold settles in, parents and their kids need to find ways to stay healthy and keep warm. Cold weather not only comes with spells of cold and flu but can also weaken the immune system causing you and your family to be susceptible to infections. Chilly weather can also contribute to hypothermia, a serious condition that can be life-threatening. To help your kids stay warm and safe at the time of the winter holidays, you want to try out the following things:    

Let the kids eat healthily
Healthy eating during wintertime may be challenging, however, incorporating some winter foods can go a long way in keeping the family healthy. Overindulging at holiday parties, reduced availability of fresh vegetables and fruits, presenting of holiday cookies and fruitcakes as gifts can separate the family from healthful eating to bad eating habits. Your family may find it easier to place an order for pizza than to head out into the cold streets to buy groceries. Talk to your kids and remind them that they need to eat healthy to fight the cold weather.

Break out their sweaters
When winter strikes, you want to make sure every member of the family dresses up warmly to help stay warm. As temperatures plummet, hypothermia becomes a big concern. Not only can it affect kids but it also attacks adults. Whether you are indoors or going out, cover yourself by wearing a sweater. You also want to pull your jackets and hoodies or the hardshells from the wardrobes. Your winter coats also come in handy during this time.

When dressing the kids up for winter, include a covering for the hands and head as these body parts tend to lose a considerable amount of heat. If they are at home or they are going outdoors, let them wear shoes that have non-skid soles and good traction to prevent falls. Since not everyone will keep the thermostat turned up as high as it’s comfortable for the kids, make sure you keep them snuggled up in sweaters while indoors or dress them in layers.

Let them take breaks from outdoor
It can be a lot of fun to play in the snow, however, there is a smart way to ensure the kids do it safely. Ensure that they take breaks about every 30 minutes. Also that you apply sunscreens every 2 hours the same way you do for summer playtime. The reason is that, although there is maybe snow outside, the sun’s bright rays tend to reflect off that snow meaning kids and even adults can still get a sunburn. A lip balm containing SPF may help avoid windburn.

Let the kids wear thermals
Thermals for kids are a great addition to their closet. There are thermals for kids that will help revamp the body heat of kids and allow them to spend their outdoor time playing with confidence and keeping safe and healthy. They can wear them at home, when going to school, while exercising, or while playing. Thermal clothes are not only stylish but also fashionable. Choose from thermal crew neck for kids, thermal leggings for girls, and thermal shirts for boys.  

You can choose Bodtek thermals for kids to help protect your kids in winter. Bodtek kids thermal leggings and shirts or thermal bottoms, thermal tops, and thermal underwear feature 4 ways stretch, and retain heat. They also offer great flexibility and ultra-lightweight and are very soft and gentle on your kids’ skin.
Post Date : 07/15/2021
Title : Cold Weather Outfit Ideas for the Workers
Description : How you dress this winter may determine whether or not you get to see the next snowfall. Yap, it’s quite serious so it’s essential to have an arsenal of the correct info to see the other side. Workers don’t always get to have the option of taking vacation days. Therefore, if you are working during this winter, you must get yourself thermal underwear. Thermal underwear is perfect for all workers.

Which outfit works for you in the colder months?
It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do. Thermal underwear is a MUST to survive working in the cold. For example, a nurse will need the thermal set under his or her scrubs, a truck driver needs thermal leggings and top as his base layer, and so on. Thermal underwear is perfect because it keeps you warm without interfering with your movement or comfort. Designed to fit you snugly, no heat escapes from your body because the garment is in direct contact with your skin. Layering with other clothes is easy if your base layer is not bulky and restrictive so when you get a thermal set, choose a brand that has lightweight designs.

Other clothing items to keep you safe
The trick is keeping only a little part of your body as exposed to the harsh weather as possible. For instance;

•    Your ears can get pretty uncomfortable when exposed to biting cold. A hat will solve that problem.
•    Put mittens on your hands to cover your fingers. Some workers like those working in an oil rig might find mittens impractical. Gloves are also convenient for such workers to reduce contact of metal surfaces with skin on your palm. Metal surfaces take away heat from your body when you put any part of your body on them. It’s, therefore, prudent to reduce your skin contact with any metal surface.
•    Wear woolen socks before putting on your snow boots and of course, add snow boots to complete your winter outfit gear.

•    The outside as much as possible. If you work outside, your boss must schedule breaks to get away from the frigid cold.
•    Alcohol causes dehydration and there is no other time you need to keep hydrated like in the cold season. Instead, carry with you a thermos of warm water or warm beverages to take in between breaks.
•    Being alone. Although you may have to work solo like for the truck driver, you need to remain in contact with colleagues at work to avoid exhaustion and combat fatigue. The buddy system at work is necessary to maintain to have constant feedback on your concerns.

Other do’s
1.    Carry extra thermal underwear set in your backpack or handbag.
2.    Keep abreast with news about cold stress symptoms or calamities some freak winters bring along.
3.    Understand your environment as much as you can to help adapt when considering a move during winter. For example, if you are moving to Arkansas from say Florida, you need to understand how bad winter gets in Arkansas before taking the plunge.

Every individual reacts to stimuli differently. What outfit you choose to wear working in the winter’s crisp air prevents you from getting cold-related injuries. Bodtek stocks thermal underwear for both men and women in all sizes. Look us up and complete your winter gear with our lightweight designs for thermals.
Post Date : 07/14/2021
Title : Best Tips for Working Safe in Cold Weather
Description : Winter has arrived, the ground is layered with a beautiful coat of fresh snow, but it’s another difficult moment for the working individual. Everyone has to shift their dressing style while ensuring that they still keep in fashion and wear their usual work clothes. Working during cold weather can present health problems. When you expose your body to extreme cold, you could soon be dealing with health issues like hypothermia. You may even experience frostbites on your skin. Thermals prove to be essential wardrobe clothing items during winter. If you want to stay safe while working in the cold, you need to check what you dress – from the foot to the body to the neck and the head.

The Body
Whether you work as a construction worker, postal worker, DHL worker, a guard, or another kind of worker, thermals come in handy when you want to keep warm. Instead of layering up in some funny jackets, hoodies, jeans, and other clothing, you can have a Bodtek thermal underwear set, which you can layer up with your usual work clothes. Thermal Long Johns or leggings and shirts are also a good choice.

Bodtek thermals fit snugly on the skin, they feel like a second skin on your body. When in these clothes, it’s difficult for other people to notice that you are in thermals. Since they are underneath your regular work clothes, you will remain warm as you go about your work activities while not feeling heavily loaded on garments. They are lightweight and feature ultra-soft fabric. The thermals are made with comfort in mind. Since they are flexible, they allow a sufficient range of motion. People who make a lot of body movements like postal workers and construction workers find thermals so comfortable to wear.

The Extremities
One of the areas that people tend to neglect are extremities including the feet and fingers. While you will protect your body from the extreme cold with thermals, often, the extremities will remain uncovered. You, therefore, need to have the right boots that enhance warmth. You can wear heat-insulating gloves for the hands and help keep your body toasty.

What about the Head and Neck?
Your neck and head will be exposed to cold weather even when on a thermal underwear set. Hence, you need to protect them too. Some workers have that special gear they can wear while working, for example, caps and helmets. For others, they need to seek ways to keep their heads covered. Buying a woolen hat can help you keep warm during the cold.

Scarves and wool buffs make an ideal choice when you want to protect your neck. Scarves offer sufficient warmth if you wear them correctly. However, if you are in attire that a scarf doesn’t fit, you can go with wool buffs. You can wear your buff around the neck, on your head where it serves as a cap, or you can wrap it around the neck where you pull it up to cover the ears and nose.

Now that you know what to wear to keep warm while working during the cold, why not grab yourself a thermal underwear set or thermal long john and thermal shirt from Bodtek.
Post Date : 07/10/2021
Title : How to Keep Your Kids Warm in Extreme Cold Weather
Description : Young children tend to be more vulnerable to cold and for a simple reason. They have smaller bodies so they tend to lose heat rapidly. Again, kids may not be able to realize they are getting cold when outdoors, meaning the tasks of keeping them toasty and knowing when it’s time to retreat inside the house goes to the parents. The American Academy of Pediatrics provides a rule of thumb for dressing kids during winter. And the rule says that you should put babies and kids in one more layer of clothes than adults are able to wear within the same conditions. The reason is that pockets of air occurring between clothing layers help trap heat. When you layer the dressing of kids, it helps them remove a sweater or jacket when, say, you are traveling rather than having to choose between the kids freezing or being overheated.

Having said that, how can you keep your young children warm when it’s extremely cold?

Layer but not too much
You know that layer is crucial for keeping the kids warm. However, you don't want to go overboard to put the kids in too many layers. Layering a kid with many outerwears can be counter-intuitive – it can make them feel colder. The reason is that excess layers will cause the kid to sweat. The sweat creates moisture which makes his or her clothes wet. This can easily allow the cold and wind to bring the temperature of your kid down.

Go with the 3-layer pattern
You may consider having a base layer for the kid which is right next to their skin. Thermal wear does a good job in this as it feels like a second skin. Your kid won’t feel that they are wearing thermal underwear. You want to choose a material that wicks moisture and feels very soft such as a blend of polyester and spandex. Again, the thermal underwear set should offer the right fit, that’s, it should fit snugly.
A middle layer goes on top of the base layer and it helps insulate the kid. You may choose a material like wool but ensure that it fits without restraining movement.

An outer layer helps protect the kid from snow, rain, and wind and you may want to go for a waterproof shell or jacket. This outerwear should be breathable because the kids will be active and you don’t want moisture to be trapped in between the layers.

The kid’s toes, fingers, and faces deserve extra care
A child’s face, ears, head, hands, and feet tend to be prone to extreme cold weather or frostbite. Frostbite can damage the skin of the child and can cause numbness. It’s kind of like getting burned, but this time, ice does the burning and not something hot. You want to watch over the extremities, so consider dressing the kids in waterproof gloves, waterproof boots, a hat, and a scarf. All these work together to keep these sensitive areas toasty and warm during cold days.

Let the kids retreat to the house
If your kids are playing around, as they will usually do during winter, you want to limit the amount of time they spend outside. Allow them to get back to the house after about every 45 minutes of play. So you want to be around to watch their activities and watch what they are doing. This can also help you identify any signs of frostbites such as frostnip on fingers, cheeks, or anywhere else. Also, if the kids’ teeth are starting to chatter, it is time they head to a warmer place like inside the house.

These are some of the ways you are going to ensure your kids remain toasty and comfortable during winter. Remember to have cocoa within your pantry. It helps them warm up and tastes better compared to a cup of hot chocolate, especially after being on an outing in the cold. The kids will love it. Choose Bodtek thermals for kids as they efficiently keep your children warm and feeling great with much comfort.
Post Date : 07/07/2021
Title : Thermals Wear for My Europe Vacation?
Description : Winter packing when going for a European vacation can be tricky. But for every tip, especially during winter and other cold seasons, you want to keep three things in mind: pack light, keep warm, and always look great. Winters in Europe can last for up to 5 months from November to somewhere around March. Besides, the lowest temperatures in Europe can go down to -20˚C or even less. If you are not adequately prepared, you may end up with a miserable Europe vacation when the cold weather takes its toll on your body. You could even risk suffering hypothermia and frostbite in extremely cold months.

Pack Light
It’s important you pack light when on a trip to Europe. Between navigating the small cobbled streets in Europe and trying to fit in those overcrowded elevators or say, the narrow staircases in tiny hotels can be challenging if you are carrying and lugging around large, heavy suitcases. It makes sense when you pack light so that you easily move your luggage from one point to another. Packing thermal garments allows just that light pack you need. Bodtek’s thermals are made of ultra-light fabric, meaning they won’t take up a lot of space and bring a lot of weight to your luggage.

Stay Warm
During your trip, you don’t want to get freezing since you won’t enjoy your vacation. There are many ways you can stay warm. You may choose thick woolen jackets and jeans, but again, they may be uncomfortable if you have to layer up. Thermals are crucial if you want to stay warm. You can wear them then layer them up with jackets and jeans or dresses. This means that you will not need to be in loads of heavy clothing to beat the extreme cold.

Thermal clothing featuring a poly-spandex fabric allows you to remain warm. They insulate body heat and keep away moisture or sweat. Bodtek thermal clothing like Long Johns and thermal shirts draw the moisture away from the skin surface to the outer fabric where it easily escapes into the air.

Look Stylish
While your ultimate goal is to protect yourself from the frigid weather, you also want to ensure you look stylish. Looking fashionable doesn’t mean that you get the latest designer clothes. You can be in thermal wear and yet look stylish. In fact, you can wear thermal underwear set then put on your favorite clothing during your Europe trip in winter. Just make sure that the outer clothing adds warmth and is fashionable. It could be woolen jackets and hoodies or even cotton dresses and sweaters. Ensure you look your best even when packed light.

Choose Bodtek thermals because they are comfortable, retain heat, wick away moisture, and are flexible. They are extremely lightweight and don’t cause chafe. You will enjoy every beat of your European trip when you are in thermals. And the best part is that you can wear them alone or layer them with other clothing to keep up with the extreme cold weather. You can choose thermal pants, thermal underwear sets, thermal leggings or long johns, and crew neck shirts for your vacation.
Post Date : 07/06/2021
Title : What To Wear When It’s Really Cold
Description : When it's really cold, you struggle to keep warm. Great advice is to wear thermals for your first layer. When you choose thermals wisely, you will not feel the need to bog yourself down with many heavy layers. You might be wondering if it’s necessary to wear thermals. Well, it's absolutely necessary to wear thermal underclothes. If you're still on the fence about it, here are the reasons why thermals are best suited for winter wear.

Not heavy and remain light even when you come into contact with moisture
Thermal pants and tops keep you warm with little hassle. Their designs are light-weight which means you barely notice you’re having them on no matter how many more layers you add to them. Also, because any moisture they take in is evaporated quickly, you will never feel damp or have clingy clothes underneath. Moreover, you can maintain your usual style because they are comfortably worn under other outfits. It’s common today to see tennis players and other athletes sporting thermal bottoms under their playing shorts.

Are affordable but still effective
You don’t a huge budget to get yourself thermal underwear. It is also possible to shop online for the items you prefer so you don’t need to invest time visiting designer shops in major cities for thermal purchases. Better still, when you wear your thermal bottom or top, you have less need for heat. Therefore, if you are inside, you don’t need to have a fire going if the power is out unless the temperatures are below the freezing point.

Great for keeping the weaker ones healthy
Sickly and old people as well as the young have more need to keep warm than other healthier individuals. Wearing thermals for them is a great healthy practice that is combined with other proven habits to ensure they are healthy even when it’s really cold.

Winter coats and jackets
Yes, you need to get a winter coat every few years but thermals are effective in keeping you warm inside. Even in the office, thermals will help you regulate your body temperature because they are designed to fit snugly making you comfortable. You can also use them for nightwear if it’s really cold and you can’t afford other more expensive options like electric blankets.

Activities you must wear thermals for
The following is a list of activities you must put on your thermal for. It doesn’t cover everything but should give you an idea of why you need thermal underclothes in your wardrobe.
•    Sledding and other  forms of snow playing
•    Winter sports
•    Shoveling snow from driveways or sidewalks
•    Sleeping in especially when power is gone
•    Ice fishing
•    Hunting
•    Hiking
•    Visiting the zoo in the winter
•    Hanging Christmas decorations on the roof or other places outside
•    Winter jogging
•    Working outside
•    Working in cold rooms or other low-temperature conditions

No matter what you are doing, you must wear thermals to keep warm in frigid weather and avoid cold injuries. Order thermal tops, bottoms, and thermal underwear sets online from the Bodtek today to remain comfortable even when it becomes really cold.
Post Date : 07/02/2021

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