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Title : Prepare Yourself to Face the Cold Weather While Camping
Description : Camping is one of the favorite activities for outdoorsy persons. If you love hiking, camping, and trekking, you probably know how demanding it is when it comes to protecting yourself from harsh winter weather and cold nights. Your camping experience may start on a high note, somewhere down the line, the weather may change and it ruins all the exciting moments you had. You should not underestimate the weather conditions when going camping- always prepare for both sides – hot and cold weather conditions. Before you head out for your next camping expedition, you want to ensure you have the right gear with you. Packing clothes and accessories to keep you warm helps spruce up your experience. So how do you prepare yourself to face that cold weather out there?

Hire or purchase campfire equipment
You may want to look out for campfire equipment that will help provide you with fire. Lighting fire can help keep you toasty as you unwind in the evening before you can head to the tent to sleep. You can choose a propane-powered bonfire stove or even charcoal and wood-fuelled campfire pits for warming up. Ensure that you don’t spend too much on your campfire equipment and try to use other ways to stay warm.

Have a tent and extra pads
A tent not only helps protect you from crawling creatures and animals in the wild, it can also help in keeping you warm. When coupled with mattresses, a tent can keep your night a smooth one with warmth. Extra pads help retain heat and keep you a little toasty. You want to wear thermal long johns as your night pajama in the tent to help add to the warmth.

Vent your tent
It may sound counter-intuitive, however, allowing airflow into your tents can help you maintain warmth. When you breathe, you produce hot vapor that circulates inside the tent. As the droplets of the hot vapor hit the fabric of the cold tent, they form water that condenses and freezes. If you open the vents on the tent partially, you help the hot vapor to escape outside. This way, you prevent yourself from waking in an icebox of frost or finding yourself in a wet and miserable condition.

Wear hand warmers, heated boosts, and heated gloves
You can think of technology when going camping as it helps spruce up things. Wearing heated gloves and boots can help keep your toes and hands toasty. You don’t have to bring your space heater, just go for the compact solutions, courtesy of technological advancement. You will be able to wake up with your toes and fingers warm and well functioning.  

Dress in layers
During your camping time, you want to adjust your dressing according to the temperatures and level of activity. If it’s warm, you may have your jackets and hoodies or jeans play their role. In cold weather, get your thermal wear to make your base layer. If it’s extremely cold, you want to get the puffies and shells or your parka to get the extra warmth you need. With the right layers of clothes, you are able to regulate and control your body temperature. You stay warm and toasty all day, all night.

Bodtek has a range of thermal wear for your camping gear needs. You can choose the Bodtek’s long johns thermal pants or leggings. You can also go with thermal shirts and tops. Make sure that you have these pieces in your camping bag. Get other winter clothing to help layer up as you fight the extreme cold.
Post Date : 02/17/2021
Title : Winter Fashion Tips For Women's
Description : One of the challenging seasons for women fashion in winter. Women want to look flattering while also being able to fight the cold weather, and the decision on what to wear can be difficult. However, women’s fashion for winter doesn’t have to be complicated and uncomfortable. When it comes to winter outfits for women, it’s all about comfort, coziness, and warmth. As the winter sets in, it’s time for ladies to pull the coats, vests, jackets, long sleeve shirts, and of course the thermal tops and bottoms.

Start with the dressing basic – thermals
Thermals are must-have clothing for winter, especially for women who want to look fashionable, stylish, and remain warm. It may sound obvious; however, if you choose to wear a thin thermal baselayer underneath your outfit, it allows you to get away with putting on what you love to wear without worrying about the cold.

Thermal underwear is lightweight and ultra-soft. It is gentle on your skin and when you layer it up, you will neither be embarrassed nor feel bulky. You can wear your best quality thermal underwear under everything you wish when the temperature dips. It retains heat and keeps you dry because it wicks moisture away.  

Also, thermal wear like Bodtek long johns pants for women fit snugly and ensure mobility. Whatever activities you want to engage in whether taking up yoga or walking on the streets or even going camping, you can be sure you will look great and keep warm. Your movement isn’t restricted and you don’t have to worry about irritating fabrics.

Layering for winter style
A perfect way to get warm while being able to put together a chic look is to have purposeful layering. It allows you to try out a mixture of textures and patterns while also being functional enough to beat the varying temperatures you experience on a winter day. When choosing your layering clothes go with thermals for a baselayer and choose scarves as they tend to pull your looks together. You can have various lengths of your thermals to help flatter your body shape and layer them with different types of clothes from minis to long dresses to maxi and skater dresses.

The key is to have thinner pieces that can offer maximum warmth. You can, for instance, have your Bodtek crew neck shirt on top of your long-sleeved shorts that you layer up with a sweater and a beautiful blue coat for those extremely cold days.

Go over the knee
Many women tend to shy away from wearing over the knee boots, especially ladies over 40. However, this is a perfect strategy if you get those six-inch patent leather pairs. They may remain at the back of your closet for most of the time, but when it comes to winter months, you want to pull them out. When choosing your boosts, go for the low-heeled ones or flat boots. Consider shades and materials that you feel comfortable wearing and you can match them with other clothes.

You can get trendy and chic-looking by wearing a pair of boots with a matching Bedtek thermal pant for example, black-on-black. Also, you can pair a skinner shaft boot that covers more legs to allow you to dress more weather-appropriate.

These winter fashion tips will keep you looking sexy while keeping you warm throughout the day. Bodtek’s thermals will make a good addition to your winter clothing whether you opt for thermal long johns leggings or thermal tops and crew necks.
Post Date : 02/11/2021
Title : Going Skiing? Here's What You'll Need
Description : If you are set for a skiing tour, you know that you need the right gear to effortlessly go down those snowy slopes. You want to have protective clothing that helps protect the body from the freezing temperatures up high within the snowy mountains. While you may rent your ski equipment from ski resort rentals, for the part of the clothing, you may consider buying a set of thermals. Thermals for skiing will not only help you with your ski tours but also serve other purposes like hiking and hunting or even wear them at home. From sunglasses, ski carriers, walkie-talkies to ski boots and goggles, you want to have everything ready for an exciting experience in the mountains. That being said, these top skiing gear and accessories will help you make the most of your ski tour:

Ski or snowboard jacket
Because it can be extremely cold in the mountains, you want to have a pair of jackets to ensure you add more warmth and protect your body. The ski jackets are waterproof and water-resistant. They are also insulated and may come with convenient pockets as well as other specific features for snow skiing. Wearing a waterproof and breathable rain over on top of your long underwear offers additional warmth. However, remember that the slickness of the jackets may lengthen the slides you make once you fall.

Ski socks
Snowboarding and skiing socks tend to be taller than the boosts. Make sure that they are not overly thick because thick socks can make the feel colder if they make the boots too tight. They may also restrict your blood circulation, which again can contribute to shivering. You may have ski and snowboarding socks that have padding within the shins. Consider synthetic socks but avoid wearing cotton socks since when they get wet from sweat or snow, they take too much time to dry out.

While not a mandatory item, it is advisable that you have a helmet. A ski helmet will help protect your head while keeping the ears and the head warm and dry. If you decide not to use a helmet, you can consider wearing a warm hat.

Gloves or mittens
You also want to wear gloves to help keep your hands warm and protect them. Choose waterproof gloves or mittens and ensure they are insulated. Wearing gloves with more thickness will mean greater warmth. Also, understand that mittens can be warmer compared to gloves, however, they sacrifice some dexterity.

Wearing goggles helps protect the eyes from snow, wind, and glare. Ensure that the goggles you choose work seamlessly with the helmet and fit properly on your face shape. If you wear glasses, ensure the goggles also fit over those glasses without gaps. You may get a balaclava or neck gaiter to offer more coverage against the cold temperatures.

Long underwear
Consider thermal underwear like Bodtek thermal leggings and tops to provide a layer that wicks sweat away from the skin and allows you to remain warm. You want to choose a material like a polyester-spandex combination because it’s not only lightweight but also very soft on the skin. These thermals help enhance your circulation and keep you in great shape during and after skiing. They can help with muscle recovery and also reduce odor.

With these skiing clothes, equipment, and accessories, you are sure to have a great skiing experience.
Post Date : 02/09/2021
Title : Running During the Winter - What Outfit Do You Choose?
Description : Running during winter not only allows you to stay warm but also helps improve your health. The cold weather can be daunting to many people and if you want to keep fit, you need to exercise your body. But running requires that you dress in clothing that allows mobility, range of motion, flexibility, and a soft touch on the skin.  You want to get the right pair of shoes that will prevent injuries and allow breathability to prevent bad odor.  Additionally, you want to wear gloves to keep your hands feeling toasty.

In winter, you may sweat when you exercise or run, however, the moment you stop running, you could easily get cold and you might experience hypothermia. Knowing how to dress for your workouts or running sessions during winter keeps you warm all day long and prevents incidents of shivering and becoming extremely cold.  Your outfit should ensure the following:

Draw moisture away
Although running helps the body produce heat, when you sweat, it can be difficult to regulate that heat. It also takes time to heat up the body when you sweat. You may want to choose thermal wear that draws moisture away and sends it to the outer layers to dry out. Look for a material that dries fast and is able to keep your body dry. This way, you will ensure that you won’t have a bad smell and you won’t likely suffer rashes due to accumulation of sweat. The material needs also to be soft enough to prevent rubbing against the skin.

Trap body heat
You don’t want your body to lose the heat it releases while you exercise. You also don’t want to overheat your body. A spandex-polyester material ensures that your body regulates heat so that you remain warm and don’t overheat. It retains heat to ensure you brave the outdoors running or jogging and pursuing your active lifestyle.  
Let it be flexible and breathable
When running, you want freedom with your range of motion. Although there are clothes you can wear that help fight cold, often, they may not perform so well for running activities. You want to ensure you can stretch your legs, make the long forward sprints or steps without hindrances. An inflexible fabric will limit your range of motion. It will restrict your movement and you may be uncomfortable.  

A poly-spandex blend of fabric is not only breathable but also flexible. It stretches in different directions and conforms to the body and skin to feel like a second skin. It does not allow pockets of air on the skin or the fabric. It evenly contours to the skin fitting snugly while not being too tight to restrict your movement.  The breathable fabric helps keep the skin dry thereby helping retain heat and prevent moisture from making you get cold.  

Comfort is paramount when choosing clothes for running. You don’t want to wear clothing that will cause chafing. You also don’t want to wear clothing that will feel so tight. Again, clothes that trap moisture will make you uncomfortable.  A flat seam construction featuring fleece lining and stitching helps prevent ripping or tearing of the thermals thus ensuring longevity.

Bodtek thermals for running
Bodtek’s thermals for running are not only flexible and breathable but also allow comfort. They stretch in four directions and wick moisture away. They trap heat to ensure you stay warm while running.  Bodtek thermals feature a poly-spandex material that creates pressure around the body and helps reduce fatigue as well as soreness that you may encounter when you run. This way, you are able to recover fast and you are soon on another round or session of running after a few days of rest.
Post Date : 02/04/2021
Title : Tips For Camping in the Cold - How to Stay Warm
Description : With winter camping comes cold temperatures, and there is no escaping it. However, you don’t have to let the thoughts of frosty toes and fingers bar you from pursuing your overnight ski tour or adventure. There are ways you can stay warm while doing your winter camping activities.

Have two sleeping pads
Two pads are better than one, so if you are going camping, ensure you pack two camping mattresses. They will help insulate you against the cold ground as well as snow. The two pads will add up to more insulation and warmth compared to one.

Remove the sweaty clothes
After you construct your tent and you are ready to spend your evening, you can remove the sweaty layers. You may find it counterintuitive; however, removing the sweaty layers will do you good. To revive your warmth, get the extra pair of base layers or thermal wear and throw on some dry clothes including socks.

On those coldest nights, try to toss on a hardshell jacket over your puffy jacket and make sure that you are in your thermals. Since your thermals feel like a second skin, having those in addition to your jackets and puffies will add more warmth.

Place a hot water bottle within your core
Don’t put the hot water bottle at your toes; place it in your groin. Placing the bottle on the core region of your body helps heat up the blood traveling throughout the body. That blood will be able to reach your extremities and warm up your entire body faster. This is a trick every camper needs to know as it helps beat extreme cold fast. Be careful while using hot water as it can cause burns, ensure you crack down the lid to help prevent leaks.

Wear a balaclava
You lose a substantial amount of heat via the head. So you want to cover your head to increase your body heat. While you may wear jacket hoods and beanies to keep your head warm, they tend to slip off while asleep. That’s why you may want to wear a balaclava as it stays put and helps trap that hard-earned heat. Additionally, a balaclava has a breathing hole to allow ventilation so that you don’t feel suffocating. On a balaclava, you can layer it underneath a hood or beanies to offer maximum warmth.

Dress in layers
You want to dress to beat cold weather. Put on multiple layers including a base layer. When you top your baselayer with puffies and shells, you can greatly control your body temperature. Let the baselayer be made of moisture-wicking, heat-retention fabric. You can choose spandex-polyester fabric as it is not only light but also retains heat.

It’s soft and fits evenly on your body without creating air pockets. Its lightweight feel allows you to add extra layers of clothes depending on how cold it is while being able to remain comfortable. Bodtek offers you ideal thermal wear for winter that you can wear during camping expeditions.  

As you go about your activities of the day, the body will work up heat and your thermal baselayer from Bodtek will retain it. Even when you head to the tent, you will be able to maintain that heat. Since the spandex-polyester thermals dry out fast, it ensures you keep dry.
Post Date : 02/04/2021
Title : Thermal Underwear Set For FedEx - UPS Workers
Description : FedEx and UPS workers work round the clock to transfer and deliver items and goods to various destinations. It’s a demanding job that requires you to work even during the night and in cold weather. And because your health is important, if you’re a FedEx worker, you want to ensure you protect yourself against cold weather. You may have a jacket that does a good job at keeping off the wind, but it may not provide that warmth you need as a FedEx worker. As you go about your duties of delivering and transferring goods, you also want to mind about your health. Exposing yourself to cold can make you ill. You may want to wear thermal underwear to enhance the warmth and ensure that cold nights and wintery days don’t hit you hard.

What type of thermal underwear to wear?
Being a FedEx or UPS worker means that you will be moving or driving from one place to another to transfer and deliver goods. When the cold weather strikes, it can make your job difficult. The type of thermal underwear you choose will also determine the kind of experience you have during your duty performance. Wearing lightweight, ultrasoft thermal undergarments not only helps retain body heat but also ensures comfort. You can choose thermal clothing made of a mixture of polyester and spandex fabrics as it is comfy, soft, and retains heat. You also want to choose a thermal underwear set that allows ease of body movement and fits snugly on your body.

Why thermal underwear specifically
As a FedEx or UPS worker, you will need to be in your work clothing – that’s your work uniform. It helps other people identify who you are and is also a requirement by the company. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot put on other clothing. You can layer up your work clothing by having a baselayer of thermal clothing. You will put on your thermal underwear as the first layer that is in contact with the skin then add your work uniform. This way, people won’t know that you’ve thermal wear because what they can see is your work clothes. Again, the thermals are light enough such that you won’t feel like you have a load of clothing on your body.

Where to buy your thermal underwear set
Bodtek makes an ideal choice thermal wear store where you can buy your thermal clothing for work. You can visit or you could search for the Bodtek thermals at You will find a range of thermal underwear sets that come in different colors and makes. Whether you want long-sleeved thermals, pants, or leggings, you can find them at Bodtek.

Bodtek brings you unique thermal underwear features to help compliment your work clothing. The thermals are designed using moisture-wicking technology and a 4-way stretch. They are also designed to retain heat and prevent body odor caused by sweat. Additionally, they have a fast-drying feature to ensure that they dry fast when you wash them. Besides, Bodtek’s thermals feature lightweight fabric and a super soft feeling on the skin, so you won’t worry about bruises or irritation that you experience with other types of clothing. Just wear them as your base layer.
Post Date : 01/12/2021
Title : Thermal Underwear For Construction Workers
Description : Construction workers work in rigorous environments – a lot of movement, lifting of objects and materials, as well as being exposed to cold weather. During winter, the cold can impair their level of production. Workers may try adapting to cope with the thermal environment by adding extra clothing when they feel too cold. However, this may contribute to safety issues particularly if they have to layer up with the regular heavy clothing. Luckily, you don’t have to subject your workers to the adverse effects of extreme cold in winter. You can buy thermal underwear that they can use as undergarments to help cope with the cold weather outside.

How thermals fight cold
Thermal clothing is designed using fabrics that retain body heat. A polyester-spandex fabric is a good choice when you want to beat cold weather. The material will trap and retain body heat allowing the workers to remain warm as they work in cold environments. Also, thermals wick away sweat to keep you off from becoming chilly.

Thermals ensure freedom of movement
A construction worker is busy moving from one area to another within the construction site. Even in areas such as offices where the workers may not indulge in too much movement, it makes sense when you have clothes that allow freedom of movement. Thermal underwear that comes with a 4-way stretch allows optimal movement. The fabric can stretch in different directions ensuring you don’t experience restrictions in your body movement. This not only helps improve your safety but also enhances your level of production.

How thermals ensure comfort
While there are different types of thermals made of different fabrics, you should consider those that are designed to guarantee comfort. Thermal underwear for construction workers designed of a combination of fabrics like polyester and spandex ensures that your workers are comfortable. This poly-spandex fabric is ultra-soft and very lightweight so your workers won’t have discomfort. They can move easily onsite without feeling like they are in a stack of clothing.

Again, the softness of the fabrics minimizes skin problems like irritation or bruises that could be caused by the presence of sweat. They also reduce rashes on the skin, so your workers won’t struggle with itchy skin due to moisture and the friction between the skin and the undergarment fabric.

By managing the thermal comfort of your workers, you help improve their health and safety. You also boost their productivity and morale. Bodtek strives to provide you with a range of thermal wear that your construction workers can wear as underwear sets. The thermals not only serve to retain body heat and ensure warmth during the cold weather but also serve as compression wear. During cold weather when the body tries to adapt in order to cope with the thermal environment, it shuts down the flow of blood to body areas like the skin and legs. Wearing thermal underwear help promote the circulation of blood into these areas while regulating body heat. Bodtek thermals are also designed to eliminate bad odor and ensure that the skin remains dry.
Post Date : 01/11/2021
Title : How To Keep Warm Outdoor Workers In Winter
Description : Working outdoors during winter requires that you’ve protective gear and clothing. If you don’t protect yourself and your workers, you may experience downtime and delays in work as the workers may become ill due to extreme cold out there. Again, workers are happy when they realize that you mind about their well-being and health. Buying thermal wear for your workers not only helps keep them pretty warm when they work in cold environments but also raises their morale. You want to make sure that you choose the right thermal wear to ensure good performance in work sites.

Wearing winter vests and jackets
Warmth during winter months is just as crucial as wearing other protective gear for safety reasons. You can imagine the harm you are doing to your workers who are working in cold without proper protective clothing. While many jackets can offer some warmth and keep out the wind, they can match thermal wear. They can wear vests and jackets and layer up with other clothes, but doing this can reduce the level of mobility. When you’re outdoors working, you want freedom in body movement. You want to ensure that you’ve great mobility both for speed of work and safety reasons.

Layering with jackets and hoodies can also interfere with things like headgear or even compromise the workers’ hearing protection. So, choose worker clothes that can provide multiple layers without restricting movement or making it difficult to use protective gear like headgear.

Layering with thermal wear
If you want to keep warm without being uncomfortable or feeling bulky and having reduced mobility, you can consider wearing thermals as undergarments. You can then wear your regular outdoor clothes on top of the thermal wear. Thermal wear made of an ultrasoft and ultra-lightweight fabric allows you to have undergarments that are comfortable and light enough to ensure easy movement. Thermal underwear sets fit snugly on the body and feel like a layer of skin. You won’t feel being in a load of clothes and you can easily move from one point to another and walk around without restriction of body movement.

Preventing hypothermia
Hypothermia develops after the body is unable to maintain its temperature. The body tries to reduce the loss of heat by shutting down the flow of blood to the skin, legs, and arms and tries to increase heat production by shivering. Hypothermia, even mild one can contribute to poor coordination, confusion, or irrational behavior as well as mental impairment. These can impact the ability of the workers to perform their tasks to adequate and safe standards. So, you want to ensure the workers are in thermal wear to deal with the cold weather and prevent hypothermia.

You may want to choose Bodtek’s thermals for outdoor workers to protect them from cold. These thermals are engineered using advanced technologies such as moisture-wicking and heat retention. They feel very soft on the skin and won’t cause irritation or bruises on the skin. Bodtek thermal wear is also designed to prevent bad odor and easily stretches out without deforming.
Post Date : 01/11/2021
Title : Mens Stylish and Comfortable Thermals
Description : Thermals are a great choice when you want to keep warm. Today’s thermals aren’t just designed to be layered up, you can even wear them alone. If it’s extremely cold, you want to wear an additional layer of clothes to help increase warmth.  When choosing men’s thermal clothing, you should make sure they align with the weather and situation or environment you’re in. Probably, you are working in the cold outside there or you are in the office. Whichever the situation, you are able to find stylish men’s thermal underwear sets or long johns and shirts to help showcase your style. So, what men’s stylish thermals can you choose?

Crew Neck Thermal Shirt
If you’re heading to the gym and want to keep warm and in style, you can choose a crew neck thermal shirt. It is warm, comfortable, and stylish. You can wear it inside the gym and outside when heading home or even to town. This type of thermal wear works well when you want to wear it alone or layer it up with other types of clothing. You can have your regular clothing in your backpack or gym bag where you can layer up after you’re done with your training in the gym or jogging by the road.

Thermal Long John Pants
Long johns are a good choice when you want to be toasty whether in the workplace or at home or even at the gym. These pants are very light and will eliminate the feeling of bulkiness. Perhaps, what may make you feel bulky is the additional layer of clothes you wear. If you are in thermal long john pants, you will feel comfortable, light, and you won’t even feel like you’re wearing them. You can wear long johns with your work clothes as underwear sets if you’re required to be in your uniform. You can pair it with a crew neck shirt to keep the upper part of the body as warm as the lower part.

Thermal Underwear Set
When it comes to versatility, thermal underwear sets are an ideal choice. The great thing with a thermal underwear set is that it allows you to choose whether to layer up or not. If you are, for instance, a construction worker working outside, you can put these thermals under your work clothes. If you are a cleaner, a sanitation worker, an office worker, or a postal mail worker, you can wear your thermal underwear set under your work clothes or uniform. This will ensure you remain warm while also being in your work clothes. And other people will not realize that you have thermals under your uniform. You will feel comfortable and confident because you don’t have to worry about clothing that is sneakily hidden under your uniform or one that makes you uncomfortable.

Bodtek offers you a range of thermal wear for your indoor and outdoor dressing. You can choose how you want to wear your thermal underwear, leggings, pants, shirts, and crew neck tops. Bodtek men’s stylish and comfortable thermals are breathable and wick moisture away. They fit tightly but comfortably as they contour well to the body and skin.
Post Date : 01/08/2021
Title : How to Keep Your Kids Warm in Ice and Snow
Description : Kids are pretty adventurous, while you are indoors during the winter months, your kids will be out there playing and making fun. We all want to get outside during winter. There is much fun to do outside in the snow. However, staying warm and ensuring that your kids are safe as they do that winter play can be a challenge. For some reason, we tend to think that heavy clothing like jeans can keep kids warm. Although they can do it, being out there for hours makes the kids chilly even when in jeans. Fortunately, there are ways you can keep your kids warm as they go about their play activities.

Dress them in layers
You can beat the cold weather and ensure your kids feel toasty by layering their clothing. To do it right, make sure that the kids wear a wicking and quick-drying layer closest to their skin. The kids can then put on other clothing to ensure that they are warm enough to keep on playing for hours. A base layer made of polyester-spandex fabric makes a great choice for the freezing weather. This thermal wear is pretty warm, soft, and breathable ensuring that it wicks moisture away from the kid’s skin. You can choose long johns or legging for your kids and you pair that up with a thermal top or shirt. Layering the clothing ensures that the kids remain safe while outside.

Let them wear boots
Boots are best for the cold weather. They help your kids keep their feet warm. When choosing boots for the kids, you can consider a little bit bigger size so that they fit well with cold-weather socks.

Have lots of socks
Wearing a pair of socks designed to beat cold weather ensures the kids’ feet remain warm and dry. You may consider socks that are not so thick because although extra-thick socks can retain heat, on the other hand, they can bunch up causing discomfort if the kids wear them in a tight-fitting boot.

Wear scarves, mitts, and toques
Extreme winter cold requires that you cover almost every part of your body. You can consider having scarves, toques, and mitts for your kids when there are outside in the cold. These extra essentials are ideal for very cold weather. Get a toque for your child that fits low over her or his ears. If you are buying one for your toddler and young child, look for one that has ear flaps. You can also have a thick fleece-lined hat as it is great in helping kids to stay warm.

These are some of the ways you would want to keep your kids toasty while playing outside in winter. Avoid choosing only jeans for your kids. Although they can seem to be warm, they will ultimately get cold. However, you can consider having the kids wear long johns or leggings under the jeans. You can consider Bodtek thermal leggings and underwear sets for kids during winter days. When you layer them up, your kids will be comfortable as they play. Bodtek thermals come in different features including moisture-wicking, quick-drying, heat retention, odor reduction, and snugly fit.
Post Date : 01/01/2021

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