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Title : Chips Made To Accelerate Artificial Intelligence Processing - A Vital Step Towards an AI Powered World...
Description :
AI Accelerator Chips

Semiconductors are used in almost every industry and have become a very valuable asset. Developing and making these chips is a hard job. AI chip builders often neglect advanced deep learning needs and features because they think that software stacks between their silicon and algorithms may be enough abstract layers. But the performance gets better as more native hardware support is enabled.

Rebellions Inc, an AI-semiconductor startup, is working to solve this problem by making AI accelerators that close the gap between deep learning algorithms and the underlying silicon architectures. They are pushing the limits of algorithms to make better use of silicon budgets, and they are re-architecting AI processors to add complex deep learning capabilities using DL kernels that are built specifically for silicon.

The first chip made by Rebellions, called ION, came out in November 2021. The company says that it cuts down on delays and speeds up trading.

In terms of getting things done, it is thought to be twice as fast as the Intel Habana Labs AI Chip Goya...

Its main customers are investment banks around the world. The ION chips will be made by the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) by the end of next year.

The company wants to make an AI processor for a specialized industry as well as the ideal software for it. With this strategy and a unique decentralized programming model, users will be able to equip themselves with the most powerful AI hardware that uses the least amount of energy and will also be able to integrate software without any problems.

In a Series A funding round, the South Korean startup got $50 million (62 billion KRW)...

 The round was backed by Temasek's Pavilion Capital. Korean Development Bank, SV Investment, Mirae Asset Capital, Mirae Asset Ventures, IMM Investment, KB Investment, KT Investment, and existing investors Kakao Ventures, GU Equity Partners, and Seoul Techno Holdings all took part in the round. With this round, Rebellions has raised a total of about $80 million (100 billion KRW), which is worth an estimated $283 million (325 billion KRW).

With these funds, the company plans to hire twice as many people and open an office in the U.S. They will also focus on making a lot of their second AI chip prototype, ATOM, which will be aimed at cloud companies and data centers.

Author: Preston Summers
Tech News CITY // Austin Newsroom

Post Date : 06/25/2022
Title : The Next Version of The Internet - "Web3" Explained, and a Few Things EVERYONE Should Be Aware Of ASAP...
Description :

Web 3 is being referred to as the next phase of the internet, but what exactly is it?

Essentially, web 3 is an internet that proponents claim is owned by users.

What does that mean? Right now, the internet is dominated by a few companies such as meta, Amazon, and Google, and chances are that many of the online platforms you use are dominated by one of these giants.

Web 3 would cut out the middleman and spread ownership among users using blockchain technology.

People are not appropriately paid for their participation in web 2 platforms, according to proponents of web 3.  Google may pay you x per million views on YouTube, but you're surely entitled to more, but the whole goal of crypto in general is to remove the intermediary for web3 platforms. 

The entire aim of those technologies is to cut out the platform intermediaries...

Google,  Amazon, and Facebook's Web3 would allow you to conduct online payments without going via a financial institution such as a bank; instead, platforms would include cryptocurrencies and nfts. A non-fungible token, or nft, is a type of blockchain receipt that confirms ownership of internet goods such as art, music, gifs, and even tweets. 

The data is decentralized, which means that no single entity controls all of your data; instead, your data is spread around the network and safeguarded, ensuring that it is properly stored and that no single person is in charge of the entire show. 

Instead of an IPO, a hypothetical web 3 version of Facebook would create a cryptocurrency token and airdrop it to early adopters. Users would be rewarded for going viral and could earn tokens based on engagement. Tokens could also be used to vote on policies like content moderation. The value of those tokens would be determined by the platform's success, which means each person with a token would have a stake in the platform's success.

But when it comes to people posting illicit stuff that we all agree shouldn’t be allowed - can it actually be removed? There are technical restrictions to this that most people are unaware of. For example, web3 would accommodate concepts like the metaverse, which are virtual worlds where individuals can socialize, work, and play as avatars.

The metaverse has also gotten a lot of attention recently, notably with Facebook changing itself to meta in 2021 to emphasize its concentration on this new sector.

So what are web 1 and web 2 if that's web 3? 

From the 1990s to the early 2000s, web 1 was defined by static web pages that allowed users to do little more than download material. During this time, the internet was essentially attempting to imitate traditional media such as periodicals, newspapers, and newsletters. Web 2 began in 2004 and allowed people to download and upload information. Think of web 2 as the social media era, when the internet transitioned from being a computerized version of existing media to becoming its own distinct entity.

Another important aspect of web one is that it ran on open source protocols, so html, http, and so on. Some critics worry that the hyped-up web 3 will need to be centralized in order to be realized, which goes against its entire court principle. The problem is that Ethereum, the blockchain on which most of this is based, is known to be inefficient, with transactions being expensive and requiring a lot of energy. 

Some argue that having widespread blockchain activity is technically unattainable because there's no viable way to scale those networks.  Even though the goal of web3 is to transfer power from big companies to users, big venture capital firms have already made huge investments in web3 technology in 2021, VCs invested around 18 billion dollars in this space some critics think of web3 as more of a power shift than decentralization I've been skeptical of this concept of decentralization.

The core parts of web3 are now worth hundreds of billions of dollars...

So you could say we're already in web 3 beta. Metaverse games with crypto and nft enabled economies would be included in the future iteration of web 3. Those games are already in development and are expected to be released in the next two to three years. 

Definitions and ideas about the feasibility of web 3 vary, but one thing is certain: digital platforms and the ways we use them will continue to evolve. 

here that will go and to what extent it will go is difficult to predict, but I'm confident that the next ten years will be very exciting.

Author: Michael Bison
TechNewsCity Silicon Valley Newsroom

Post Date : 06/17/2022
Title : UpSide App Review and Promo Code To Earn MORE Cash Back on Gas...
Description :

Do you drive to the same gas station every time you need to fill up your tank even though it's the most expensive option available in your area? You can find gas stations and other participating companies that provide cash back by using Upside. These businesses can be found near you (formerly GetUpside).

How the Upside App works:

You may earn cash back on everyday purchases through Upside's partnering with local businesses. The vast majority of them are gas stations, however in some locations, with additional to restaurants and grocery stores, there are also convenience stores and grocery stores.

Launched in 2016, and it is currently working to widen its partnership offers to include additional cash back choices. Throughout the years since I've used Upside, new local offerings have been added regularly.

Unbelievable Success - Take a Look at These Numbers...

It has over 30 million registered users, making it one of the most popular applications available for both the iPhone and Android.

GetUpside's founding team was happy to release a statement saying that in 2022 that the company had surpassed the milestone of paying out more than $1 MILLION to their users EVERY WEEK!

Since their founding, they have paid over 200 million dollars in total, and they have committed one percent of their total sales to various sustainability initiatives.

The number of locations to earn cash back with UpSide keeps growing...

Because Upside has collaborated with more than 50,000 gas stations, grocery stores, convenience stores, and restaurants across the country, you are able to earn rewards at all these locations.

Throughout its service to businesses in drawing people to their locations, Upside has contributed $550 million to the development of local economies.

Use it places you actually go to...

This isn't for obscure places that you've never heard of, located on the outskirts of town - Upside works at some of the most popular places.

Various gas stations, including Shell, 76, Circle K, BP, and Valero amongst others.

Fast food restaurants such as Wendy's, Popeyes, Papa John's, Burger King, and Dunkin' Donuts, amongst others.

Upside Promo Code for App
How your earnings in the Upside App will stack up quickly...

The trick to earning MAXIMUM Money...

The rewards you earn from any of your existing credit cards can be combined with the benefits you receive from Upside. In other words, you are free to use BOTH of them together.

UpSide does not interfere with store coupons, cash-back credit cards, or any other cash-back applications (like Dosh or Ibotta), so there is nothing stopping you from adding another layer of discounts or cash-back on top of it!

Our conclusion, and a special BONUS...

There is really no way for us to advise someone not to download an app that is going to make them a lot of money; so, you should just go ahead and download it.

When you join, enter the invite code "3XUD6," and you'll not only get an instant "welcome" payment of $7.77 (at the time this was written), but you'll also earn a higher percentage of cash back!

Author: Don Kennedy
New York Newsroom | UpSide App Review

Post Date : 05/31/2022
Title : Apple's VR Headset is Being Shown To High-Level Apple Employees...
Description :

Rumors in Silicon Valley are flying about Apple's VR headset - apparently some high level staff have been actually been able to try them out!

Apple has shown its board a new VR headgear it has developed. The gadget has apparently been under development at Apple since 2015, according to rumors. We do not yet know its appearance or many of its characteristics. It could be weeks, months, or even a couple years before an Apple headset is released, but the implication is that the item exists.

The company's foray into virtual-reality devices was met with resistance and objections from Apple executives, notably former Apple design leader Jony Ive. Apple is also anticipated to announce a pair of AR-only glasses in the future, but they are not as far advanced as the forthcoming headgear.

No release date set, but when the headset launches, it will likely disrupt the wearable VR ecosystem. Today, Meta's Oculus goggles generally dominate this market. Meta's marketing for the metaverse has generated a great deal of buzz, promoting a cyberpunk future. Despite this, Meta has gone all-in on its AR and VR goals, wasting $10 billion on its metaverse endeavors.

Video courtesy of CNBC
Post Date : 05/24/2022
Title : The New Drone.... from Snapchat!? Giving it a Test Run....
Description :
The Pixy is a new flying camera meant to work with Snapchat that takes off from your palm and shoots some very stunning images.

It's true that Snapchat doesn't get as much attention as other social media networks like Facebook or Twitter, but it still has a lot of fans.

Snapchat says it has 300 million people around the world who use it every day. That's also what the company says. It says it can reach more than 75% of people between the ages of 13 and 34 in more than 20 different countries.

Video thanks to WSJ
Post Date : 05/05/2022
Title : FIRST LOOK At the 2022 Disney Magic Band+ in Action...
Description :

Disney magic band+ are here for 2022, with the official release date here NOW.  It follows a sold out model made to celebrate their 50th anniversary of Disney World, and comes in a variety of colors.  They will 'will interact with the Fab 50 character statues across the Disney World theme parks. Each statue will have multiple responses to guests' according to one of the first testers. 

Video courtesy of CNET
Post Date : 05/05/2022
Title : Musk Isn't The First to Try Buying Twitter - So Why Couldn't Disney, Google, and Others Close The Deal?
Description :
 Elon Musk makes his bid to acquire the company, examine Twitter's former possible purchasers, such as Salesforce, Walt Disney, and Google and more.

There was even a rumor all the way back in 2016 that Microsoft, Google and Disney were in a bidding war over Twitter, but one by one the companies began questioning if Twitter was a fit for them, and changed their mind.

Video courtesy of The Wall Street Journal
Post Date : 04/22/2022
Title : Twitter Board has "Consistently been the dysfunction of the company" says Former CEO Jack Dorsey...
Description :
Elon Musk Twitter Jack Dorsey

Former Twitter CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey attacked the company's board of directors in a post over the weekend, just days after billionaire Elon Musk offered $43 billion to acquire the business entirely.

Dorsey was responding to the following tweet when he made his remark, “If look into the history of Twitter board, it’s intriguing as I was a witness on its early beginnings, mired in plots and coups, and particularly amongst Twitter’s founding members. I wish if it could be made into a Hollywood thriller one day.”

Dorsey responded, “It’s consistently been the dysfunction of the company.”

"What I do know for sure is that this old Silicon Valley proverb is grounded in age-old wisdom that still applies today: Good boards don't create good companies, but a bad board will kill a company every time," Dorsey said in response to venture capitalist Fred Destin.

When questioned subsequently if he was permitted to talk openly like this because he is still on the board of directors, Dorsey replied, "No."

This 'dysfunction' has been on display this week as Twitter has adopted a so-called "poison pill" that basically allows all shareholders, except those attempting to buy out the company, to buy newly offered shares at a reduced price - all in an attempt to prevent a highly profitable deal with Musk.

Now if Musk wants to take over the company, he would have to buy the new shares at a higher price, which he might not be able to afford. Despite creating a significant obstacle in Musk's path, the poison pill would not prevent Musk from purchasing the company; rather, it would make it more difficult.

Is Everyone At Twitter So...Creepy? 

There's something deeply alarming that the small group of people within Twitter who implemented and now enforce the authoritarian repressive censorship that has plagued the site, have now come into the open and confessed to us all - this business isn't about making a profit.

The core beliefs of Twitter leaders became clear and undeniable when they turned down an offer well above the company's value, because the buyer's belief in free speech would somehow ruin what they worked so hard to built.

With the discovery that profits are not the company's primary goal, we're faced with the alarming truth - Twitter's purpose is the censorship itself.

As disturbing this is to accept, we're left with the only option being that Twitter exists to censor Americans, and the company's financial value is irrelevant when authority over millions of people is priceless. 

Parag Agrawal Twitter CEO
Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal

The question now: is the board made up of a majority of mentally disturbed people like new CEO Parag Agrawal? Who immigrated to America as an adult and has since expressed his opinion that rights given to US citizens do not need to be respected on his platform, stating that he's not concerned with Twitter deciding who gets to speak, that doesn't matter when they decide whos speech gets seen.

In other words, opposing opinions are neutralized by Twitter algorithms and human moderation, assuring users never see opinions differing from what Twitter's leadership deems 'the correct opinion'.

Which we must mention, has been a massive disaster as Twitter repeatedly became the world's main disinformation source, ironically by mislabeling true stories disinformation, usually suspending those who told the truth in the process.

Hearing people within Twitter speak with such confidence and conviction about what they're doing while repeatedly failing and becoming what they claim to be fighting, would be funny if it weren't so terrifying.

Musk's Backup Plan?

“If in this case you are not successful in that the board does not accept your offer, you’ve said you won’t go higher, is there a plan B?” Musk was questioned.

"There is" Musk replied, a smile on his face.

But for now, he's not giving any details on what that may be. 

Author: Don Kennedy
New York Newsroom

Post Date : 04/18/2022
Title : "Not Sure I Will Be Able To" Elon Musk says Regarding His Fight To Buy Twitter...
Description :
"I am not sure that I will actually be able to acquire it" said billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk regarding his quest to purchase Twitter. The discussion was part of a TED event in Canada.

Video Courtesy of TED and Bloomberg
Post Date : 04/18/2022
Title : Are Facebook's New Glasses w/ Built-In Camera "DANGEROUS"?
Description :
Facebook glasses rayban stories
Mark Zuckerberg has announced the launch of the first Facebook smart glasses, the Ray-Ban Stories, which shoots photographs, records videos, answers calls, and lets you listen to music. Given that it must be associated with a phone through Bluetooth, they essentially perform the same functions as the phone in your pocket.

What is the Real Reason for Their Existence? Since Snapchat declined his offer to acquire them, Zuckerberg has been obsessed with ensuring that Facebook gets everything Snapchat has, which is why they appeared shortly after Snapchat unveiled its 'Spectacles' spectacles.

These are unquestionably more attractive than Snapchat's Spectacles. On the surface, the spectacles appear to be the classic Ray-Bans.

The temples are somewhat broader, but the design remains unchanged. They come in a variety of colors and are made of several types of glass. The Meteor model, with transparent glass and an olive green frame, was put to the test at ABC. If you're still not convinced, you can get a degree in optics.

The two photographic sensors on the front, which are perforated and allow the user to shoot images and record movies for up to 60 seconds, are what distinguishes these lenses. Each camera has a 5 MP resolution, and the information they capture is of exceptional quality. Particularly if the lighting is nice. They are not suggested for use at night or in circumstances where there is very little light.

The gadget may be used to make a hands-free call or listen to music. It comfortably satisfies two functions, as we were able to verify throughout the testing. Meta, for example, has made it feasible to listen to music on the device without the sound being hardly audible to the rest of the room. Furthermore, the noise of the surroundings is not separated, which is beneficial if they are used to riding a bicycle or running.

Furthermore, by sliding your finger over one of the pins on the glasses, you may adjust the volume or pick up the phone. Ray-Ban Stories are also compatible with Facebook's virtual assistant, allowing users to ask the gadget to shoot a photo or video simply by saying, "Hey, Facebook..." If you like, you may do it manually by pressing the button on the right side of the glasses.

Requires Their App..

You'll need to download the app - yep, another app - Facebook View, which is available for iOS and Android, on your phone to access the images and movies made with the glasses. This requires Bluetooth pairing with the glasses. When collecting content, all you have to do is put on your glasses and open the 'app,' which will begin the download in a couple of seconds.

Which, of course, brings up the subject of privacy...

Apart from worrying what data Facebook can obtain with the required app, some are dubbing them "Facebook Spy Glasses," implying what may be done if a suspicious individual buys a set.

They don't appear like a camera or a phone, and no one near the person wearing them will suspect they're being watched.

An LED light in the right corner of the front of the lenses illuminates whenever the user is collecting material as a warning to the others. Furthermore, it is impossible to disable. But a simple workaround like... covering it with a piece of tape, will make it disappear.

Finally, it is true that a user with malicious intent can film or photograph third parties without alerting them and without using these glasses. Although it is more visible with the telephone, it is possible.

Facebook RayBan Stories VS Snapchat Spectacle 2
Side By Side Facebook VS Snapchat Smart Glasses

All for a ridiculously high price...

Currently, a pair costs roughly $300 US, which is around $150 more (twice the price) as Snapchat's newest and second-generation spectacles, the Spectical2's.

But, to be fair, the extra cost for Facebook's comes from the fact that you're purchasing a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses, and a side-by-side comparison shows that Facebook's sunglasses do look A LOT better.

I guess I'm not in the target demographic?

I have a GoPro, and there are occasions when I want to film something, but I've never wished my GoPro was strapped to my face. While the convenience of having your hands free is appealing, I can already strap my GoPro to myself, mount it on a tripod, and so forth.

However, if this is the best option for what you're doing and you have the funds, I'd have a look at them before purchasing Snapchat Spectacles.

Alex Benningram
TechNews.CITY / New York Newsroom

Post Date : 04/11/2022

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