Fantastic Fungi - The Magic Beneath Our Feet

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Title : Finding the Mother Tree: Suzanne Simard’s New Book
Description : tall trees in forest  Forest researcher and university professor Dr. Suzanne Simard has spent years studying trees. Her research led to the discovery that the forest’s plants and trees have an underground communication system, with trees and fungi cooperating. Her Ted talk brought her work to a larger audience, while her 200 articles in peer-reviewed journals shared her research […]
Post Date : 05/26/2021
Title : 4 Mushroom Burger Recipes For National Hamburger Day 2021 (May 28)
Description : Happy National Hamburger Day 2021! Look past beef, pork & chicken to the mushroom. Replace meat pattie w/ vegetarian & vegan-friendly options. Meatless mushroom based hamburger.Fire up the grill – National Hamburger Day 2021 is here! It’s time to look beyond beef, past pork, to the magnificent mushroom. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite recipes for you to try, from simply adding mushrooms to replacing the meat pattie with vegetarian and vegan-friendly options. It is time, my people, to […]
Post Date : 05/24/2021
Title : New Meat Substitute Has Geyser-Dwelling Fungi Origins
Description : Beef production requires large amounts of resources, land & water. Fungi Based Meat or plant-based diet requires way less resources. Geyser shooting water into the air.The planet’s most extreme environments are home to some fascinating creatures. Just look at underwater volcanoes, which scientists have found to be hotspots of undersea life. On dry land, volcanic geysers are also teeming with weird and wonderful lifeforms. And it turns out that those organisms are delicious. Fungi based meat is something new and […]
Post Date : 05/19/2021
Title : Can a Psilocybin Trip Break Your Smoking Addiction?
Description : Study participants attended psychotherapy, where they were given pills of psilocybin and guided through the session. Introducing psychedelics into the therapy sessions allowed for what researchers call “deeply meaningful” experiences that led to the decision to quit smoking. Cigarette standing up burned all the way down to filter.Cigarettes are incredibly addictive, and quitting the habit can be a real challenge. Even the best smoking cessation drug, varenicline, only has a 35% success rate. But there is hope from a somewhat unexpected source – magic mushrooms. More accurately, the drug is psilocybin, the active ingredient in ’shrooms, which can lead to a psilocybin […]
Post Date : 05/17/2021
Title : This Ancient Soil Practice Holds a Key to Our Future, and Our Past
Description : Terra Preta Soil or Biochar production recycles forestry & agricultural waste. It creates an energy source with biochar as a byproduct. Green grass on a hill with hillsIn Brazil’s Amazon basin 2,000 years ago, people farmed on some of the most fertile soil in the world. Fed by the bounty of this soil, the people built a complex society and large cities. And they did it all fueled by crops sown in soil they created themselves. This agrarian lifestyle continued until the […]
Post Date : 05/12/2021
Title : Are Fungi Species Going Extinct?
Description : Extinct Fungi have been understudied! Scientists discovered fungi are actually closer in cell structure to animals than plants. Mushrooms growing in hollow log that is decaying.For years, fungi were an understudied subset of botany, with mycologists relegated to the proverbial corners of the research world. It wasn’t until the 1960s that fungi were recognized as being their own kingdom of life. But what about extinct fungi? If we haven’t identified all the species that exist, how can we know what […]
Post Date : 05/10/2021
Title : The R. Gordon Wasson Trip That Changed Everything
Description : Life magazine article. That article introduced the American public to psychedelic mushrooms and sparked an interest in these “magic” mushrooms. R Gordon Wasson knew little about mushrooms before meeting his wife-to-be. Calling them putrid, he attributed his distaste to his Anglo-Saxon upbringing. His wife, Valentina Pavlovna, had an appreciation for the tasty forest treats, having learned to forage for them during her upbringing in Russia.  During the couple’s honeymoon in the Catskills in 1927, as […]
Post Date : 05/05/2021
Title : What You Need to Know About Growing Mushrooms at Home
Description : How To Start Growing Mushrooms at home? Mushrooms are easy to grow, thanks to the availability of easy-to-use grow kits. Go back to nature now. Cluster of mushrooms together on a black background.Growing edible mushrooms at home has become a popular trend, as people find themselves with more time on their hands to explore food preparation methods. Unlike some produce, mushrooms are easy to grow, thanks to the availability of easy-to-use grow kits. Have you ever wondered how to start growing mushrooms at home? Before you hit […]
Post Date : 05/03/2021
Title : Does this Wheat-Fungi Relationship Hold the Key to Saving the American Chestnut?
Description : Transgenic American Chestnut “The gene makes an enzyme that actually detoxifies the acid that the fungus throws at the plant” William PowellThe American Chestnut used to comprise a full 25% of the trees found in a given hardwood forest in the eastern US. That all changed in the early 20th century when a deadly fungal blight began to decimate the population. Enter the transgenic American chestnut, but we will get to that in a minute.    […]
Post Date : 04/28/2021
Title : A Spotlight on Nutrition & Wellness Experts
Description : Wellness Experts & Wellness Influencers like Anne-Marie Bonneau promote the benefits of living a simpler life for your health and the planet. Close up of brown turkey tail mushrooms.Whether you’re looking for expertise in a specific area or some daily inspiration on your social media feed, following wellness experts is a great way to learn and grow in your own life. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite wellness experts whose areas of expertise include yoga, healthy eating, DIY projects, physical fitness, cooking, […]
Post Date : 04/27/2021

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