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Title : Your All-Important Guide to Working with a Contract Packer: What to Know and Expect
Description :
Your All-Important Guide to Working with a Contract Packer: What to Know and Expect

A well-chosen contract packaging firm can be your best partner when it comes to your packing requirements, and you may have been thinking about procuring one for some time. If you are involved in manufacturing, it’s crucial to have your products ready for the shelves when the distribution time comes, and for this, the right co-packing company will be ideal. Whether you’re in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, foods, cosmetics, cleaning and household products, industrial items, and more, you have the opportunity to take advantage of a contract packer. But knowing you need one and choosing the right one can make all the difference. If you want to ensure your best decision when it comes to a contract packing partner, here’s your all-important guide to working with a contract packer: what to know and expect.

The advantages of the service 

It’s critical to know the advantages of such a service first before you can make your choice. Then, when you outsource your requirements, you can benefit from a setup that already exists. They will have the right tools, equipment, and know-how to ensure that they do the job seamlessly and efficiently. With their help, you can concentrate on production and the selling of your goods. A contract packing partner can improve the efficiency of your operations, and the same contract packing firm can help you quickly upscale and go into a new market since you no longer have to invest in training staff or getting equipment.

Moreover, a contract packing arrangement is ideal if you want to fulfill either short projects or projects on a one-off basis, such as a surge in orders.

The proven benefits 

  • It can help reduce your operational expenses since you don’t need to procure equipment or machinery to fulfill your packing needs, and you don’t have to hire new people to help you deal with your product demand.
  • You can make use of the skills and experience of the contract packing service. They are specialists in it, after all, and will know precisely how to handle your packing requirements with no unnecessary delays or downtime.
  • You can make use of the contract packer’s equipment, which is already set up and ready to use. Additionally, you can take advantage of their certifications.
  • Going for a contract packing arrangement allows you to enhance your business’s scalability. It is easier to cope with high production demand, and you can conveniently scale back if the situation calls for it.

Top aspects to remember

When you outsource your contract packing needs, keep in mind that you will not be in complete charge of overseeing the process. You have to trust your contract packer and have faith in their capability. But if something doesn’t go right, it’s also their responsibility to fix it. In this regard, it’s vital to find a contract packing firm that has the proper certifications and experience - a company that puts you at ease. 

Be mindful that the service will cost money, and if you have the means to tackle packaging on your own, it may not be logical to hire a contract packer. But if you don’t have the means and capability to handle your packing needs, you will have to buy the equipment and automation for packaging and hire workers on top of this. If this is the case, it’s better to rely on a contract packing expert. 

    Post Date : 09/17/2021
    Title : How to Publish a Book Yourself
    Description :
    How to Publish a Book Yourself

    Are you a “closet writer” who dreams of learning how to publish a book yourself—but don’t have time or know-how?

    Learn How to Publish a Book Yourself

    The intriguing subject of how to publish a book yourself is covered in this article. Energetic self-published authors are creating bestsellers with digital publishing and earning real incomes - even millions. Publishing a book, once out of reach of ordinary people, can now be accomplished professionally and affordably with digital publishing.

    When publishing a book yourself, you will embark on a challenging, transformative journey. Writing your innermost thoughts and creativity on paper for all the world to see can be an intimidating event. In this process, you must overcome personal fears and vulnerabilities.

    Book Publishing Has Changed

    Self-publishing, also known as independent publishing, is fast and easy–and can be professionally done. Once we overcome technological challenges and adhere to publishing protocol, independent publishing can be a dream. Yet, the learning curve can be a nightmare–perhaps one you choose to bypass.

    Vanity Publishing or Independent Publishing?

    Recently, self-publishing was arrogantly labeled as vanity publishing by those leading the publishing industry. The scholarly culture associated with traditional publishing took on a superior air. If they decided not to publish your book, the general attitude toward independent publishing was, "how dare you publish without going through us!" In the past, traditional publishing houses regarded those with the confidence and resources to print their own book, as inferior, or even desperate and vain — thus the term, vanity publishing.


    book publishing more by us 2

    Main Phases of Writing a Book

    With digital publishing and print on demand, you no longer need to be a scholar or celebrity to publish a book. However, before you do, the first step is to write the book. Although this may seem like a daunting task, writing a book is easier than you think.
    As a publishing coach, I have worked with many beginners. Most writers become stuck at some point — this is normal. Experiencing the “stuck point” does not mean you are a bad writer. However, that “stuck point” may perpetuate procrastination of publishing your book. Most often, something simple that you do not know or understand is preventing you from moving forward.
    Once writers overcome the “stuck point,” they often speed through the remaining steps and publish quickly. Review the steps below to start your self-publishing journey.

    The Art & Craft of Writing a Book

    Consider the two phases for writing a book — the craft and the art. The craft involves editing, grammar, proofreading, and copy editing. The art is your story and how you tell it. What you have to say (the art) is more important than how you say it (the craft).

    The craft: learn or hire the craft. Speak your story into a recorder, transcribe it to a Word document, and hand it to a graphic artist to design your book.
    The art: tell your story unabashedly, leaving the craft behind.

    Let it Flow

    Forget about spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Enjoy the process, and write consistently. Again, what you have to say is more important than how you say it. Editors, proofreaders, and copy edits can be hired, but your story is original.

    Be Present When Writing

    To practice your writing skills daily, envision a story from your day and write it.

    Play the Game

    If you want to write like a pro, expect that you will need to practice, practice, and practice.


    book publishing more by us 3

    Dump Perfectionism

    Finish the race. As a writer, your aim is to tell your story. Editors, proofreaders, and designers will polish the writing.

    What Are the Parts of a Book?

    You have written your manuscript. But suddenly realize you do not know the parts of a book and where they belong. You have edited the book; or hired a professional content editor to assure that your content is consistent, makes sense, and flows well. You have decided to skip the process of being rejected by a traditional publisher, and you are on the self-publishing path.
    Great! You have created your book cover, author bio, synopsis, and sales pitch on the back cover; even included an ISBN number. You have started an account with a print-on-demand company and are ready to prepare the interior of your book for print. You are on the right track.
    But wait. This is where learning how to self-publish a book yourself gets tricky. You can’t just start this book with Chapter One! What are the parts of a book? Here is a quick guide to what belongs in a standard book:


    Blank page, praise page, title page, epigraph page, copyright page, half-title page, foreword, introduction, preface, dedication acknowledgments, list of illustrations, and more.

    #2 BOOK BODY

    The narrative part of the book, section or divider pages, headers that define each chapter, author name, name of the book, page numbers, and design elements.


    Includes endnotes or footnotes, index, appendix, resource section, notes, About the Author, Other Books by the Author, and a final blank page.
    Remember, not all books will include all of these sections. There are no hard and fast rules, and you may want to refer to a style guide for a more accurate interior outline.


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      Post Date : 06/28/2021
      Title : Ouch! A Complete Guide to Customer Pain Points
      Description :
      Ouch! A Complete Guide to Customer Pain Points

      Did you know that research indicates up to 70% of satisfied customers will return to make a purchase? Treating your customers well and delivering quality service are key ways to retain clientele and grow your business.

      But what happens to customers who are not satisfied with your product or service? Are they lost forever? That's why you need to know customer pain points.

      Customer pain points are the problems or issues customers have with your business. While some customers express dissatisfaction, others may not come forward. This can create financial strains on your business's profits, reputation, and earning potential.

      Each business will have different customer pain points. For example, service-based companies may need to emphasize customer care more than some product or online-based businesses. Customer pain points in e-commerce will differ from customer pain points in brick-and-mortar businesses.

      But, regardless of your business type or size, it's your job to make the customer's experience a positive one. Read on to discover how you can identify common customer service pain points.

      Knowing your customer's expectations can help mitigate any disappointment and keep your client's satisfaction levels high. 

      How to Identify Customer Pain Points 

      How can you identify customer pain points? Before diving into the common problems and solutions, you must know how to recognize a customer complaint.

      But most of all, do you know where to gather the information and data to address these concerns? The approach is internal and external.


      pain points 3

      Survey Customers and Channels 

      Customers voice opinions. Are you listening? In the age of social media and online reviews, your business has an opportunity to address pain points head-on.

      Use these channels to gather customer data and create an actionable strategy to mitigate problems. Surveying your customers individually can help make them feel heard, valued, and included in business decisions.

      For example, instead of accepting a returned product, email that customer. Gather insight into why they sent the product back. It will impress your customer and avoid future revenue loss. 

      Team Communication 

      If you have employees or work with a team, are you communicating with one another? Does the customer service team express concerns to marketing or leadership?

      If a customer has a pain point, the whole company must hear the concern. Everyone should be on the same page and should be able to propose a valuable idea to remedy the situation. 

      You may still feel overwhelmed when considering customers' issues. Don't worry! Here are some common pain points with actionable solutions. 

      The Problem: Poorly Managed Customer Service 

      Do you have a customer service process? When customers enter your business or call your company, they expect a circle of care. This process sets expectations and delivers what they need.

      For example, do you have a dedicated team to answer inbound calls? Do you have a store representative to assist clients on a busy shop day? If you lack the systems to help your clients, this can affect the efficiency of your business and the likelihood of repeat customers.


      pain points 4

      The Fix: Think Ahead Solutions 

      Get ahead of the customer experience and deliver above expectations. For example, instead of passing client calls from representative to representative, create a streamlined dial system. Or, on a busy Saturday afternoon, have extra team members on hand to assist customer shopping or work the cash registers. 

      The Problem: Inconveniencing the Customer 

      Today's customers want convenience. Are you making the service or product easy for them?

      For example, do customers have to pay extra for shipping returns? Do you have an antiquated billing system? Are your service offerings confusing or time-consuming? 

      The Fix: Make it Easy 

      To increase conversion to sale and retention rate, make things easy for your customer! Consider fee-free shipping or drop-off centers. Streamline your billing to a few clicks.

      Cut down the jargon on your service menus or website. Show customers, you value their time by making processes as quick and efficient as possible.


      pain points 5

      The Problem: Unorganized Data 

      Do you have a customer intake system? Do you understand your website analytics? Unorganized data is not only distracting your business, but it creates missed opportunities.

      The Fix: Streamlined Processes 

      Data can reveal the customer's whole experience and show critical insights like purchasing behavior and more. If you want to increase your loyalty and sales, you'll need advanced tools. One of the exciting tools we found available is You can check them out and discover more solutions and capabilities that can help.

      Streamlined data processes can transform your business and help you with your goals. It will directly impact your customer's experience and reduce pain points. 

      Conduct a Customer Pain Point Analysis 

      Now that you are clear on common issues and solutions, you can conduct a customer pain point analysis. This analysis will reveal what specific concerns impact your business. You may be surprised at your findings!

      For example, you may have thought you had a convenient purchase system, but the data shows high levels of customer drop-off. What can you do to eliminate this? Together with your team, assess these specific challenges.

      Then, use these solution ideas to create an action plan. Analyze as often as you introduce new products, services or gain new clientele. It ensures your processes are up-to-date and match customers' expectations.


      pain points 6

      Customer Pain Points Can Hurt Your Business. Know the Issues and Solve Them! 

      Customer pain points can wreak havoc on your business. Once your business's reputation or standards are tainted, it can be hard to regain trust.

      To identify customer's unique pain points, know where to gather this information:

      • Refer to surveys and communicate with your team. 
      • Customers look to your business for service. Think ahead of their needs and deliver quality service. 
      • Don't inconvenience your customers. Create solutions that deliver what they need with little effort.
      • And finally, don't underestimate the value of data. Data is a powerful tool to address customer concerns. 

      Did you find these customer service pain points and insight helpful? Then, check out our other business stories.

        Post Date : 04/20/2021
        Title : 5 Things to Consider when Choosing a Business Partner
        Description :
        5 Things to Consider when Choosing a Business Partner

        A few weeks back, I was discussing the success of the partnership model of business with an entrepreneur friend, and he said something that will remain with me forever. 

        Quoting him, "Have you ever thought that business partnerships are much alike as marriages? In both, there is an emotional and financial investment. Also, the relationships that occur are life-changing and last, but not at least, money is involved".

        He was spot on with his assessment. When I started my entrepreneurial journey, I was in two minds: "Whether to have a business partner or not."

        In the end, I went ahead and found a business partner, and you can call me "the lucky one" because both my business partnership and marriage have successfully survived 10+ years :). 

        Deloitte recently released a "Business Partnership in Action" - a case study in the Financial Services Industry. Here are the key takeaways from the study:

        For a partnership to be successful, it needs to:

        • Have articulate desired outcomes 

        • define the level of commitment all partners must have

        • Encourage Transparency and collaboration, which will underpin the success of the relationship 

        • Promote Open and effective communication

        The above principles form the backbone of this article.

        Here are five things that are important to be considered when choosing the right business partner.


        morebyus partnership 1

        1. Goals and vision in common

        Similarly, as in a marriage, you and your partner must share the same vision of the business and have a common goal. If this is not the case, even if both of you bring different skill sets to the table, you will not go far.

        Whoever you decide to partner with must believe in what you are creating as a team and, better yet, improve it. 

        Furthermore, all the partners must respect each other as a person and a professional. Mutual respect leads to the belief all the partners need to have - to make the business successful. 

        As George Shinn said, "There is no such thing as a self-made man. You will reach your goals only with the help of others." 

        Equally important is the ability to have open and effective communication between partners to set goals and make decisions. 

        If there is a communication breakdown, the business will slowly and gradually move towards failure.


        morebyus partnership 2

        2. Find someone who can complement your skills

        Throughout our professional careers, we meet people who stand out in certain aspects more than in others. 

        We all have our strengths and weakness. 

        Keeping the above in mind, the person we choose to start a business with must provide us with skills that complement our weaknesses.

        This way, the partners form an association to cover for each other's weaknesses with their strengths.

        For example, if you are good with numbers, you should be in charge of the financial department. 

        On the contrary, if your partner stands out in public relations, let them handle all networking. 

        "Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes teamwork, a company work, a society work, a civilization work." – Vince Lombardi

        Lastly, choose a partner that is willing to work as hard as you do. As a team, you have to motivate each other.


        morebyus partnership 3

        3. Choose a partner you can trust 

        Trust is the essential trait of a business partnership association.

        If there is any doubt in your mind about your possible partner's business ethics, you should back out immediately.

        It is essential to realize that this person is going to be a considerable part of your daily life.

        Again, as in a marriage, trust is the foundation of a successful relationship.

        Ask yourself key questions that can determine how this person may behave in certain situations.

        It would be best if you always ask in your mind:

        • Can I trust them with critical business decisions regarding critical stakeholders? 
        • Can I trust them to be sympathetic when you or the team make a huge mistake? 
        • Are they reasonable when handling cultural, religious, or political differences?

        The answer to the above questions indicates the level of confidence you have in your "business partner."


        morebyus partnership 4

        4. Experience an outstanding business networking 

        Nowhere in the world can you trade experience. It is gained over the years by learning, failing, and succeeding.

        Along with experience comes networking. A critical skill that, again, cannot be acquired overnight. 

        And looking at how businesses have evolved - nowadays, networking is a powerful tool that helps expand professional circles, reach new clients, acquire up-to-date knowledge, and in time, grow your business and increase profits. 

        For this reason, the business partner that you choose must stand out in being a people person. Specifically, they must know how to manage and work with people around them since networking is all about public relations.

        Someone who is well connected, for sure, will increase the possibilities of rapid business growth.


        morebyus partnership 5

        5. Discuss the financial arrangement 

        Startups have a 90% failure rate. It means you start from day one with odds heavily stacked against you.

        All said and done about passion, trust, integrity, the fuel that keeps a business running is money.

        From day one, how will the business be funded, the salaries picked up by each partner, who ad how much will contribute to the company should be laid out.

        Most businesses fail because of "money-related issues." You do not want to get a partner and fail because you disagree to agree on financial matters.

        To achieve success, a critical decision needs to be made - with who you are going into business. After all, this partnership is the foundation that will lead to the company's success or failure. 

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          Post Date : 04/07/2021
          Title : Why your Business Should Be Using Social Media’s Newest Darling, Clubhouse
          Description :
          Why your Business Should Be Using Social Media’s Newest Darling, Clubhouse

          Are You In The Club?

          As a business owner or leader, ensuring that your brand is active on social media should prioritize your marketing strategy. From increasing brand awareness to boosting traffic and revenue, social media marketing has become one of the primary methods to engage in an increasingly-online consumer market. 

          However, with limited marketing resources and time, making sure that you invest in the right social media types for your business is critical. One of the latest additions to the social media world has quickly risen the ranks in recent days as a potential media gamechanger. Enter Clubhouse - the newest invite-only platform for engaging with potential customers and boost brand relevance.

          Launched in May of 2020, Clubhouse has steadily gained traction as one of the social media’s new darlings. With the drastic changes in consumer behavior due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, Clubhouse has gained traction among online influencers, celebrities, and venture capitalists looking to win big on the app’s popularity

          Are you wondering if your business can benefit from joining the Clubhouse craze? Read on as we break down the app itself and how business owners and entrepreneurs can take advantage of this unique social media platform.

          What Is Clubhouse?

          In short, Clubhouse is the next contender in the social media platform wars. However, the application brings a unique element to the mix that makes it stand out against larger platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. 

          Clubhouse combines the growing popularity of live streaming and podcasting with the temporary nature of Snapchat. At its most basic, users on Clubhouse can join in on live, audio-only conversations between users and engage with one another on various topics. Once the chat ends, the conversation disappears similarly to Snapchat, increasing the creativity and interest in the discussion.

          The exciting nature of Clubhouse is that users never know who may unexpectedly join the conversation. Users have reported celebrities such as Chris Rock, Ashton Kutcher, and even Oprah popping in unexpected conversations.

          What has been most unexpected about Clubhouse’s rise to fame has been the popularity of audio-only social media formatting. The new and unexpected combination - boosted by a “you never know who may show up!” excitement - has helped skyrocket Clubhouse into the social media stratosphere.

          clubhouse screeshot

          Can Businesses Benefit From Audio-Only Social Media?

          With the past decade’s focus on visual media, it can seem almost regressive to encourage a business to get involved in an audio-only social media platform. What has contributed to the rise in audio media in recent years? 

          Some media researchers believe that users are flocking to audio chats and away from visual-first platforms due to visual burnout and the increasing popularity in real-time media. While visual media requires hours of preparation and production, live social media feels more real and authentic. The statistics back this idea up - podcasts have grown in popularity by over 35% over the last few years. It looks like no-pressure and interactive audio engagement are only going to rise. 

          While you may be hesitant to jump onboard the Clubhouse bandwagon, there are plenty of lucrative opportunities for businesses and brands who are willing to take a chance on this emerging media. Let’s break down a few ways that your business can start taking advantage of Clubhouse’s audio-only format.

          How Your Business Can Use Clubhouse To Engage Customers

          Here’s how you can tap into the app’s community and use it to grow your brand and influence.


          clubhouse 3

          Boost Brand Engagement With A Clubhouse Community

          Businesses can succeed on Clubhouse because of the platform’s unique ability to build and grow online communities. With the conversations centering on topics and ideas that drive inspiration and community engagement, you can quickly create an online following by driving users to a discussion based on why your brand exists!

          Businesses and their leaders can begin to engage a highly-influential Clubhouse community by initiating or joining conversations on the topics that users are interested in rather than advertising on the platform. Allow your target demographic to drive the conversation, and watch as your influence on the platform begins to grow.

          Build Trust By Giving Customers A Voice

          A consistent feature that many brands are taking advantage of in Clubhouse rooms is receiving honest and authentic feedback. From product reveals to feedback on company initiatives, business leaders can quickly build trust with current and potential customers by simply giving them a voice!

          Have a new feature or product for which you are looking for feedback? Create a Clubhouse room dedicated to the item or concept and allow users to have conversations about the good, bad, ugly, and surprising. You may even draw in other entrepreneurs and business leaders who have been down a similar path and have the wisdom to share. If you are lucky, you can even gain the eye of a Venture Capitalist who is looking for businesses to engage with. (More on that below.)


          clubhouse long 2

          Learn (& Drive) Current Trends

          Deep within the idea of Clubhouse is a concept known as social listening. This passive engagement in current trends, news, and ideas allows users to quickly gain an opinion and interest in topics as they go about their daily lives. 

          If you want to make a splash in your industry or field, take the time to become an expert on Clubhouse. Engage with others in the industry, engage in current conversations, and stay ahead of the latest ideas and updates by being consistent on the platform. In turn, you can utilize Clubhouse to stay ahead of the trend and make announcements that you know users won’t want to miss out.

          Use Clubhouse To Market Announcements & Reveals

          This tactic will require you to spend some time building a following on the platform, but once you have a good-size audience, consider using Clubhouse to announce brand-related news and updates.

          The key to success here is creating conversations that inspire users to engage with your brand or product. Whether you are announcing a new product line, initiative, or mission-based goal, utilize the why behind your announcement or reveal to boost interest and spur on the conversation around your brand’s big news. 

          You can also take advantage of these conversations to gain valuable feedback on how you can better market your product or service and get ideas for future changes.


          clubhouse 5

          Take Advantage Of Clubhouse’s Investor Interest

          As we stated in the introduction of this article, Clubhouse has seen such meteoric success tied to the massive interest that the platform has received from Venture capitalists. With so many VCs on the Clubhouse platform, your business has ample opportunities to network and build relationships that can pay off massively. 

          So how do you get the attention of a Venture Capitalist to build these kinds of valuable relationships? As with everything about Clubhouse, drawing in VCs can be an act of pure luck. However, you can tip the scales in your favor:

          Consider starting a Clubhouse room where the topic is your business. This can draw VCs interested in hearing more about your company and garner some feedback or interest from those looking to get involved with businesses on the platform.

          You can also make connections by being a consistent voice in various conversations. You never know who you may inspire and connect with as you speak about your brand’s mission, goals, and products.

          Boost Your Business’s Brand With Clubhouse

          Every social media platform offers unique opportunities to meet consumers where they are online. The days of expecting potential customers or clients to drop by a brick-and-mortar location are long gone. With so many options at their disposal, consumers expect to be courted by brands. Taking advantage of social media is a great way to reach those potential customers and boost your brand.

          Clubhouse’s unique audio-only format brings businesses a chance to jump onto what may potentially change social media course for some time. The lack of need to spend hours developing and producing high-dollar visual media is a massive benefit of utilizing Clubhouse and increases the chances that your brand will be noticed by users who are consuming their media more passively. 

          However, using Clubhouse with your preexisting media marketing strategies may not be the most effective method. If you plan to jump into the Clubhouse chat rooms, spend time as a user yourself, and get a feel for how the platform operates before making any large-scale marketing plans. With a bit of creativity and a dash of luck, your business can be one of the first to take advantage of what Clubhouse has to offer!


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            Post Date : 02/25/2021
            Title : Zero Budget Marketing 101
            Description :
            Zero Budget Marketing 101

            When starting a new business, often, we see people struggling with marketing. It is a challenging but necessary feat. In a world where we all are bombarded with branded content - videos, photos, and other attractive and expensive promotional materials, starting with zero budget is a considerable challenge. For the average startup, CEOs have recommended a marketing budget of 12-20% of the company budget. If you're one of the many entrepreneurs starting on a new venture with little to no money, you can still create a marketing campaign that is guaranteed to expand your brand's reach. You just need to be aware of the time and energy you need to invest in. 

            But first things first!

            Few things to consider before we start:

            Identity - Defining your brand identity will help you build a recognizable brand from the start. 

            Writing down your marketing strategy - It might sound too much for a startup with no budget, but once you do it, you'll have a plan to follow. It would help you incorporate the same idea in every piece of communication you send out there; hence you will be building a recognizable brand.

            Commitment - Be prepared to spend a lot of your time promoting your idea.

            Creativity - It is not all about using free resources to advertise your brand but how you do it. Ensure the content you create is engaging and, at the same time, helps you achieve your goal.

            Use Social Media

            One of the well-known ways to market your brand and expand your commercial reach is to use social media. The world's most popular social media platforms have enough audience to kickstart your business – Facebook (2.6 billion users), Instagram (1.1 b), Snapchat (397 million), and Twitter (326 m). Social media platforms are a great tool you could use to get your name out there and find your target audience. Creating content that stands out from the billions of competitors is not the most straightforward task, though. Your best bet is to avoid bombarding your audience with overly promotional content and focus your attention on engaging posts that people can genuinely and personally relate to. But where to post - TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest, 9GAG, Reddit, or Twitter? Research the social media networks find where your prospects are, and focus on 1 or 2 platforms. Here is a list of 250 social media platforms to help you start with your research.


            website morebyus

            Build a Website

            I can not imagine a business without a website today. Websites are integral to any business's success in the virtual realm, whether they are operating on a zero budget or not. An online business card, a catalog, or an online shop is quite an investment. When talking about zero budget, though, we need to consider the free options to build your website. There are many plans available for monthly or annual rates, several hosting providers and content management systems offer free versions of their services. One of the drawbacks of having a free website is that your URL won't be as short and crisp as you may prefer, and you would not own the domain. As an entrepreneur, I like to own the domain (URL) I am investing time and energy in popularizing. Losing it is like losing your address in the real world, and your marketing efforts will need to start from scratch. 

            What do we do then?

            If you can not afford to invest in a professional website, I would suggest that you spend a few dollars on a domain. Prices may vary but usually costs around 16$ per year.

            Here you can check our article "All you need to know before buying a domain name". Once you buy it, you can move your website anytime, and you will own the address.

            Here are some examples of free tools to build a website:

            1. Google Sites - it is FREE, and you can use it with your domain for FREE.
            2. - FREE version available or 2$ / monthly with your domain
            3. Webnode - FREE version available or 3,95$ monthly with your domain
            4. WordPress - FREE version available or 4$ / monthly (billed annually) with your domain
            5. WIX - FREE version available or 4,50 EUR / monthly with your domain
            6. Weebly - FREE version available or 5$ / monthly with your domain
            7. Squarespace - FREE trial or 12$ / monthly with your domain

            The key to marketing your business using your website is to master the art of SEO (search engine optimization). Although SEO is something you can not learn in a week, you can start by integrating relevant, high-value keywords and content into your website. Whether you have a blog, product descriptions, or anything in-between, it should be very well written. Fifty-seven percent of B2B (business-to-business) marketers have reported that SEO is their top source of lead generation, so you might want to start learning SEO.

            Publish a Press Release

            You can get the word out about your brand name by distributing press releases, even if you have no website or social media platforms. These publications are great ways to alert the public to your upcoming products or services or events that your company will be attending for community outreach.  

            There are specialized wire services that can boost your press release's visibility, but be aware that taking advantage of these sources may come with a fee. Of course, the free method of sharing such content would be to post it on social media, where your followers can retweet or reblog your content for no cost. 

            You can find 60 free press release submission websites here.


            vloggers morebyus

            Start a YouTube Channel

            Video marketing is essential for some businesses. One of the main reasons people are so drawn to this form of media is that it reintroduces the human element that text-focused platforms lack. Customers can become exhausted from seeing text ads as they scroll through their social media feeds. Seeing another human being's face is a breath of much-needed fresh air.

            Some of the most potent forms of video marketing include explainer videos, general tutorials, and testimonials. Although many vloggers today use costly equipment for filming their videos, you can start using your phone or a simple camera you already own.

            You should also check out this list with free video editing software here.

            When creating such videos, you can grow your brand's authority, nurture a foundation of trust and rapport between you and your target audience, all while promoting your products. 

            Register to a Local Listing Service

            Not all businesses need to reach customers around the world to drum up their ideal level of interaction. Many entrepreneurs are happy with their local audience alone. If you run a small business that only serves your local community, you can take advantage of free listing services. 

            Outlets such as Google PlacesYahoo! Local, and even Bing provide an avenue through which small business owners can promote their products and services to customers nearby without a single dime spent. All you have to do is register your company information with the listing and verify the information through mail or a phone call. 

            Once you've completed this step, foot traffic will start to flow. Seventy-two percent of consumers search for local businesses before heading out for shopping – taking advantage of these search patterns can make a dramatic difference in your revenue!


            local listings morebyus

            Get Referral Partnerships

            Few marketing tactics work and develop partnerships with other leaders and generate traffic through their referrals. For example, imagine that you run a content writing startup. You can partner with a web development company to refer their clients to your services for a complete site-building package. 

            This method will give you immediate access to a broader consumer base with little effort and rapidly draw customers to you. Satisfied customers can then advertise on your behalf by writing reviews and sharing testimonials, boosting your brand's visibility even more.

            Referrals are usually paid, but you can pay per client or order, meaning you will have the income to use for this payment.

            Learn from the best. PayPal, for example, had calculated how much money it costs every new client. Instead of spending the money on advertising, they decided to give the clients the money, which helped them kickstart their business.

            Write Guest Articles for Local Publications

            Content creation holds a central place in a successful marketing campaign. Not only should this content be published on your platforms, but others' as well. Similar to the referral relationships listed above, posting guest content on another company's or individual's blogging site can do wonders for your business visibility. Here is a list of 80+ sites to submit your guest post for free.

            In addition to publishing articles on the web, you should also keep an eye on opportunities to publish your work in the local paper. Although many people believe that print marketing is "dead," surveys have shown that people trust print advertisements much more than those they see online (71% versus 25%).


            crowdfunding morebyus

            BONUS IDEA: Start a crowdfunding campaign 

            If you have a fantastic product and need money to produce it, a crowdfunding campaign would help you start your business. You can offer to the users to preorder your product so you can start producing it. 

            Make sure you read all the platforms' conditions and note the fees before calculating your price.

            A shortlist of crowdfunding platforms to check: 

            • Kickstarter accepts art, design, comics, design, tech, food, games, music, and publishing projects.
            • Indiegogo is focused on tech and innovation, creative works, and community projects.
            • GoFunndMe has its focus on medical, emergency, education, animals, charity, but also has business fundraisers.

            As your business grows, you can choose to mix and match more methods to advertise your business to an eager audience. Even with no money at all, you can boost your company's visibility and enhance your revenue.


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              Post Date : 10/27/2020
              Title : How to Improve Your Leadership Skills
              Description :
              How to Improve Your Leadership Skills

              Your ability to fulfill the role of a capable, compassionate, and authoritative leader is central to attaining success in your career. No matter your specific job in the workplace, there will come a time at which you will be expected to take the lead on something. Whether that “something” is a simple business presentation, a critical experiment for a laboratory, or anything in between, you will need to be equipped with fundamental leadership skills to do your job thoroughly and exceedingly well. 

              When thinking about the necessity of this skillset, many often fall short of recognizing how crucial soft skills are compared to industry knowledge or the expected hard skills. Not only must you be confident in your work, but your ability to relate to, and support, your colleagues as well. To get started in sharpening your leadership skills, and improve your work performance, follow the guide below.

              Your Importance as A Leader in the Workplace

              Your ability to engage with and relate to your team is critical to your success in your career, as well as the overall health of the workplace. Think about it: Can you remember when you did not have positive relationships with co-workers? How did that affect your feelings of that workplace? Did it have an impact on your productivity? 

              study conducted in 2018 demonstrated the relationship between positive workplace relationships and job performance. After completing a questionnaire with over 300 hospital nurses, the researchers discovered a strong, positive correlation between a healthy workplace, job satisfaction, and employee performance. Specifically, a positive workplace resulted in the following:

              • Nurses showed higher levels of commitment to their work. There was a widespread sentiment that expressed low-stress levels in the workplace. 
              • The nurses felt that their work had a substantial impact on their society.

              One key factor in this study was shown to contribute significantly to this work environment: the relationships between the nurses and their leaders. As a leader, it is your responsibility to create a work environment that welcomes and encourages your staff. This requires attentiveness, empathy, sternness, discernment, and the ability to engage your workforce genuinely. So, how do you do that?


              leadership skills 2

              Developing Your Soft Skills as A Leader

              All the attributes listed below are known as “soft skills.” These are non-technical skills that are not tangible or visible in nature, but observable, based on your behavior, primarily in how you engage with others. Those with fully developed soft skills are proficient in communications, including conflict mitigation and authoritative guidance. Some of the critical areas you must focus on in growing this portion of your skillset includes:

              #1 Know when (and how) to take the initiative

              Whether you are currently in a leadership position or are working your way toward one, there is always room for improvement concerning your inclination to take the initiative. Most employees will wait for superiors to assign them work tasks, completing only the bare minimum in the meantime. 

              Instead of succumbing to this behavior, ask your manager for additional responsibilities when you have the time. When you do so, step out of your comfort zone. Does the additional task require you to learn new software? That’s great! Learn to get comfortable with seeking out opportunities that exceed your contractual job duties and broaden your perspective on your work environment. 

              #2 Learn to delegate

              Although taking the initiative is great, you must also know when you’ve got too much on your plate. You do not have to put your productivity in jeopardy to prove that you are capable of multitasking. It is often more respectable to recognize when you’re overwhelmed than to allow pride to lead you to accumulate one too many tasks.

              Communicate with other members on your team and learn their strengths and weaknesses. If you’ve got someone working with you whose strengths and expertise outweigh yours on a particular subject matter? Assign the task to them. Not only does this show that you are self-aware, but it also demonstrates that you appreciate your staff for their professionalism and trust them to fulfill their roles. Building a foundation of trust in this way has been shown to lead to:

              • Improved financial performance of the company
              • Enhanced productivity levels
              • Higher quality service and/or product development


              leadership skills 1

              #3 Get comfortable with exercising empathy

              Empathy is a critical skill that you must master straight away when you take your role as a leader. Why? It is an essential, foundational component of many different employee and colleague relations - conflict de-escalation, listening to staff grievances, and even disciplinary action. 

              Do not simply imagine yourself in your “employee’s shoes.” Genuinely and actively listen to their perspectives and learn who they are. What attributes about them, specifically, can you support? Learn the individual communication styles of your colleagues and employees, and you will be able to navigate conversations with each of them with ease. (Statistics show that 96% of employees feel that genuine empathy is the most reliable method of achieving staff retention.)

              Growing Your Leadership Skills Indefinitely

              As you continue to enhance your leadership skill set, recognize that this is not merely a one-and-done commitment. Throughout your career, you will encounter people of all backgrounds and communication styles, all of whom will differ in their work ethics, belief structures, and more. Your ability to perform as a strong leader depends not solely on you but also on how you relate to and engage those surrounding you.

              Your work will never be “complete” concerning the development and strengthening of your ability to lead. Whenever you encounter a new individual in the workplace, are promoted to a new role, or experience a career change, you are being handed the opportunity to attain new insights into your leadership position. 

              Understand that this is not meant to make you feel like your growth as a leader is an endless toil. Instead, it is an encouragement, highlighting that your professional life is rich with opportunities to advance your career. This timeless task, eternally present, will provide you with the necessary tools to form positive relationships with others and improve your company’s health for as long as you are willing to put forth the effort. 

              • LEADERSHIP
                Post Date : 09/09/2020
                Title : Real Estate Investment – Drawbacks and Surprising Surges in the Market
                Description :
                Real Estate Investment – Drawbacks and Surprising Surges in the Market After COVID-19

                The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in unprecedented changes for many sectors of the global economy. Real estate, like most other markets, is currently in limbo. Though many real estate experts have projected that the housing market would be back on its feet in no time, given last year's record-breaking economic growth, no solid consensus has been met. Still, current evidence shows that for now at least, investors are being forced to rapidly adapt to the immediate changes that have taken their sector by storm. 

                A Shaky Time Ahead

                Perhaps one of the first signs that real estate investment opportunities were slipping through investor's fingers was the sweeping economic losses across the world. Even apart from the market alone, renters and homeowners alike were being either laid off by their employers or were subject to severely reduced work hours. 

                In the U.S., states such as California, New York, and Nevada are seeing the worst of the widespread job loss, with June unemployment rates at 14.9%, 15.7%, and 15.0% (down from 25.3% in May), respectively. The job and housing market are inextricably tied, and with the increasing volatility of the former, now may not be the best time for investors to set their sights in these areas. 

                At the very beginning of the U.S. nationwide shutdown, marked by the enforcement of federal and state legislation that emphasized acts to "flatten the curve" and "slow the spread," the housing market showed immediate signs of degradation. In March alone, the number of people that were actively paying their rent dropped by 12%, based on data from the National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC)

                Although this percentage has somewhat recovered, the stability is not expected to last long. Doug Bibby, President of the NMHC, worries that federal action is not coming quickly enough to support the already-unstable housing market: 

                "The extended unemployment benefits and other government support that have proven critical to keeping apartment residents in their homes expire in just a few days… Members of Congress and [the] Trump Administration… need to understand that unless comprehensive action is taken now… they risk destabilizing the nation's housing market… and turning the ongoing health and economic crisis into a housing crisis."

                Even with the $600 weekly unemployment benefit, and the single CARE Act stimulus check that was distributed to American bank accounts several months ago, tenants have been struggling tremendously to keep up with rent. Landlords are controversially gearing up to move forward with waves of evictions as these financial aids expire, and the federal moratorium on evictions comes to an end. As they prepare for new tenants, many have adopted new strategies for showing and selling property. 


                property investment morebyus3

                Notable Changes in U.S. Real Estate, Post-COVID

                Not all active participants in the real estate industry are without hope. There are many still looking to buy and sell, and with social distancing mandates still in place, inventive ways of showcasing properties are arising. CBS This Morning featured a demonstration on a virtual home tour with Mark and Lisa Cramer, co-owners of Camber Realty, a practice the couple recently adopted due to in-person property visits being prohibited by the Colorado government.  

                When asked about how they expect to secure clients with these remote methods, the Cramers assured Barry Petersen, CBS anchor, that a "motivated buyer," whose finances and living circumstances have been affected so profoundly by COVID-19, would absolutely accept the alternative method of virtual viewing. This is perhaps a major takeaway from current real estate investors struggling to find clients during this turbulent time.

                Investors will need to keep their eye out not only for buyers who are demonstrably intent on finalizing a purchase (and maintaining the agreement) but on profitable properties as well. For example, given that the restaurant and retail markets are currently struggling, one should not consider real estate investments in these industries at the moment. 

                In contrast, one sector that is seeing a sharp rise in competition is that of suburban residential property. Stories of individuals scheduling home viewings only to discover a few days later that their options had all but disappeared were circulating as far back as May. Even regions that have seen a decline in sales over the last few years are experiencing a completе 180 in terms of buyer interest – and seller profits. 

                When it comes to residential properties, COVID-19 has certainly created a seller's market. Many states across the U.S., especially New York, have seen a surge in housing demands, even as millions of people struggle to make rent in their current homes. Westchester alone saw an 18% increase in home purchases in June of this year when compared to the same period of 2019.

                Some say that it is the present scarcity of housing that is driving the sudden increase in buyer activity. Greenwich, CT, for example, saw an 8% rise in closing deals on single-family homes, yet a simultaneous drop in available housing by 18.5% compared to the same time last year. Acreage and old homes are making a comeback as well. 


                property investment morebyus1

                How Can Real Estate Investors Adapt to the New Market?

                For sellers to take full advantage of these opportunities, they will have to learn to embrace "proptech," a technological advancement in real estate management. This new digital horizon gives real estate investors a brand-new way to optimize how they oversee all facets of their business, from researching a potential property to selling and renting. 

                Although the novel coronavirus pandemic has resulted in slowed growth of the proptech industry, this digital approach to real estate investment may be the key to getting profits back on track. Experts in this industry predict that, although there have been major transitions to remote collaboration and client service, professionals in both general real estate, and those particular to proptech, will need to embrace an industry-wide shift to tech-based work. 

                The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a historical transformation of the United States' real estate market. Though some areas seem to be without hope, and many renters struggle to remain in their homes, there is still tremendous opportunity to be realized. The future is uncertain for many areas of the market, yet one thing is certain: Investors will need to transform their approach to property management by adopting remote methods such as those provided by proptech. Neglecting to do so could result in disastrous consequences for both their own and clients' financial well-being. 

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                  Post Date : 08/31/2020
                  Title : The Business of Online Dating (COVID Edition)
                  Description :
                  The Business of Online Dating (COVID Edition)

                  Countries around the world have been devastated by the coronavirus pandemic in ways that no one would have ever imagined. The global and domestic economies have been emaciated by the ongoing viral assault on the world, crippling industries such as retail, hospitality, and nearly any type of service that requires in-person interactions between service workers and the public.

                  Expectedly, remote industries such as tech development and support have not seen nearly the devastation that others have. There is one market, though, that has seen unprecedented success: online dating. In a time characterized by unforeseen tragedy, somehow, romance has found its way to the forefront of people’s minds. Like many other businesses, after the coronavirus epidemic passes, the online dating market may never be the same.  

                  Finding Love in Dark Times

                  Few people would have thought that such a fearful, chaotic time would leave anyone with the capacity, interest, or willingness to seek out romantic partnerships. After all, numerous studies and public statements were published at the beginning of the viral outbreak, naming mental health as a primary concern for sheltering in place in their homes. 

                  Many institutions provided guidelines on how to cope with the newfound isolation. Publications were distributed to the masses, directing people on how to healthily overcome the emotional and psychological weight of sudden job loss, anxiety in response to public mandates, and the loss of loved ones. Few would have assumed that a period characterized by such turmoil would lead to the pursuit of butterflies and heart-warming moments; yet, here we are. 

                  Daniel Ahmadizadeh, CEO of the brand-new dating app, Quarantine Together, said, “We’re not necessarily solving a coronavirus problem. We’re solving a problem of loneliness that happens to be compounded right now because of [the] coronavirus.” Perhaps that shines a light directly on the core of the phenomenon of the online dating boom we are now witnessing. The sudden growth in romantic interest is not necessarily enhanced or made anew by the pandemic, but an escape from present reality. 

                  Though it may not have been included in the directives published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or the World Health Organization (WHO), online dating has been the psychological and emotional getaway that innumerable people have needed. (Although, rather hilariously, the notion of dating and sexual partnerships was notoriously mentioned by a New York City Health statement, reading, “You are your safest sex partner.”)

                  So, how are the owners of the world’s leading dating apps acclimating to this recent change?


                  dating business morebyus blog 2

                  A Boom in the Dating World

                  Pre-pandemic, the virtual dating world, was growing a bit stale. Expert forecasts for downloads and usage of these apps had declined tremendously over the years. For example, in 2019, eMarketer had initially projected a growth rate of 9.8%, later having to cut it back to a mere 5.3%. These estimates represented a measly one-sixth of the growth rate that the industry had experienced back in 2016. 

                  Remarkably, these weak numbers saw a dramatic turnaround following quarantine orders. Reports showed that the prevalence of online dating had jumped by an unbelievable 82% worldwide at the beginning of March, just about when several countries were introducing or had already implemented shelter-in-place orders. Examples of this swell were best illustrated in some of the industry’s leading platforms:

                  • Bumble users exchanged 26% more messages with each other. Conversations on Tinder had extended in duration by an average of 10-30%. 
                  • Inner Circle also had a surge in the number of messages sent through the platform, amounting to a 116% increase. 

                  Many of these apps introduced technologies that facilitated easier communications between users while maintaining compliance with quarantine measures. Hinge gave hopefuls the “Date from Home” video chatting option, while PlentyOfFish did the same with their “LIVE!” feature, allowing live-streaming with mutually-interested pairs. 

                  With the pandemic seeming as if it will continue for quite some time, perhaps even into 2021 for the United States, these app developers will need to continue to innovate to maintain this explosion in usage. All signs point to continued interest in remote dating to pass the time of sitting lonely at home while the virus rages on.

                  In a survey conducted by Statista in April of this year, 31% of respondents revealed that they had been using online dating apps at least “Somewhat more.” At the same time, 22% answered that they were using this technology, “Much more” than before the pandemic and quarantine orders. Although occurring alongside one of the worst viral outbreaks in history, the future of online dating looks rather promising. 


                  dating business morebyus blog

                  Moving Forward with Remote Romantic Pursuit 

                  Naturally, one would wonder why the world of online dating has suddenly become so attractive during a time when over 4.8 million people are infected, and more than 158,000 have died from a novel, widespread disease.

                  When asked about whether they’d continue online dating if quarantine orders were to continue, one participant in a Business Insider interview admitted, “For me, it’s not healthy to just sit by myself indefinitely.” This calls back to the notion that online dating is provided people with a sense of closeness and intimacy that they have lacked due to social distancing and shelter-in-place mandates.

                  Still, that’s not all. There is something in particular about the psychological and emotional trauma being inflicted upon the masses by the pandemic that is specifically drawing them to these platforms. Matthew Hussy, a prominent Love-Life Coach, gave his perspective on the matter: 

                  “You’re meeting someone in a very vulnerable state, and that could cause somebody to be more attractive.… This time has only sped up a trend of people rushing to the easiest way to flirt with someone without risking getting rejected.” 

                  This pandemic pushes people to increase the rate at which they make use of online dating platforms. Still, it also provides a means of emotional and mental stability – albeit, a bit unorthodox. As the public awaits better news regarding COVID-19 infection rates, experts continue to deliver brand-new ways to interact with each other in the virtual, romantic landscape. They encourage users to remain on the online dating path to reduce transmission routes and continue in efforts to flatten the curve. 


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                    Post Date : 08/18/2020
                    Title : Telecommuting in the EU: The New Normal?
                    Description :
                    Telecommuting in the EU: The New Normal?

                    As the novel COVID-19 continues to spread throughout the world, some countries have accomplished a greater defeat of the virus than others. Many countries in the European Union (EU) see the numbers of infections dwindling, and even the absence of deaths from the deadly infection. Still, precautions remain in place to protect workers in other civilians from further spread. 

                    One of these precautions persists throughout the world: telecommuting. Researchers and industry leaders have seen a gradual rise in telecommuting in the EU over the last decade. Yet, now that COVID-19 has forced workers into their homes worldwide, many believe that this new remote working model will become the new norm, even throughout the numerous member countries of the European Union. 

                    The New Wave of Working from Home in the EU

                    When JRC (Joint Research Centre) conducted a study on the prevalence of teleworking across the EU, they discovered some interesting disparities. Although this type of work setting has been growing in popularity over the last several years, some countries are having a more difficult time transitioning than others. For example, as of last year, Sweden was the leading country in the EU for working from home, while Bulgaria saw the habit extremely infrequently.

                    One factor contributing to the difficulty in this transition is that many of the workers (36%) who had adopted this lifestyle previously had done so as a byproduct of self-employment. Those who were not self-employed generally have a more difficult time acclimating to the remote work environment than employees of traditional business models. 

                    Of course, the industry in which these demographics worked also directly influenced the level of experience they had in this type of working environment. For example, workers in ICT- (Information and Communication Technology) intensive services are equipped with much more experience working remotely than those in administrative roles or manufacturing.  

                    Still, even some of the professionals who were familiar with working primarily with computers and cloud-based technology did not find it easy to switch over to a virtual office. Many early-career professionals found it difficult to adapt to the newfound autonomy allowed by work from home (WFH) format since their work is typically closely supervised by an authority and the physical office. 

                    As time is granted for individuals to get used to their brand-new virtual offices, the EU sees unprecedented advantages of the newly adopted system. The rapidly growing countries within the widespread telecommuting practice include Portugal, Estonia, and Slovenia, indicating that there are unique returns on investments that some are reaping more than others. What could be the factors that are influencing the massive growth of telecommuting in these countries versus others in the EU?

                    work from home morebyus

                    Economic Advantages of Telecommuting

                    In the words of the author, Joana Briedenbach, “This old hierarchical model which we have been living for the past century… fits in the industrial national age, but… not… a mobile digital age which is by itself much more fluid, much more flexible, much more decentralized.” Founder of TomorrowToday Global, Van Leeuwen, celebrates the new push to virtual workspaces as well, primarily due to the idea that it will shift focus to the quality of work being completed, rather than the time spent completing it. 

                    This represents the first benefit that companies are experiencing as they transition to the new WFH standard: heightened productivity with better quality results. This, and related advantages are fleshed out below:

                      • Reduced Expenditures: Office Space. There is no longer the need to rent or purchase a building to host employees on-site. This massive monthly or annual payment has been completely made away with teleworking policies. 
                      • Office Equipment. Whether it be computers or janitorial materials needed to maintain the work area, without a physical storefront or other business-related campuses, the need for expensive office products and site maintenance dissolves. 
                      • Improved Returns on Investment
                      • Productivity. Due to the increased convenience and comfort of employees’ ability to work in a familiar space, companies may see a substantial increase in staff productivity levels. Employees will have greater control over their work-life balance by personally managing interruptions and distractions.
                      • Talent Acquisition.  Business owners will no longer be restricted from acquiring talent within a certain distance of a physical office. There is now freedom on behalf of business owners to seek out the necessary talent without the risk of potentially losing money on lesser qualified individuals due to geographic limitations. 


                    empty office morebyus

                    How EU Companies Can Take Advantage of WFH Savings 

                    As these advantages come to fruition, the money saved can then be redirected into investments in cloud-based working technologies and other telecommunications software. Business owners will also see notable savings as it relates to the expenses of benefits packages, for example. Without the risks attributed to physical offices such as injuries or property damage, insurance policies, such as certain workers’ compensation standards, can be removed from company standards.

                    The expectation of working from home turns a blind eye to the reality that many people cannot achieve the same quality and quantity of work. 

                    Business owners may need to tread carefully in this area. Still, there are many things that company leaders can do to ease the new telecommuting practice for their employees. For example, the newfound savings can be applied to employ retreats in the future, when more countries are able to lift their shelter in place restrictions. There can also be investments made into learning and development opportunities to sharpen the skill sets of existing staff, thereby improving productivity and, consequently, boosting revenue. 

                    It is clear that WFH has become the new normal for the EU and the entire world. SO, business owners in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, and other such countries that lagged behind in the teleworking trend as of last year will have to bolster their efforts to acclimate workers to the new standard more than others.

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                      Post Date : 08/13/2020

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