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   2020-10-29       20        Business
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Channel Description : Ivanti HEAT Neurons Consultant in the UK, Australia, APAC, Europe, Canada, USA, since 1996
Channel Link : https://ivantiservicemanagerconsultant.wordpress.com
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Title : Ivanti HEAT Neurons Christmas Lights
Description : If your dashboards aren't lighting up like a Christmas tree, and yes I mean green for good and red for bad, for your KPIs and Metrics, including hours of operation calculations, averages, percentages, trends, and complex groupings, then we need to talk.
Post Date : 11/30/2021
Title : What’s new in 2021.4
Description : What's new in Ivanti HEAT Neurons for ITSM/ITAM 2021.4 for clients in the UK, EU, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the US
Post Date : 11/11/2021
Title : Ivanti Consultant, developer, or architect?
Description : When you're dealing with an Ivanti HEAT Consultant you really need to take a step back and evaluate the skill set and more importantly the competencies...
Post Date : 10/28/2021
Title : Ivanti Cherwell Convergence
Description : The goal is to take the best out of Cherwell and converge it into Ivanti. No surprise here. You could look at Cherwell as a Frontrange HEAT development branch.
Post Date : 10/19/2021
Title : Ivanti Cloud Status Updates & Maintenance Notifications
Description : Ivanti Cloud Status Updates consist of important Maintenance Notifications and Operational Status Updates for Ivanti London, UK, Ireland, Frankfurt, Australia APAC, Toronto Canada, and North Virginia and Washington Data Centres.
Post Date : 10/14/2021
Title : Is Ivanti a Professional Services Provider?
Description : Ivanti is an IT powerhouse and supply software systems that require professional services. That is not the same as a professional service provider. Ivanti is in the sales business straight and simple. The best advice I can give you is...
Post Date : 10/07/2021
Title : Lessons Learnt from Dragons’ Den UK and Shark Tank Australia
Description : What do Dragons' Den UK and Shark Tank Australia have to do with Ivanti, HEAT, Neurons, and ITSM? More than you think!
Post Date : 10/04/2021
Title : How do you add SLA Metrics such as Compliance, Average Duration, Percentages, and Hours of Operation Calculations to Dashboards?
Description : With dashboards you can add Hours of Operation Calculations, averages, aged groups, and data from multiple business objects (Incident AND Service Request for example) and much much more. Reports are ok if you're stuck in the 1990s!!
Post Date : 10/03/2021
Title : ivanti heat enhancement request for current user function
Description : Please vote for this Ivanti Service Manager (HEAT) Enhancement Requests that addresses a CURRENT GAP and SECURITY RISK: Function for CurrentUserInContactGroup similar to CurrentUserInTeam()
Post Date : 10/01/2021
Title : Rapid Dashboards
Description : Rapid Reports was a great enhancements to allow end users to quickly create list and form reports based on Saved Searches. Another need that many customers have is "Rapid Like Dashboards", more specifically, end users (Executive/Managers/Analysts) require on-demand dashboards to quickly produce a chart, graphic, pivot table, etc.
Post Date : 09/24/2021

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