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Title : Leading Protein Manufacturers Service Providers in United States
Description : Protein is one of the most sought after dietary supplements within the nutraceuticals industry. While it has phenomenal timeliness demand as a meal replacement for many individuals, it also requires a manufacturer with skill, experience, and means. VITA-gen Laboratories is proud to be one of the leading protein manufacturers within the United States. We have the experience, skill, training, and certifications necessary to manufacture the highest quality protein, reg [...]
Post Date : 05/03/2021
Title : Trusted Protein, Probiotic, And Vitamin Contract Manufacturer In New York
Description : We are the leading protein manufacturer, probiotic manufacturer, and vitamin manufacturer /mineral contract manufacturer in Long Island. You will be in great hands with VITA-gen Labs. Business partners can choose from a wide range of supplement formats.Find out how VITA-gen Labs can help create your supplements!Contact us for a quote at 631-450-4357 and our website https://www.vitagenlabs.com/contact-us/ [...]
Post Date : 03/05/2020
Title : Energy Booster Sports Nutrition for  Athletes
Description : Try sports nutrition with VITA-gen Labs! We can create sports supplements for your business that are honest and will never get athletes banned or fined. Lets bring out the best in your fitness active customers!Supplement ManufacturersContract Vitamin Manufacturer Contact us:VITA-gen LABSNutraceutical Contract ManufacturersAddress: 145 Route 109 West Babylon NY 11704​Contact No:631-450-4357 Website: https://www.vitagenlabs.com [...]
Post Date : 02/06/2020
Title : Start your supplement manufacturing business
Description : Need extra help starting your supplement business? VITA-gen Labs is here for you! New customers receive $1,000 off their first order with us. We will produce your product with high quality ingredients and as cost-efficient as possible. Let's build a great relationship together!​Contact us for a quote at 631-450-4357 and our website:https://www.vitagenlabs.com/contact-us/​ [...]
Post Date : 01/23/2020
Title : Nutritional Supplement and Vitamin Contract Manufacturing
Description : VITA-gen Labs is best Nutritional Supplement and Vitamin Contract Manufacturing and provides affordable nutritional supplement,vitamin and probiotic products. Contact today! [...]
Post Date : 01/10/2020
Title : Choose the Best Nutraceutical Contract Manufacturers
Description : ​​Know your dietary desires !Every person has their own distinctive nutritional desires, and it's not possible for one supplement to be excellent for everybody. Therefore, it's vital to know our own dietary needs before getting a supplement. Aware of deficiencies in diets, consumers are turning more and more to nutraceutical products.The markets are now flooded with various supplements and protein products. If you're considering a startup business in the nutraceutical industry, what [...]
Post Date : 01/04/2019
Title : Best Private Label Supplement and Nutraceutical Manufacturers-Stock Formulas for Your Business
Description : Check out VITA-gen Lab's stock products/ formula options, a great way to get started with the vast dietary supplement business. We’ve chosen products that address general Health and Wellness, and the fast-moving Sports Nutrition category.Simply decide on a product(s), we’ll provide a label die-line and once we receive print-ready artwork can have your brand onto a finished supplement in less than 4 weeks. Minimums start at only 500 bottles. Check out some options below or visit the f [...]
Post Date : 12/24/2018
Title : Best Custom Supplement and Nutraceutical Contract Manufacturers in New York
Description : Choosing a Supplement Manufacturer based solely on the per bottle cost will almost always result in frustration and headaches.Whether it’s producing an existing formula, re-formulating one or creating one from scratch, VITA-gen Labs wants to help your brand grow by providing quality products, honest, accurate lead times and the best service in the industry.Call us at 855-616-5500 for a free quote or simply to discuss an opportunity, we welcome it. [...]
Post Date : 12/17/2018
Description : VITA-gen Laboratories was proud to have been chosen by The University of Virginia School of Medicine as the exclusive Contract Manufacturer for their clinical trial of high-dose niacinamide conducted in Africa in 2017. This study was conducted on both adults and children, the results are being compiled.AIDP, the exclusive supplier of Magtein® (the trademarked version of Magnesium l-threonate) and other high quality raw materials chose VITA-gen Laboratories for their sample manufacturing [...]
Post Date : 11/21/2018
Description : VITA-gen Laboratories wants to thank everyone who attended our fundraiser for Save-A-Pet Animal Shelter, held at Chaos Cycle on Sunday, October 28, 2018. Joe Rock and the All Stars did a great job providing live music, Nick Severino, General Manager and co-owner of VITA-gen Labs kept up with the demand for hamburgers and hot dogs and the custom motorcycles and cars certainly were a crowd-pleaser. VITA-gen Laboratories made the above donation to Save-A-Pet as we are all animal lovers and a [...]
Post Date : 11/04/2018

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VITA-gen Labs is the premier custom and private label supplement manufacturers. We provide superior customer service. VITA-gen Labs is the best for protein manufacturer, whey protein manufacturers and..

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