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Title : MagicBall cryptocurrency price prediction
Description : uses machine learning to predict price movements over 7 days, 2 weeks and 1 month in popular cryptocurrencies.
Post Date : 08/24/2021
Title : Use range() in PHP for loops
Description : Using the range() function makes your for loops in PHP far cleaner to read and easier to maintain by switching to a foreach.
Post Date : 07/13/2021
Title : Goodbye strpos and strstr: str_contains in PHP8
Description : The frustration of having to use strpos and strstr to check if strings contain another string is over with PHP 8 and a great new string function called str_contains.
Post Date : 07/13/2021
Title : Solve blurry scaled images in Chrome
Description : A very annoying new feature in Chrome in the last couple of months is that CSS scaled images are blurry when loaded. You can fix this by adding this style tag to your images.
Post Date : 06/30/2021
Title : Set a custom user agent with Laravel's Http Client
Description : You can customize the user agent that Laravel sends with the withUserAgent call. It can often happen that a WAF or other security system will block curl, PHP and Guzzle based requests.
Post Date : 06/07/2021
Title : Checking a remote hosts SSL expiry date with PHP
Description : This simple function will return the number of days remaining on an SSL certificate, including potentially negative values if it's expired.
Post Date : 06/01/2021
Title : Prevent Lazy Loading in Laravel
Description : A large majority of poor SQL performance in Laravel can be attributed to lazy loading. Queries that you think execute a single query may execute thousands.
Post Date : 05/29/2021
Title : Send HTTP requests in parallel with Laravel
Description : A great performance tip for Laravel is the ability to send HTTP requests concurrently. This is especially useful when you are doing things like sending multiple webhooks and similar examples.
Post Date : 05/25/2021
Title : Top counties to advertise in as a SaaS product
Description : Over the years I've curated a list of countries that are good to target with platforms like Google Ads, for a SaaS business. Here is that list!
Post Date : 05/25/2021
Title : Load testing a REST API with LoadForge
Description : There is some great new content available on LoadForge for those wanting to load test a REST API, and we've documented it all from our own tests.
Post Date : 05/25/2021

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