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Title : Set a custom user agent with Laravel's Http Client
Description : You can customize the user agent that Laravel sends with the withUserAgent call. It can often happen that a WAF or other security system will block curl, PHP and Guzzle based requests.
Post Date : 06/07/2021
Title : Checking a remote hosts SSL expiry date with PHP
Description : This simple function will return the number of days remaining on an SSL certificate, including potentially negative values if it's expired.
Post Date : 06/01/2021
Title : Prevent Lazy Loading in Laravel
Description : A large majority of poor SQL performance in Laravel can be attributed to lazy loading. Queries that you think execute a single query may execute thousands.
Post Date : 05/29/2021
Title : Send HTTP requests in parallel with Laravel
Description : A great performance tip for Laravel is the ability to send HTTP requests concurrently. This is especially useful when you are doing things like sending multiple webhooks and similar examples.
Post Date : 05/25/2021
Title : Top counties to advertise in as a SaaS product
Description : Over the years I've curated a list of countries that are good to target with platforms like Google Ads, for a SaaS business. Here is that list!
Post Date : 05/25/2021
Title : Load testing a REST API with LoadForge
Description : There is some great new content available on LoadForge for those wanting to load test a REST API, and we've documented it all from our own tests.
Post Date : 05/25/2021
Title : Laravel automatically test all your public URLs in PHPUnit
Description : A nifty little piece of code to include in your Laravel unit tests in order to check for any random 500 errors in all your public pages.
Post Date : 05/14/2021
Title : Livewire components public property must be of type X with Pagination
Description : When using Livewire's Paginate function you may receive errors about public properties if you have additional calls (like where) on your model.
Post Date : 05/09/2021
Title : Integrate Comments with Gatsby
Description : Commento is a lightweight, privacy-first comments system (think Disqus but 15KB in size), and it's the one powering comments on this blog. This guide will help you use it on your Gatsby site.
Post Date : 05/06/2021
Title : Minutes to read Laravel 8 Helper
Description : Using the Str::macro function you can add additional helpers to the Laravel Str class, and we're going to add a reading time helper for your articles.
Post Date : 05/06/2021

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