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Title : Tribute to Tunisia | Spring Summer 2020 - Watch Fashion Show Online
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Post Date : 06/21/2021
Title : The Chestnut Man - Official Teaser Released on Netflix
Description :


Movie Summary: A young woman is found brutally murdered in a playground and one of her hands is missing. Above her hangs a small man made of chestnuts.

The Chestnut Man - Release Date, Production, Runtime

  • Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller
  • Runtime: 50 min
  • Number of Episodes: 6 Episodes
  • Released on: Official Netflix
  • Release Country: Denmark
  • Language: Danish
  • Also Known As: Kastanjemanden
  • Filming Locations: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Production Company: SAM Productions

The Chestnut Man  - Cast and Crew

  • Esben Dalgaard Andersen
  • Morten Brovn
  • Danica Curcic 
  • David Dencik 
  • Iben Dorner 
  • Signe Egholm 
  • Line Falcon
  • Mikkel Boe Følsgaard 
  • Thomas Hwan
  • Arian Kashef 
  • Camilla Lau
  • Simone Lykke
  • Lars Ranthe

VRGyani Rating: 7.8/10 Stars

Post Date : 06/21/2021
Title : Milano 41 | Spring Summer 2020 | Watch Fashion Show Online
Description :

Milano 41 | Spring Summer 2020 | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen - Exclusive Video/1080p - MAREDAMARE)

Post Date : 06/21/2021
Title : Diesel Menswear Spring Summer 2022 Milan - Watch Fashion Show Online
Description :
Post Date : 06/21/2021
Title : Jil Sander | Spring Summer 2019 by Lucie Meier and Luke Meier - Watch Fashion Show Online
Description :

Jil Sander | Spring Summer 2019 by Lucie Meier and Luke Meier | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen - Exclusive Video - MFW/Milan Fashion Week)

Post Date : 06/21/2021
Title : Old Navy Models Names - Commercial Female Models and Salary
Description :

With 2.5 million followers on Instagram @oldnavy; Old Navy Clothing retail company is one of the popular brands and fashion retail comapnies in America. It is owned and operated by Gap Inc. presently. It was founded in 1994 by Mickey Drexler in San Francisco, California, USA and today is has an annual revenue of $8 Billion and an employee counts of 65000.

Old Navy has created a memorable place in social media with its Old Navy Models who are part of its fashion photo shoots and video shoots. Old Navy Models are best talents from USA, Brazil, China And European Countries. It features its models in all fashion shows, beach wear shoots and brand shoots.

List of Old Navy Commercial Models Names

  • Tashi Rodriguez @tashimrod 273k followers (Brooklyn, New York)
  • Esti Van Balen @estivbalen 5776 followers (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • Brian Davenport @mrbriandavenport 1419 followers (Leesburg, FL)
  • Rae Ann Langas @raeannlangas 151k followers (California, USA)
  • Charo Ronquillo @charoronquillo 5507 followers (Cabuyao, Philippines)
  • Damaris Lewis @damarislewis 93.9k followers (Brooklyn, New York, NY)
  • Francisco Lachowski @chico_lachowski 1.6 million followers (Curitiba,Brazil)
  • Hao Yun Xiang @haoyunxiang 28k followers (Hebei, China)
  • Peigy @peigystyles 29.9k followers (New York City, NY, USA)
  • Li Xiao Xing @lixiaoxing_li 19.3k followers (Shi Jiazhuang, Hebei, China)
  • Mijo Mihaljcic @mijomihaljcic 8117 followers (Belgrade, Serbia)
  • Ronald Epps @therealronaldepps 28.7k followers (Burke County, North Carolina, USA)
  • Salieu Jalloh @salieujalloh22 928 followers (Sierra Leone, West Africa)
  • Scott Neslage @scottneslage 9987 followers (California, USA)
  • Tarik Lakehal @tariklakehal 22.3k followers (France)
  • Zuzanna Krzatala @zubizubizu 7176 followers (Poland)

Image Source: Instagarm @oldnavy

Old Navy Models Salary is best in market and it pays all the models as per their talent and popularity among audience.

Post Date : 06/21/2021
Title : Ann Taylor Models Names and List - What size do Ann Taylor Models wear
Description :

Branded as specialty apparel retail chain stores for women; Ann Taylor Inc. sells dresses and skirts, perfect-fitting pants, beautiful blouse and other fashion dresses. Headquartered in New York City, Ann Taylor Inc was founded in 1954 by Richard Liebeskind. As per recent filings; It has earned a revenue of over US$248.8 million annually and employees over 19,900 people globally.

Read about the popular Ann Taylor Models and know what size do Ann Taylor Models wear in fashion shows and photo shoots. With exclusive pictures and videos shared on its timeline; it has made over 525k followers on Instagram @anntaylor who always look for enticing updates from brand.

Ann Taylor Models Names, Instagram, Followers List

  • Mary Krosnjar @mksportsanista 22.8k followers (Seattle, Chicago)
  • Marianne Sides @mariannesides 39.6k followers (New York City, USA)
  • Cameron Russell @cameronrussell 143k Followers (Boston, MA)
  • Mathilde Brok Brandi @mathildebrandi 16.5k followers (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • Joan Smalls @joansmalls 3.8 million followers (Puerto Rico)
  • Elaine Irwin @officialelaineirwin 61.7k followers (Los Angeles, California)
  • Candice Huffine @candicehuffine 271k followers (Georgetown, Washington, D.C.)
  • Alisa Ahmann @alisaahmann 46.1k followers (Berlin)
  • Alek Wek @msalekwek 160k followers (New York City, USA)
  • Lineisy Montero Feliz @lineisymontero 210k followers (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)
  • Vanessa Axente @vanessaaxente 64.2k followers (Nagylengyel, Hungary)
  • Tasha Tilberg @tasha_tilberg 19.9k followers (Chilliwack, Canada)
  • Jasmine Tookes @jastookes 4.6 million followers (Huntington Beach, CA)
  • Georgia Fowler @georgiafowler 1.3 million followers (Auckland, New Zealand)
  • Erin Wasson @erinwasson 293k followers (Irving, TX)
  • Constance Jablonski @constancejablonski 785k followers (Lille, France)
  • Martha Hunt @marthahunt 2.9 million followers (Wilson, NC)
  • Arlenis Sosa @arlenissosa 86.7k followers (Pepillo Salcedo, Dominican Republic)
  • Mélodie Monrose @melodiemonrose 123k followers (Martinique)
  • Yasmin Le Bon @yasminlebon 50.5k followers (Oxford, United Kingdom)
  • Anaïs Mali @realanaismali 87.7k followers (Toulon, France)

Image Source: Instagram Ann Taylor (@anntaylor)

Hope you loved reading about the Ann Taylor Models in this article.You must be ready to know what size do the models wear in photoshoots and video shoots. So, Ann Taylor has different sizes for tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes and accessories available in its store. The Ann Taylor Models wear dresses as per their body size and figure which is measured by the process as shows in below image.

Image Source: anntaylor.com

Post Date : 06/21/2021
Title : Alessa Spring/Summer 2014 Show | FFW Fashion Rio - Watch Fashion Shows
Description :


http://www.FashionTV.com/videos RIO DE JANEIRO - Alessa presented its most recent Spring/Summer 2014 collection at Fashion Rio. The company, which celebrated ten years this year, showcased a collection with an array of fabrics such as floral lace, organza tweed, and silk. The collection took its inspiration from the looks of a safari as well as flora and fauna. The clothes, all beautiful, were also a great combination of functionality and practicality.

FashionTV's YouTube network features coverage of fashion shows, fashion week, runway highlights, front row celebs, backstage, hair and makeup, models, designers, photo shoots, red carpets at the biggest events in Hollywood, and much more. The total source for worldwide fashion coverage, FashionTV has new uploads EVERY DAY - See it on YouTube first.

Post Date : 06/20/2021
Title : Famous Sephora Models - How to Become a Model for Sephora
Description :

If you are found of beauty products; Sephora is not a name to get introduction. Being French multinational retailer of personal care and beauty products; Sephora has an array of 3,000 brands and its private labels to entice its customers worldwide. With its ultra luxurious photo shoots featuring Sephora Models; it has made a great fan following on Instagram with 20.7 million followers at Sephora (@sephora). These models are often seen in branding events for Sephora Cosmetics.

Let's read some of the Famous Sephora Models Names with their Instagram handles and Follower cout. We hope you will love to read this list of Sephora Models.

Famous Sephora Models Names, Instagram and Followers

  • Keilla Cabral (@keillacabral_) 1301 followers (Seoul, Korea)
  • Debra Shaw (@madamedebrashaw) 28.4k followers (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Liisa Winkler (@liisawinkler) 3129 followers (Toronto, Canada)
  • Adual Akol (@unpublishedartist) 34.9k followers (Australia)
  • Alva Claire (@alvaclaire) 33.9k Followers (London, United Kingdom)
  • Nica Mestres (@nicamestres) 3815 followers (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Lucia Giusti (@_luciagiusti_) 59.2k followers (London, UK)
  • Rubina Dyan (@rubinadyan) 431k followers (Yerevan, Armenia)
  • Crysta Plavou Balatsouka (@plavou_chrysa) 8162 followers (Italy, Spain)
  • Ciarda Hall (@ciardahall) 19.2k Followers (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
  • Ammy Drammeh (@ammydrammeh) 11.6k followers (London, UK)
  • Arisleyda Dilone (@arisleyda) 1824 followers (Dominican Republic)
  • Aaron Philip (@aaron___philip) 194k followers (Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda)
  • Casil McArthur (@casil_the_goat_lord) 43.7k followers (London, UK)
  • Hunter Schafer (@hunterschafer) 3.3 million followers (Trenton, NJ, USA)

Image Source: Rubina Dyan (@rubinadyan)

Founded in 1970 by Dominique Mandonnaud; Sephora has become a leading brand internationally after its acquisition by LVMH. Recently it has recorded sales of over US$10 Billion  through its international operations.

How to become a model for Sephora?

Anyone with interest in modeling and love for fashion can apply to be a Sephora Model if he/she is 18 year old citizen of US or Canada. You must be active on social media channels like Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube. It will depend on auditions if you are selected or not. Here steps of how to become a model for Sephora.

  1. You must be US/ Canada Citizen and 18 Years Old.
  2. Pursue a Modeling Course which will improve your chances to get selected.
  3. Be active on Social Channels like Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok or YouTube and grow your community.
  4. Go to the Sephora Website : sephorasquad.com
  5. Create an Account and verify email and phone number.
  6. Connect Instagram Profile with the account.
  7. Read the Terms and Conditions before filling the Application Form
  8. Fill the Sephora Model/ Influencer Application Form which will take 30 minutes (approx)
  9. A profile page will be created by SephoraSquad Website.
  10. Now Ask your followers to leave testimonials on your SephoraSquad Profile.
  11. On successful testimonials; you will receive the link and a custom #SephoraSquad Instagram for promotions.
  12. See the dates of application on official website.
  13. #SephoraSquad partnership will last 12 months.

Post Date : 06/20/2021
Title : Honey Bee Swimwear | Resort 2019 | Watch Fashion Shows
Description :

Honey Bee Swim | Resort 2019 | Full Show in High Definition. (Widescreen/1080p - Miami Swim Week)

Honey Bee Swim is an American desginer and manufacturer of designer swimsuits and cover ups, made with European fabric and high quality finishings, with a focus on fit and quality. It has over 158k Followers on Instagram (@honeybeeswim). With manufacturing facilities in Texas; it has worldwide operations. Owner and designer of Honey Bee Swimwear, Billi Doyle has had a long time love of fashion design and has been sewing and creating since the age of 13.

Honey Bee swim leopard bikini is one of the most popular products with international appeal. Wtach complete Honey Bee Swim Leopard Bikini fashion show.


Post Date : 06/20/2021

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