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Title : UPGRADES!!! Hold On To Your Socks!!!
Description : What I’m about to tell you may just blow your socks right off.  If you’ve been a way for a while, you may have missed all the changes and upgrades we have made since our pre-launch.  Anyone who has ever built a sales funnel will tell you, it’s not easy.  This is especially true when […]
Post Date : 09/03/2021
Title : Understanding Personal And Business Credit
Description : Personal Credit And Business Credit Are Two Totally Different Things.  Personal credit is monitored for risk assessment and reported through your FICO score, whereas, your business credit is reflected by your PAYDEX score. Dun & Bradstreet now own PAYDEX, so it’s now D&B PAYDEX. Even though you may have a sole proprietorship, your business credit […]
Post Date : 07/04/2021
Title : Employee or Entrepreneur? (Part 2)
Description : Which Risk Do You Prefer? (Continued from Part 1) There is a higher evolved type of predator on the employment landscape now.  I’m referring of course to the money, power and influence of big corporations. May I remind you that big corporations can control markets and force out the mom & pop businesses?  When this […]
Post Date : 06/30/2021
Title : Employee or Entrepreneur? (Part 1)
Description : Which Risk Do You Prefer? It takes a great deal of courage to be an entrepreneur.  The biggest challenge we face isn’t just financing our endeavors, learning curves, continuing to fund our personal or family living expenses, dealing with criticism or lack of support from friends and family, or all the technical challenges of starting […]
Post Date : 06/07/2021
Title : Approaching Friends and Family – Why??? (Part 2)
Description : Why Would We Want To? Approaching Friends and Family – WHY??? (Continued from Part 1) Genuine humility and graciousness are strengths, not weaknesses. Taking this posture allows you to LEARN. A person who thinks they know it all, can’t learn or benefit from their mistakes. Pay close attention to your internal reactions and be brutally […]
Post Date : 05/29/2021
Title : Approaching Friends and Family – WHY? (Part 1)
Description : Why would we want to? Part 1 Approaching friends and family with new opportunities, sales of products or services can certainly be emotionally challenging but also rewarding. However, not always in the way we expect.  Yes, some will indeed say yes to you, just because of your relationship with them. But, the so-called “soft market” […]
Post Date : 05/03/2021
Title : More, More, More – For You!
Description : Even Sweeter… Additional Income Generating Add-On’s We all know the beauty of passive income.  How would you like to have actual producing moneymakers to add to your site? You won’t need to promote these Add-On’s unless you want to increase their yield.   Think of these extras as gourmet chocolates – placed near the cash register.   […]
Post Date : 04/26/2021
Title : Why Would I Need The “Multiplier Service”?
Description : Do You Offer More Than Just One Business Opportunity? This service could well be called an “Opportunity Multiplier”.  Who doesn’t need more opportunity to expose their products or services to their prospects?  No one, but no one is offering anything like this. Some marketers, perhaps yourself, have multiple offerings and need a platform where they […]
Post Date : 04/07/2021
Title : Why You Need A Custom Website
Description : Replicate Your Business    We’ve all seen them; overly complicated sites that actually discourage sign-ups because the registration sites are top-heavy with unnecessary information.  We’ve also seen the “one-size-fits some” template sites that fit as well as your 3rd cousin’s hand-me-down shoes.  Beyond complicated, what’s worse sometimes such sites don’t even function properly.  How frustrating.  […]
Post Date : 03/05/2021
Title : It Really IS All About You
Description : They Are Buying More Than Your Products and Services. It’s easy to forget that sometimes your prospects, aren’t just buying what you are offering, sometimes, they first are buying “you”. This is especially true if they anticipate a working relationship with you, such as an affiliate relationship, or the purchase is a costly one. Sometimes […]
Post Date : 02/22/2021

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