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   2021-07-20       6        Law
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Channel Description : The Illinois Law Post gives you insights and information on legal topics from bankruptcy, to business and everything in between to give you a better understanding of the laws that affect you.
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Title : What Happens During a Legal Consultation? | The Illinois Law Post
Description : A legal consultation is a chance for prospective clients with legal needs to meet with (in-person, over the phone, or through video chat) and discuss their legal needs with the attorney. This is where you discuss the relevant information regarding the type of legal assistance you need representation for. Regardless of the nature of your matter, real estate, DUI, civil, business, immigration, family law, this is where you describe to the attorney what you need representation for.
Post Date : 06/17/2021
Title : Lease Negotiation Options for Small Business Owners | The Illinois Law Post
Description : Finally! We have left 2020 behind us! A year that felt like several may have come to its end, but New Year’s Day did not bring an ending to Covid-19 and the unprecedented impact it has made on the economy. Many businesses are still closed under safe distancing orders, causing hundreds of thousands of businesses big and small to struggle remaining afloat - or close all together. Some studies show that over half of the businesses closed due to Covid-19 may soon be facing permanent closure. So what are our options? 
Post Date : 06/10/2021
Title : The Legal Process of Home Appraisals | The Illinois Law Post
Description : Home appraisals are a very important element that ensures your home sale goes quickly and efficiently. Although an appraisal can appear to be a simple process, the importance of home appraisals are often misunderstood and often involve several steps. Many homeowners have questions as to what to expect during home appraisals and in this article, we discuss the information gathered during an appraisal, preparation for home visits and the legal steps of appraisals.
Post Date : 06/10/2021
Title : Selling Real Estate After a Spouse Dies | The Illinois Law Post
Description : Losing a spouse is a very difficult and emotional time. As it is typically the case, property is either held by the deceased spouse or jointly held between both parties. How you may sell the property depends on whether it was jointly owned (joint tenancy) or if it falls under rights of survivorship rights or tenants in common and if your home or property was held in your spouse's name or the real estate was held inside of a trust. This information will be reflected in the deed and will show which type of ownership the property falls under.
Post Date : 06/10/2021
Title : What Must be Listed in the Disclosure Statement When Selling a Property in Illinois? | The Illinois Law Post
Description : While home inspections help to give potential homeowners an idea of the current condition of a home, there can be hidden problems that inspectors fail to find that can cause problems and future repair costs. The purpose of the Illinois Residential Real Estate Property Disclosure Act is to give home buyers an added layer of protection for up to one year after purchasing a home to help protect them from unanticipated problems that are discovered that haven't been disclosed by property sellers.
Post Date : 06/10/2021
Title : 10 Steps to Appealing Property Taxes in 2021 | The Illinois Law Post
Description : Thinking about appealing your property tax this tax season? Like an often-painful annual tradition, you’re probably spending your first few months of the year preparing your taxes. If you’re startled by a significant or sudden increase in your property bill, don’t panic! You may have grounds for a property tax appeal. However, property tax appeals can be lengthy and complex. Here are 10 key steps to appeal property taxes in 2021. 
Post Date : 06/10/2021
Title : Understanding Your Property Tax Bill | The Illinois Law Post
Description : Tax season means you are now getting your property tax bill. Far too many Americans pay their property tax bill without understanding it or even reading it at all. If you want to better understand your property taxes, this article will answer common questions asked when reading a tax bill.
Post Date : 06/10/2021
Title : How to Prepare for a Home Inspection | The Illinois Law Post
Description : There are several steps to take before, during, and after the home inspection. Typical home inspections focus on the major components of the property such as the furnace, air conditioning, and bathrooms to determine if there are any immediate issues before selling. To do this, a home inspector will go out to your property in-person. 
Post Date : 06/10/2021
Title : A Brief Look at the Advantages of Different Types of Mortgage Lenders | The Illinois Law Post
Description : There are many different opinions on what lender is the best and those options and opinions will continue to change over time. In the past, it seemed like most would recommend portfolio lenders. Now, they usually recommend mortgage bankers and mortgage brokers. Most often they direct you to a specific loan officer who has demonstrated a track record of service and reliability.
Post Date : 06/10/2021
Title : Some of the Common Types of Medical Malpractice Claims in Illinois | The Illinois Law Post
Description : When you or a family member is in involved in a medical injury claim, it is important to understand which type of medical malpractice claim is being made. In this article, we discuss several different types of medical malpractice claims in Illinois and breakdown the types of medical malpractice claims, such as misdiagnosis claims, injuries from workers’ compensation, negligence, prescription and medication drug errors, and hospital malpractice.
Post Date : 06/10/2021

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