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   2021-09-23       5        Finance
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Title : AU Dollar to US Dollar at One-Month High at 0.7421
Description : The AU Dollar to US Dollar is on an upwards move in October. After hitting the lows at 0.7170 levels, it shows steady growth, closing at 0.7421 for the weekend. AU Dollar to US Dollar Strengthens The AU to US Dollar is trading at the October highs at 0.7421. It is moving between the 100 […]
Post Date : 10/18/2021
Title : The US Administration Tightens Regulations On Crypto Assets
Description : Joe Biden administration is gearing up with new crypto regulations. There is a proposal for an executive order (EO) with new rules on the crypto assets. Regulators on the Crypto Assets Federal agencies aim to bring in regulations in the crypto sector. Both the Federal and state government are looking into the administration part of […]
Post Date : 10/15/2021
Title : Canadian to American Dollar Rallies to Two-Month Highs
Description : The Canadian to American Dollar rallies to August highs as it trades at the 0.8023 levels, gaining momentum from good job data and soaring crude prices. Canada to American Dollar Rallies along with Crude Prices The Canadian to American Dollar is at a 2-month high, trading above 0.80 levels in the foreign currency exchange. The […]
Post Date : 10/14/2021
Title : USD/JPY at 112.22 Moves To Pre-Pandemic Levels
Description : The USD/JPY closed at fresh 2021 highs at 112.22 on Friday, October 8, 2021. The US Dollar to Japanese Yen surges to levels last seen in February 2020. USD/JPY Surges towards Pre-Pandemic Levels at 112.22 The USD/JPY closed at levels last seen in February 2020, just before the breakout of the Covid pandemic. It may […]
Post Date : 10/12/2021
Title : Dogecoin Surges 25% in October Encouraged by Musk Tweet
Description : Dogecoin has surged from $0.2020 to $0.2716 in October, a gain of 25%. Tesla CEO Elon Musk brings high volatility on crypto prices with his tweets. Dogecoin Surges in October Elon Musk uses social media to share memes and tweets about his interest in the crypto sector. In particular, his tweets on Dogecoin have the […]
Post Date : 10/08/2021
Title : US Dollar Index Hits One-Year High at 94.50 on September 30
Description : The US Dollar Index is at the year’s high at 94.52 on September 30.  After three days of pullback, the greenback is nudging back towards the 94.00 levels. US Dollar Index Touches One-Year High at 94.50 The US Dollar Index rallied last week, surging above the 94 levels, which is a key resistance level. After […]
Post Date : 10/06/2021
Title : USD/CNY Weakens to 6.4452 Levels on Evergrande Group Default
Description : The USD/CNY weakens to 6.4452 levels, with the Evergrande Group defaulting. If the fall of the real-estate giant reflects on the economy, the PBOC may step in. The PBOC will step in to prevent the domino effect on the economy by the defaulting Evergrande Group. Meanwhile, the US Dollar index is at the 2021 high […]
Post Date : 10/04/2021
Title : S&P Dow Jones Launches New Crypto Indexes on Wall Street
Description : S&P Dow Jones launches five additional crypto indexes to the Wall Street trading floors. It brought in three crypto indexes in May, taking the total to eight. S&P Dow Jones with Crypto Indexes The additional crypto coin indexes launched by S&P Dow Jones on Wall Street are S&P Cryptocurrency Broad Digital Market, LargeCap Index, BDM […]
Post Date : 10/01/2021
Title : USD/TRY at Record High On Rate Cut to 18% on September 24
Description : USD/TRY touched record high levels at 8.9027 after the unexpected rate cut by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey on Friday, September 25, 2021. The USD/TRY was trading at 8.28 levels at the beginning of September. But by the end of the month, it saw a sharp upmove to 8.90 levels. It was […]
Post Date : 09/29/2021
Title : NZD/USD Takes Support at 0.7001 Levels in September
Description : NZD/USD currency pair falls from the September 3 levels at 0.7158 on profit-taking after a swift rally in August. It took support at the 0.7001 levels on September 21. NZD/USD Currency Pair Supported at 0.7001 Levels The NZD/USD pair saw a brisk rally in the last week of August, as it surged from 0.6825 levels […]
Post Date : 09/27/2021

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