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Title : Your Members Are Not Always Your Best Customers
Description : grow engagementReading Time: 3 minutes This article first appeared in Sidecar as Are Your Members Your Best Customers? How to grow engagement? It’s a law of nature in marketing: Your best prospect is the customer you already have. Research consistently shows that it costs six to seven times more to get a new customer than to keep one, and in …
Post Date : 01/20/2023
Title : 4 Steps to Creating Irresistible Member Value
Description : Member ValueReading Time: 3 minutes This article first appeared in Associations Now as Four Steps to Creating Irresistible Member Value Brands like Apple and Amazon have created so much value that consumers can’t get enough of their products and services. Your association needs to offer that same type of value to its members. A look at four ways to do …
Post Date : 09/16/2022
Title : 3 Rules for a Successful Membership Dues Increase
Description : dues increaseReading Time: 5 minutes Is Your Association Leaving Money On The Table? Most associations are. Maybe you haven’t increased your dues in a long time; Maybe you don’t have a rational framework for deciding dues; Maybe you really don’t know how much your members would pay. If so, you are not alone. Most associations are terrified of increasing membership …
Post Date : 09/08/2022
Title : Member Engagement: Three Big Problems and Three Ways to Fix Them
Description : Member EngagementReading Time: 5 minutes Member Engagement Is The Key to Renewal What is member engagement? We usually talk about from our organization’s perspective. However, real growth happens when we start thinking about it from the perspective of a member, as an experience of value. Engagement is a meaningful experience of value by a member. This takes a lot of …
Post Date : 07/26/2022
Title : The Number One Reason Your Members Don’t Renew
Description : Renew MembershipReading Time: 3 minutes Why Don’t They Renew Membership? They Don’t Know What You Do. Every membership survey ever done says the reason people don’t renew membership is lack of value.  The top reasons always include lack of engagement, value, or ROI. Which begs the question: “What do our members want us to do?” But you should be asking: …
Post Date : 03/20/2022
Title : Organizational Membership: The Future of Membership Growth
Description : Group MembershipReading Time: 4 minutes This article was first published in Associations Evolve: 2023 & Beyond   Many associations have “group” membership, which usually amounts to a modest volume discount, sometimes with a single invoice. The idea is that companies will want to pay for their employees’ memberships if they get a price break and a convenient way to pay. Unfortunately, …
Post Date : 06/17/2022
Title : Is Your Member Segmentation Strategy Wrong?
Description : Member SegmentationReading Time: 4 minutes Most associations segment their membership in the same way: by career stage. So young professionals might be one segment, mid-career folks another, and so on into retirement. They do it this way because it seems obvious, and it’s easy – but is there a chance it’s wrong?  When determining whether or not your member segmentation …
Post Date : 05/16/2022
Title : How to Make Membership an Offer They Can’t Refuse
Description : MembershipReading Time: 3 minutes Ask association members why they don’t renew and two in three will say lack of value for the price. Half of them also say lack of engagement or “I forgot”, which are another way of voting on your value with their feet.
Post Date : 03/26/2021
Title : 6 Ways Young Members Are More Like BoomersThan You Think
Description : young membersReading Time: 3 minutes Young Members Are Not That Different From Boomers In 2015, millennials surpassed Generation X to become the largest population in the workforce. The majority of the workforce is getting younger. Most membership organizations are seeing the average age of their members go up. In response, nonprofit associations are prioritizing the attraction of young members. Young …
Post Date : 03/25/2021
Title : 3 Keys to Solving the Member Retention Puzzle
Description : Member RetentionReading Time: 3 minutes This article was originally published in Associations NOW as Three Keys to Solving the Member Retention Puzzle. It’s no secret that member retention is critical. How to achieve it is another story. A membership expert unlocks three clear and evidence-based paths to reaching successful and effective member retention. Everyone knows member retention is crucial to …
Post Date : 05/31/2022

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