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Title : Western Paintings for Sale - Give an Eye-Catcher Look to your Space!
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Get ready to thrill your walls with our stunning western art paintings. We carry a wide selection of western paintings and these paintings are continuously becoming popular among people who loves the art. Our western paintings for sale allows you to take the essence of his beautiful and expressive paintings. Each and every painting represents a continuous, though disrupted, tradition from antiquity until the present time.

Choose Your Favorite Western Painting Today!   
Western art of Len largely describes his expression of ideas and emotions. Checkout our western art for sale and make your home more delightful and inviting. Our western art consists of unique paintings which will definitely make your home and office space more eye-catching. Call us at 516-458-6300 or visit us at LenMondschein.com

Post Date : 01/07/2022
Title : Hurry up, Western Art is for Sale!
Description :

We are living in an age of perfection and there are many people who have made remarkable contribution is their respective fields. Nowadays, western art is successfully combining global trends and ethnic tradition. Today, there are numerous artists living and working in this country. But Len has something special, he is the best among the all-western artists. He has made remarkable contribution in Western Art. His work is extremely appreciable and noticeable. If you want to learn more about the artists and his creations, visit our Western Art for Sale. Most of his western paintings comes with a 23k yellow gold title plate.
Far beyond the use of wildlife painting easily describes the essence of the subject and provides a lot of information about wildlife. Len is the talented artist with a spectacular eye for conceptual art. This is where he express out his ideas and inspiration for his artwork. The wildlife art is the major form of art that attracts the wide range of animal lovers. Len Mondschein is inspired and enjoy the creative challenge of capturing their experiences about wildlife. Wildlife art is greatly reputed because of its efficiency in showing natural wildlife. Many people like to decorate their homes, hotels, or any other spaces with this beautiful paintings. Hey guys, Wildlife Art for Sale is a great chance to identify and understand the existence of various ancient species.
            The essence of beautiful and meaningful paintings is highly recommended by people in today's modern world. Many people in this age are really enthusiastic about this form of art. Most individuals buy artwork for aesthetic and education purposes. The greatest love of Len is his art. He is specialized in various forms of art like Nostalgic, Western, and Wildlife. His brilliant work and excellent paintings enable customers to purchase a number of art forms. Western Artists are always appreciated by people for their excellent work of expressing serene relationship between man and wildlife. Here you will find famous paintings under a single roof. Visit our website especially portfolio page to see the wonderful collection of paintings.

Author Bio:

Len Mondschein is the best wildlife, nostalgia and western artist in Roslyn, NY, USA. Get Western, Wildlife and nostalgic art work and Western paintings for sale.

Post Date : 01/07/2022
Title : Len Mondschein – The Wildlife Artist who brought Passion of his Life for Animals
Description :

Len Mondschein a name taken with integral respect and honor in the field of a wildlife artist. He is a few of the best wildlife artists in New York. Wildlife art is a vast and interesting topic. Various wildlife artists express their creativity in the form of paintings but very less directly touches to the heart of the audience. Len Mondschein is one of them.


Len Mondschein has been an ideal wildlife artist since the early part of his career due to qualities like persistence, patience and broad vision for sketching the paintings. His idea of sketching art emphasizes an understanding of an animal’s feelings and emotions. Such features make him sit in the queue of best wildlife artists.


Passion, a sense of adventure and discipline are some of the qualities a wildlife artist should possess. Len is compiled with all such characteristics. Wildlife arts sketched by Len are predominantly deeply thoughtful and romantic. Len’s wildlife arts clearly display his passion for animals. He is among those best wildlife artists who have a clear thought process while sketching paintings. All the paintings are reality-based and show the exact condition and lifestyle of animals.


Aesthetic Wildlife Art for Sale:         


Wildlife art has gained integral importance in the modern-day world as they represent the nature and wildlife world. Len Mondschein’s wildlife art for sale gives you a grand opportunity to buy his arts and experience the nature and wildlife closely. The paintings not only include sketching of common wild animals but also of species that are on the verge of extinction.


It’s like now or never again chances to buy drawings in wildlife art for sale. The drawings in wildlife art for sale will take you on a journey of beautiful animals, birds, and nature. Len Mondschein’s wildlife arts depict landscapes, sceneries, nature, and wildlife in an epic manner.


Wildlife paintings always amaze visitors at your house. The paintings increase the gracefulness and essence of the home. Drawings are always a better option to decorate a house. Decorating a house with wildlife arts is like adding a cherry on a cake, and opting for Len Mondschein paintings is the best option to do so.


Len’s sketches have hit many art and wildlife art extravaganzas successfully. The paintings are worth buying; they will not only give a ‘Wow’ feeling to your house but will present an opportunity to watch nature, wildlife, animals of different species closely.                   

Post Date : 01/07/2022
Title : Get close to nature with the foremost wildlife artist
Description :

Wildlife art has always been a topic of curiosity and fascination for human beings. People who aren’t even keenly interested or don’t know much about wildlife are attracted to wildlife art. Such is the beauty of wildlife art!      

Len Mondschein is one of the finest wildlife artist people have witnessed to date. His beautiful crafting of wildlife paintings will mesmerize you to a new level. They’ll take you close towards nature. It’s pretty hard to take off your vision when you are looking at the fantastic wildlife paintings sketched by the best wildlife artists. Len Mondschein is inarguably one of them.

Len has an incredibly wide and expansive vision in imparting the sentiments and explanations of wild life. The wildlife art for sale ready to be sold speak its volume and richness.   

Gift them the Unique!

People are often in search of gifting something unique things to their loved ones. Len Mondschein’s amazing collection of wildlife art for sale is a golden opportunity to have for your loved ones. Surprising them with such gifts on occasions as well as on ordinary days will bring joy and enthusiasm to the face of gift giver and receiver.

There can’t be a better option to decorate your home and office with the wildlife paintings drawn by the visionary wildlife artist, Len Mondschein. The paintings will make your architecture look ever new and appealing. This will have a mind-blowing effect on your personal mood as well.  

Mesmerizing Western art for sale      

Joe Netherwood – a renowned western art sketcher was Len’s inspiration and influencer to draw western art paintings. The beauty of the collection of Len’s western art for sale is immortal. The beautiful pictures will take back to you in a different universe, the universe of ancient and middle ages. Such characteristics of Len’s paintings make him sit in a queue of the best western artists.  

The western paintings for sale creations helps in discarding pressure and gives you a re-established yearning to feel good. Growing up as a kid in Brooklyn New York, in the 1940s and 50s, Len was convinced that he was more of a cowboy than any kid growing up in Wyoming or Montana or Texas.

Therefore, Len initially drew the sketches of Cowboys, and stories regarded it as western art. Later on, believing in reality he drew a lot of pictures of magnificent pictures of Native Americans from various western tribes.  

Len Mondschein - an influential Nostalgia artist 

Len as a nostalgia artist is like a time traveler. His deeply impactful craftsmanship will take you into the past and recall the memories irrespective of good and bad.

The love and interest for nostalgia workmanship get more prominent and more noteworthy. Reviewing those recollections as sentimentality workmanship paying little mind to torment or solace, it surprises all of us.


Len is a few of the famous nostalgia artists who are well known finished for drawing innovative and entrancing nostalgic expressions. Len's sentimentality artworks consistently fulfill our craving to give a glorious look to any place.

Post Date : 11/18/2021
Title : Best Wildlife, Western and Nostalgia Artists Paintings for Sale in New York
Description :




The wildlife artwork, nostalgia artwork, and western paintings are playing an important role while decorating home, commercial office spaces. Len Mondschein is a well-known Western artist in Brooklyn, New York and he has the largest selection of wildlife artwork, nostalgia artwork, and western paintings for sale.


Len Mondschein Art is the trusted online art gallery to buy paintings online in New York. Visit us at https://www.lenmondscheinart.com/ today!


Why choose Len Mondschein Art Work?


  • Liquitex Acrylic Paints: These paints are non-toxic and water-resistant. The paint will not fade in sunlight and will last the lifetime of the Painting.
  • Canvas: These paintings are custom made and museum-quality Belgian Linen made by Masterpiece. The canvas is expertly stretched on thick solid wood bars preventing warping of the painting.
  • Frames: My paintings are custom-framed by Sunflower Fine Arts and The Art and Frame factory.
  • Giclee Prints: The latest generation printer, the Canon IPF 9400, is used along with 12-pigment archival ink on gloss canvas.
  • Title Plates: Title plates are hand made with 23k yellow gold on wood by The Gold Leaf Fine Art Lettering.


The Len Mondschein is New York's best wildlife artists. Contact and buy your favorite online western, wildlife, and nostalgic artwork and paintings that are available for sale.

Post Date : 11/18/2021

Len MondscheinArt

Find best wildlife, western and nostalgia artist in Brooklyn, New York. Contact Len Mondschein Art and visit portfolio to buy online western, wildlife and nostalgic art work and paintings that are av..

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