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   2022-04-20       12        News & Media
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Channel Description : Identity Review is a tech think tank dedicated to connecting with you on issues related to the data economy.
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Title : What is the American Data Privacy and Protection Act?
Description : Lawmakers push for the ADPPA to improve consumer privacy with midterms less than six months away.
Post Date : 06/20/2022
Title : Nigeria’s Conflicting Relationship with Cryptocurrency
Description : Learn about initiatives for digital payments and cryptocurrency in Nigeria.
Post Date : 06/09/2022
Title : What is Luna Coin?
Description : Betting on the future of Luna Coin, the second largest DeFi protocol
Post Date : 05/03/2022
Title : NFTGamerTV L2E: A Gamified Learn to Earn Platform
Description : NFTGamerTV's L2E platform rewards people for learning about crypto and web3 gaming
Post Date : 04/11/2022
Title : How Yuga Labs Hopes to Influence the Metaverse
Description : Recent announcements from the creators of BAYC signal a move towards the metaverse
Post Date : 03/31/2022
Title : Koop Aims to Define the Next Generation of Web3 Tooling
Description : A growing startup to pioneer a Web3-native platform for collectives
Post Date : 03/21/2022
Title : A History of Crypto and the Ukraine Crisis
Description : How the latest invasion of Ukraine reveals cryptocurrency's mainstream effect
Post Date : 03/10/2022
Title : Athletes Enter in the NFT Space, Garnering Significant Attention
Description : NFTs are reaching some of their most passionate audiences—those who follow sports.
Post Date : 02/28/2022
Title : University of Austin (UATX) Launches the Forbidden Courses
Description : The new university releases its “Forbidden Courses,” opening applications
Post Date : 02/20/2022
Title : MiamiCoin: Transforming Cities and Cryptocurrency
Description : Miami launched its own cryptocurrency, MiamiCoin, earning more than $21 million for the city
Post Date : 02/01/2022

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