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News paper all over the country through news paper and media is helping to reach every house. It is only through the circulation of news that the happenings in the country can be known.

Importance of news and media:-

News paper is a form of print media, the purpose of news is to reach many news readers across the country. Every incident happening in the country should reach every household through the medium of newspapers of media. There are many people who do not know now to read. But he is able to watch every news with the help of TV and media.

Benefits of news:-

(1)     Many people read the news paper first thing in the morning.

(2)     Newspaper has its own way for everyone, for politics, for politicians, for employment for youth.

(3)     Newspaper have a great role to play in educating people.

The corona Pandemic has resulted in severe economic and social impacts around the world.  Corona virus disease is an infectious Disease caused by a newly Discovered corona virus. Covid19 was first identify during December 2019 Wuhan city, china. common signs of infection include respiratory.

Corona virus

Symptoms of corona virus:- 

(1)     Prolonged fever.

(2)     Abdominal pain.

(3)     Complaint of chest pain.

(4)     Shortness of breath.

(5)   Headache.

Prevention of coronavirus:-

     (1)    Wash hands frequently with soap.

       (2)    Throw away used tissues. 

       (3)    Use disposable tissue while couching and sneezing.

       (4)    Try not come in contact with those who are sick.

   . Due to prolonged starvation some parts of the body may yet destroyed and eventual death may also. The most important reason for starvation is that there are some people who waste food. There are some people who take a lot of food in the plate and leave it lying, due to which that food is not worth anyone.


People sleep hungry every day:-

The problem of malnutrition is deepening its roots in the world. Due to this one billion people are becoming obese. While a large number of people are depended on food grains, 800 million people are cursed to sleep hungry every night. This is the situation every year in the world more than a billion tons of food is wasted. The united nations has realized a report in this regard on Friday, according to which, if the problem of malnutrition is not stopped in time, by 2035, half of the world’s population will be in this grip.

Food waste:-

There is a global waste of 13 billion to is of food annually in the world. It is cause a lot of $ 680 billion in developed countries and $ 680 310 billion in countries billion in developing countries.

Careless of the rich:-

Be increased rich countries negligence in the proper use of food by 2050, let’s behave 220 million tons of food is wasted annually in this countries. Whereas in sub-Saharan Africa,230 million tons of food grains and produced annually.  

Production will have:-

Provide it with food the World bank has set a target of increasing global agriculture production by 60 percent. At present, about 30 percent of the food grains produced is worked every year. Before increasing The production of food. It will be necessary to stop the Wastage otherwise there may be an increase in starvation in future.

Is not something that we should do under pressure. It is a good habit and healthy way for our good healthy life. The Swachh Bharat  Abhiyan launched by the 15th prime minister of India Shri narendra modi on October 12, 2014 from Valmiki Basti, new Delhi. All types cleanliness is very important of good health, be it personal, surrounding, environment, pet animals, work place(school, college etc) we all should be very aware that how to cleanliness in our everyday life. It is very is to incorporate cleanliness into a bad habit. We should never compromise on cleanliness, it is as essential in life as water and food. It should be skilled from childhood which can only be started by every parent as the first and foremost responsibility.

clean India

Benefits of running the clean India mission:-

Keep your surrounding clean.

Liberating India from open defecation.

Under this, the government got toilets constructed in every village.

Making India cleaner and greener.

Made people aware through street plays and camps.

Made people aware to keep cleanliness on the breasts of health and education.

Post Date : 01/17/2023

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