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Title : Where to Buy Plus-size Women Dresses Online
Description :
Plus-sized women have been given so many rules for dressing that is it hard to keep up with them all. At times it can seem like mainstream fashion is only for slim people, and that makes shopping online a frustrating experience.

While other online stores may only carry sizes up to XL, shopping for plus-size women dresses and clothing online is fun and easy at Farm Girls Fancy Frills. We carry sizes from S to 5XL, so you are sure to find what you want in your size!

With summer just around the corner, we know you are looking for the perfect piece to update your wardrobe so you can be comfortable and stylish.

Here are 6 outdated fashion rules you need to let go of today

1. Plus-Size Colored Jeggings Don’t Exist

Finding plus-size colored jeggings may have been difficult several years ago, but at Farm Girls Fancy Frills, we know that colored jeggings are a great way to add fun and versatility to your wardrobe. Jeggings are so comfortable that you can wear them for almost any activity, including farm work!

Not only that but they flatter every single body-type and are much easier to tuck into boots than regular jeans. The fact is that colored jeggings make it easy to get dressed in the morning. Just throw on a long tunic top, and you are ready to go.

plus size clothing online


2. Wearing White Makes You Look Bigger

plus size clothing online


At Farm Girls Fancy Frills, we know that the key to a flattering piece of clothing comes down to fit, not color. It just is not true that white makes you look larger in real life. That is why we stock our Think It Through Off White Tank Top in size 2X and 3X. This top looks fabulous on all women from regular size to plus-size!

3. Button Down Shirts Are Not Flattering for Plus Sized Women

plus size clothing online

For years, fashion ‘experts’ have been saying that button down tops are not flattering for plus-size gals. Boy were they wrong! Farm Girls know that button-down shirts can complement curves. All you need to do is find the right size and fabric that has a bit of stretch. You can also layer your button up shirt under a cardigan for a more slimming look and to keep warm on cold summer nights.

4. Prints Are Not for Plus-Size Women

plus size clothing online

Fashion magazines may tell big girls that dressing in bright colors and prints will draw unneeded attention to their bodies, but the reality is that plus-size women can wear any color and print if they like it.

If you are still nervous about wearing head-to-toe print, you can start with small, vibrant details on your shoes, jewelry, or bags before trying more significant pieces. When you are ready to seek out Where to Buy Plus-size Women Tunics Online, our Evening Mist Black Blouse is flattering on all shapes and sizes ranging from S to 3XL!

5. Plus Size Women Should Not Wear Stripes


Sure, some stripes can make you look bigger, but the reality is that asymmetrical lines can make you appear smaller! IF you are looking at where to Buy Plus-size clothing with stripes, seek out stripes that angle inward to help slim your waistline and find a dark background with light stripes for a super smiling effect.

6. Size 14+ Women Should Only Wear Empire Waists


When you search Where to Buy Plus-size Women Dresses Online, you may find that the only available options are empire waists. While this may be fine if you are smaller-busted, however women who carry most of their weight in their middle may find that an empire waist isn’t for them. Our Best Chance Red Tunic flatters women who carry weight in their midsection and is a fun, stylish top that can be worn every day.

Your own personal style is about expressing yourself and being comfortable on the farm, at work, or at lunch with your friends. In the past, bigger women have been told ‘don’t do this’ and ‘stay away from that,’ but we know that those rules don’t really apply, and we have shown you why.

We offer a wide range of dresses, leggings, tunics, and jeggings that fit all body types and styles. Now that we have thrown out all the dated plus-size women fashion rules, you can shop from the thousands of styles we have available online today. 

Post Date : 05/28/2019
Title : Country Clothing Styling Tips
Description :

Farm Girls Clothing Styling Tips

Trendy clothing boutiques like Farm Girls Fancy Frills are the best places you can shop to add unique pieces to your wardrobe. If you are looking to create your very own farm girl style, we have some great tips for you. Here are some easy ways you can incorporate accessories and print into your wardrobe to achieve a one of a kind style.

Styling Tip #1: Farm Inspired Sandals

Comfortable sandals with rope details are the perfect way to add a little country style into your wardrobe. The best part about farm inspired sandals is that they are a great alternative to flip-flops in the summer months. They’re an easy go to and yet they still look polished and fashionable.

When shopping trendy clothing boutiques, look for styles like our Lasso Taupe Sandals that are easy to slip on and off which will give you maximum versatility and comfort.

country clothing style tips

Shop Farm Inspired Sandals

Styling Tip #2: A Floppy Sunhat

A floppy-brimmed sun hat made of straw or another natural looking material is a must-have for achieving the perfect farm girl style. In the cooler months, you can choose to wear a felt version. Get a few floppy hats in different colors to match every outfit!

You can wear a simple sun hat like our Sunny Daze Floppy Hat with a sundress or with a pair of jeans and a tunic.

Shop Farm Inspired Hats

Styling Tip #3: Add A Printed Canvas Bag

Canvas bags are not only practical, but they are the perfect addition to your country wardrobe. Great bags allow you to be hands-free which is essential for a busy woman. At trendy clothing boutiques like Farm Girls Fancy Frills, we have canvas bags in all patterns and prints.

Nothing beats the luxurious look of a bold, geometric printed canvas bag like our Aztec Rug Tote.

Luckily, all our bags come in various sizes and price points, so search carefully on our website to see which one is best for you!

Styling Tip #4: Antique Bronze Jewelry

Earrings, chains, stones, bracelets, and necklaces in antique bronze are available in our trendy clothing boutique. When you are shopping for antique bronze jewelry, look for original finds like our Farm Girls Independence Day Necklace.


Remember, a statement necklace is a great layering piece that adds style and personality to an otherwise simple outfit. You can also add a personal touch to your outfit with cool cuffs and fun earrings.

Styling Tip #5: A Versatile Vest

Vests are perfect for getting that extra kick to your style because they add pizzazz to many different pieces in your closet. Pair your vest with a maxi dress, blue jeans, tunic, or a plain t-shirt. The styling options are endless. Vests look fantastic with almost everything in your closet.

farm girls fancy frills

Try pairing our ‘Square Dance Off White Vest’ with a cute sundress and hat for the perfect outdoor look

Styling Tip #6: Patterned Scarves

A scarf is one of the most versatile items on this list. Adding a patterned scarf will give you a bit of warmth but also adds texture to your outfit.

Try pairing our ‘Digging In The Dirt Scarf’ with blue jeans and a white t-shirt for the perfect casual or dressy vibe.  You decide:)

Farm Girl Fancy Frills should be your trendy clothing boutique destination. You can use these tips to fill your cart with the most fantastic, fun, and current style items. Don’t forget to use the Promo Code: Udder to get 60% Off Bargain Bin Items!

Post Date : 05/21/2019
Title : Farm Girls Bohemian Fashion Styles
Description : Bohemian fashion has been in vogue since the 19th century when upper-class French artists would adopt the style of the Gypsies to seem urban and lower-class. Today bohemian women’s clothing is worn by those who want to be unconventional and stand out from the crowd. If you are looking to adopt the boho-chic style, there are so many great bohemian women's boutiques for you to choose from. May we suggest... Farm Girls Fancy Frills?  The real question then becomes what are the latest bohemian fashion styles to look out for this season? We have compiled a list of suggestions and helpful tips to understand some bohemian fashion tips for this year.

Tunics And Dresses

Tunics are the ultimate fashion staple to have in your wardrobe. They are versatile and can be paired with a cute pair of boots or long statement necklaces to go from casual to fancy.

Bold Patterns

This tunic style dress is perfect for an afternoon spent with friends. The bright bold pattern shows off your personality and the coral color is on trend for spring and summer. This piece pairs really well with long, bright necklaces that gives a boho vibe look. Layer two of three necklaces with this to let the world know that you are an unconventional woman with style!

Neutral Base

Tunics and dresses in neutral colors will go a long way in your wardrobe. This dress can be worn for any occasion. Style it with a kimono for church or pair it with high heels for a night on the town. We stock a large variety of neutral colored tunics to fit women of all sizes and fashion style needs.   The best thing about neutral tunics is that you can add punches of colors with accessories and shoes. There is no limit to the options you have with a neutral tunic.

Textured Tunics

Textured tunics and dresses offer you a way to easily transition between the seasons. Textured tunics come in many forms such as, lace patterns, linen classics, and simple polyester cotton mixes.  Perfect pieces for summer and will transition easily into fall.  Our crazy shifting weather calls for a fresh approach to everyday fashion. You just gotta love our textures—think classic, think lace, think ruffles and think FARM GIRLS.

Lace Dresses and Extenders

The quintessential bohemian women's clothing icon is lace dress extenders. This feminine, flowy dress extender comes in several lengths and colors. Of course, this is a piece you can't just have one!  We offer every color under the sun!

Bold Patterns

Bold floral and paisley patterns are on trend and you will see this style available in many bohemian women's boutiques. May we suggest... Farm Girls Fancy Frills? For the hot summer weather, how about a sleeveless dress? The dress shown is perfect for summer and an added bonus... it is a flattering fit to fill slimmer in due to the vertical nature of the pattern. To achieve the ultimate boho look pair this dress with a bold, textured belt to accentuate your waist!

Bold Accessories

Speaking of bold accessories, the bohemian fashion trend is not complete without accessories. Here are a few of the most popular accessories that you can add to your wardrobe.


Studded belts with bold buckles are dominating the bohemian fashion scene this season. The rich texture of the silver-toned buckled paired with the intricate patterns of the belt links makes this a timeless statement piece. Pair a belt like this with a neutral tunic to make an impression.

If you are wearing a bold print you may want to try out a solid colored belt in a rich brown. The rich brown leather in this belt will add character and texture to your outfit.


Hats are a must-have item needed to complete the bohemian look. Not only are hats practical in the summer, but they are also stylish and can compensate for the occasional bad hair day:)

Unstructured hats

To keep in line with the free-flowing bohemian style, unstructured Panama hats are great for framing your face and adding intrigue to your outfit. This hat in a burnt umber brown is perfect for most skin tones and plays well as a contrast to light hair.

Structured Hats

Sometimes it is nice to pair a flowy dress or skirt with a nightly structured piece like this black felt hat. The added detail of the Farm Girl twine around the brim brings an earthy vibe to the hat. It's going to look so good on you and would be pair perfectly with a bold print dress.


Baseball caps with flair are the mark of a true American farm girl or city slicker gal with a flair for bohemian style. This hat offers a simple touch of glam right above the brim. Heads will be turning while keeping the sun out of your face all day long.


Ready For The Beach?  Beach vacations are the perfect place to dress bohemian. Before you go on your next trip visit a bohemian women’s clothing store to get yourself a colorful sunhat. May we suggest... Farm Girls Fancy Frills?  This hat can easily put a twist to your day, wear it with your bathing suit and how about a lace tunic as a cover-up to complete the fun in the sun style.


Nothing completes the bohemian look like a statement necklace! Necklaces can be layered over tunics for a chic look. Look for long necklaces with bold details like the one below. This crystal glass beaded necklace is the perfect completion to any outfit wether your dressed down or up.

Long beaded necklaces

Nothing says boho like ultra-long beaded necklaces. Our Sparkle and Shine crystals come in a variety of colors to insure you have a match for any outfit.  We suggest layering multiple necklaces of varying lengths for a definitively boho-chic Farm Girl look.

Post Date : 04/19/2019
Title : Everything Is Bigger In Texas
Description :

Everything is Bigger in Texas

Well Miss Glory left on her second adventure just in time to miss out on another BIG ice storm here in Northwest Missouri (she said it wasn’t planned, but I think otherwise)! Now she is in Dallas, Texas enjoying sunny, sixty degree days! Dallas is home to the BIG World Trade Center that houses a huge wholesale market that shows off the latest and greatest fashion trends! So, when you’re from a small town like Miss Glory, hitting the BIG city can be intimidating…especially when everything is BIGGER in Texas! However, I have no doubt that Glory will show Texas just how BIG her personality is! She is excited to get home not only to join her friends (and her momma) back on the farm, but to also bring home the BIGGEST fashion surprises yet!! Be sure to watch our Facebook page and our New Arrivals to see all of the BIG secrets that Miss Glory has up her sleeve!

Happy Shopping from Glory and I!

Alexx McKenna
Always A Farm Girl

Post Date : 01/25/2019
Title : To Market To Market in Atlanta
Description :

Miss Glory is excited to announce that she finally ventured off the farm and made her first grand appearance in the big city of Atlanta, Georgia! Atlanta, Georgia is known for not only the World of Coca-Cola, but also as being the future home of Super Bowl LIII.

You might be asking yourself why Miss Glory decided to make her first adventure Atlanta, and the answer is simple! Atlanta, Georgia is also home to the biggest wholesale market in the United States! That’s right, Miss Glory is off on an adventure, to market to market, to find you (our customers) the latest and greatest fashion trends! Not only did she snag up some awesome new Spring and Summer pieces, she also got to explore downtown Atlanta, including Hard Rock Café and the bustling Atlanta Airport!


While Miss Glory was excited for her very first adventure, she was also excited to return home on the farm! She has just enough time to get rested up for her second adventure…Dallas, Texas!

Stay tuned to see what Miss Glory is up to on this next BIG TEXAS adventure…



Alexx McKenna
Always A Farm Girl


Are you wondering what this is all about?

We need your help! Farm Girls Is On A Mission…

Let Me Introduce you to FLAT GLORY! Inspired by the original Flat Stanley



  • Farm Girls Wants Flat Glory To Travel all over the United States.
  • We will provide you with Your very own Flat Glory and ask that you take a picture of yourself and Flat Glory mentioning your state and recounting your Adventure along the way.
  • Or if you are feeling adventurous feel free to send Flat Glory off on a trip and share your photo and story there.
  • Then you can email your stories and pictures to us at or post your pic to our facebook page with your story.
  • We will be mapping Flat Glory’s adventures along the way.

As our way of saying thank you, we will be sending each participant a very special surprise!


We've had our first Flat Glory sighting! Thanks for sharing Jo! There's a Farm Girl Tee on the way to you!

Jo Pfeiffer writes:
Here is Flat Glory with The Casey Tibbs monument in my hometown, Ft. Pierre, SD.
She is at the very bottom of the monument. 













Susan High writes:
Flat Glory decided she wanted to come to Alabama to visit Auburn University’s Jordan Hare Stadium, where Pat Sullivan, Bo Jackson and Cam Newton won the Heisman Trophy!!












Susie Wood writes:

My husband and Puppy! Graniteville South Carolina.


Post Date : 01/15/2019
Title : Glory
Description :

In September of 2013, I finally found a true best friend. We had went to the same school since Kindergarten, but it wasn’t until I was a sophomore in high school and they were a junior in high school that we ever really crossed paths. Something about them stood out to me. I loved that they were genuine. I loved that they were funny. But most of all, I loved that they farmed. Something about their lifestyle was appealing to me. I loved riding in their old farm truck (yes even with the dog), I loved learning the ins and outs of farming (even when I felt totally stupid), and I especially loved checking cows (even though I am a terrible count)! It was little moments like these that I enjoyed the most with my best friend. It was these moments that made me realize how passionate I am about farming and cows! That’s why, my junior year of high school, I bought two lil’ heifer calves. One as a gift to celebrate my best friend graduating high school, and the other to start my best friend and I’s very own herd. Once Miss Gabbee was weaned from the bottle, she happily joined the other cows on my best friend’s farm. Watching her grow was so much fun for me (even if she was a little pest to them)! Then, before I knew it, Gabbee had her very first calf! I couldn’t have been more proud!

Fast forward one year later, and here we are again! Miss Gabbee calved a day after Thanksgiving and two days before a huge blizzard hit (perfect timing...). Except this time was different, I didn’t have my best friend by my side celebrating our new addition to the herd. In early August, my best friend and I split ways. This has been one of the hardest trials that I have faced yet. Frustrated, angry, and confused, I just wanted to make all of the memories we created together disappear, but Miss Gabbee (and God) had a different plan. That day after Thanksgiving, Miss Gabbee gave me the best gift I could have asked for…a little heifer that I named Glory. Not only is Miss Glory the start to my very own herd, but she is also what helps keep my memories alive. Even the slightest little glance at her causes all of the memories to come rushing back. Memories that I thought I wanted gone have now become memories that I will hold on to and cherish forever. I often find myself just sitting in the pasture staring at lil’ Glory while all of the rides in the old farm truck and all of the lil’ farming lessons I was taught replay in my head. It is because of Glory that I will continue to reminisce on all of the awesome, amazing memories. It is because of Glory that my friendship with my best friend will live on forever.

So what I am trying to say is, make sure and keep your memories alive! Not just memories from 2018, but memories from years prior! Remember the good, the bad, and the ugly…don’t ever wish your memories away! And as we go into 2019, my wish for you is that God will bless you with a Glory! Whatever your Glory may be…I hope that it helps you to remember and reminisce on all of the awesome, amazing memories that you have created along your journey.

From Gabbee, Glory, and I…HAPPY 2019!

Alexx McKenna
Always A Farm Girl

This blog is dedicated to my best friend. Although you may not be by my side, not a day goes by that I don’t think about you. Thank you for letting me be a small part of your farming journey, thank you for helping me discover my passion, but most importantly, thank you for being one of my very best friends!

This blog is also dedicated to Miss Glory! Thank you for keeping my memories alive! I can’t wait to create so many more memories with you along the way!


Post Date : 01/07/2019
Title : Help Me Help Others
Description :

Help Me Help Others

I can still remember as a small child (farm girl) how exciting it was to get a new outfit (fancy frills).  It was even more exciting when I got to put it on for the very first time!  However, I also remember that it rarely happened.  Growing up in the 80's was a tough time for any small farmer, and that did not exclude my dad.  I got to witness how hard he worked at something he was so passionate about.  Not only that, but I also go to witness how he never complained even when having to take on farming and a full time job to make ends meet.  Even though my dad never said anything to me directly, I knew he was feeling hopeless and lost during this very tough time in his life.  However, that never stopped my dad from reaching out to others.  Even during his own struggles, he would still be the one to give you his last dollar and smile doing so!  "Thanks Dad" for teaching me that it is more of a blessing to give than to receive!

This Is Where Your Help Comes In...

I want to help those that need help!  Often times, we might think that giving only comes in the form of cash donations, but that is not true!  You can give by helping me help others.  Do you see someone in need?  I would love to have the opportunity to brighten someone's day during a rough time in their life.  Please reach out to me at

Let's Work Together To Make Someone Smile!

Post Date : 12/31/2018
Title : Farm Girls Comfort Foods-Apple Dumplin's
Description :

As the holidays approach it seems that we take a little  more time to remember and appreciate all of our loved ones.  In fact, for all of us, the holidays can be a great struggle.  We miss our lost loved ones, distant family, and old friends even more.  For me, these past few months have been filled with lots of heartache, and as the holiday approaches, those painful thoughts and feelings seem to be just a little bit stronger.  So believe me, I know that it can be hard at times to really enjoy the holiday cheer when a little piece of your heart is missing.  However, I challenge you to face those struggles head on!  I challenge you to smile and laugh, but most importantly, I challenge you to choose happiness and find joy, even if just a little, this Christmas! 

That's why, this past week, my little sister (Andee) and I snuck away from chores and work just long enough to roll up our sleeves and get a little messy in the kitchen (believe me, it was a mess)!  And without any bickering (which is rare), we both agreed on making our Great Grandma's famous, Old Fashioned Apple Dumplin's!  While slicing the apples (good, tart Granny Smith Apples are the only way to go!)  and kneading the dough, I realized just how great the kitchen can be when you have good food and good company!  Now if you know anything about me at all, you probably know that I am by far not a pro in the kitchen, and I would rather be outdoors than anywhere else!  However, this time in the kitchen allowed me to be able to whip up so many good memories with my lil' sis.  What started out as just an ordinary day in the kitchen, ended in a full-fledged flour fiasco, and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way!

You may not appreciate our unsolicited advice, but Andee and I tossed together three tips that we think will help you discover happiness and joy this holiday season!


Tip #1 - You're The Apple Of My Eye

Take time to treasure your loved ones!  The hustle and bustle of life can often times keep us from remembering what's most important in life...the people we love!  This Christmas, I challenge you to go out of your way to tell all of your loved ones just how much they mean to you!  Don't ever forget that the best gifts can't be wrapped!

Tip #2 - A Spoonful Of Sugar

In a world that feels like it is becoming more divided each day, it is important to remember the power of a simple act of kindness.  It is time that we become a little more sweet and a little less salty!  Whether you take the time to hold the door open, say please & thank you, or give a simple hello...never underestimate what those simple little acts can do!

Tip #3 - Don't Forget The Oven!

My Great Grandma's Apple Dumplin' recipe has been around for many years, and I guarantee it will be around for many more!  It is important to keep traditions alive!  We don't want our traditions to burn away, so check your oven ladies!!  If you have an old tradition that you have tucked away, share it this holiday season!  Bring your traditions back to life!

With 7 more days until Christmas, we hope that you take these three tips and use them to help you discover happiness and joy!  Whether you start your own holiday tradition or keep an old one alive, we hope that you find things that help you to face your struggles head on!  While the struggles and heartache may never completely fade away, there is still so much happiness and joy to be discovered!  If you miss someone this holiday season, tell them!  And if there are people that you can no longer tell, hold them close to your heart as you celebrate the magic of Christmas this year!  From our kitchen to yours, Andee and I wish you the Merriest of Christmas's and the Happiest of New Years!


Merry Merry Christmas!

Alexx McKenna

Always A Farm Girl


This blog is dedicated to my little sis, Andee McKall!

Thank you Andee for making me face my struggles head on!  Thank you for challenging me to choose happiness and find joy!  Thank you for making being an older sister the best job in the world!  But most importantly, thank you for being my best friend!  Love you!

Old Fashioned Apple Dumplin's


  • Pie Crust
  • 6 Large Tart Apples
  • 1 Stick Of Butter
  • Cinnamon
  • Sugar


  • 1 Cup Sugar
  • 3 Tbsp.  Butter
  • 1 Tsp. Cinnamon
  • 2 Cups Water



Peel & slice apples.  roll out six 8" circles of dough.  Place approx. one apple in the center of each circle.  Top with 1 tsp. cinnamon & 2 tsp. sugar.  Bring the pastry up to the center, pinching the edges to seal.  Place in a greased 13X9 baking dish, then sprinkle the tops of the dumplings with your desired amount of cinnamon and sugar.

Sauce:  Combine ingredients, stir until blended, heat until boiling.  Pour Over dumplings.

Bake at 350 degrees for approx. 30-35 minutes or until golden brown, basting occasionally with the sauce.

Post Date : 12/20/2018
Title : Alexx McKenna
Description :

As a proud momma here I have to brag on my oldest daughter! Alexx McKenna has a drive and passion that is explosive. I can describe her as a person in love with the outdoors, hunting, and her cows. She has been working 20 hours a week and often times more to be my right hand man, behind the camera, and at times in front of the camera, not to mention my blog lady of late all while in her senior year of nursing school. With over 100 college hours under her belt and a schedule that overflows she has managed to get yet another 4.0 this semester (yes, even with pharmacology...Uggg). If you ask her the trick to keeping it all together....her answer would be her cows! I'm sure she won't be too happy with seeing this post but I can't help but feel so moved by seeing her this week sitting in the pasture with a warm drink and her study materials while preparing for her finals. Your drive and passion for life even while overcoming obstacles and heartache at times amazes me. As your mom, Alexx, CONGRATULATIONS. Keep God in your heart and your cows in your life and your pasture will always stay green! LOVE YOU! - Mom


Shelly Angle

The Head Farm Girl

Alexx Mckenna's Momma:)

Post Date : 12/14/2018
Title : A Note From The Head Farm Girl
Description :

Born and raised in a small rural community in Missouri, I knew what hard work and dedication meant. My dad was a farmer and my mom was a stay at home farm wife. Working from sun up to sun down was all I knew. Farming in the 80’s brought many financial struggles to my family. Therefore, at the age of 15, I found myself getting a job at the McDonald’s in a nearby town. It was a far stretch from my dream job, but was a sacrifice I was willing to make for our family farm.

It was not but a year later when my journey in the fashion industry began. I was approached by a manager of a retail chain known as “Ups N Downs” about a job opportunity that would allow me to work in retail with clothing. And that is how it all began, I found that I had a passion for fashion.

Two years flew by and I was college bound. I chose to pursue a degree in Business Management. However, college did not stop me from working for Ups N Downs. In fact, I worked there for special events and was also offered an internship with J.C. Penney! After graduation, I married my high school sweetheart and eagerly took a job offer with J.C. Penney as their new merchandising manager. Not long after, my husband’s job transfer relocated us. Little did I know, I was going to be hired back by the United Shoe Corporation who owned Ups N Downs, but had a name change known as Capezios.

Once again, my husband received another promotion which involved a job transfer. Again, this meant leaving my job behind. So I made the decision to stay at home with our 3 year old son and work on getting my Master’s Degree in vocational business. After 5 years of staying home, the entrepreneur in me came out! With the love and support of my husband, I rented a small 600 square foot house and eventually opened the doors of my very own home décor business, “The Primitive Peddler, Inc.” Of course, I still loved fashion, but having recently built a home, my eyes were set on home décor fashion. Each day started by dropping off my kindergartner and then proceeding on to my little business with my 2 year old (yep, that’s right, she went to work with me every day). I eventually built my own 5400 square foot building two blocks from my original stomping grounds. A third child (yes she came to work with me every day too) and 19 years later, I’m still here.

The past 19 years with my little home décor business have been filled with so many opportunities, memories, failures, and successes. I would not trade them for anything else in the world. However, with my children growing older and starting their own adventures, I began toying with the idea of solely taking my business online. Going back to my fashion and farming roots, Farm Girls Fancy Frills was born. It quickly bloomed from my small 320 square foot office in the back of my home décor business to overflowing into the rest of my building! I was blown away with how quickly we started growing. Needless to say, I have yet to start slowing down, but having the opportunity to express myself and show women how much fun fashion can be has made this wonderful journey worthwhile!

There is no doubt that this has been my hardest challenge to date. However, through hard work, dedication, and God my little online business has flourished. I give credit to my mom and dad for instilling in me the true meaning of hard work and dedication. Without them and my upbringing on the farm, I would not be the farm girl I am today.

Shelly Angle

The Head Farm Girl

Post Date : 12/10/2018

Shelly Angle

We here Farm Girls and know who you are and know what you want! At Farm Girls Fancy Frills, we offer ladies of all ages trendy farm inspired fashion at affordable prices! With new arrivals daily, we h..

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Some quick example text to build on the card title and make up the bulk of the card's content Some quick example text to build on the card title and make up the bulk of the card's content Some quick example text to build on the card title and make up the bulk of the card's content.

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