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Channel Description : Assisted Living and Memory Care in Oceanside, California
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Title : How to Choose the Right Assisted Living Community
Description : Many seniors fear aging mainly because of its consequences. They do not like the skin wrinkles and the gradual body decline that come with it.  Moreover, they do not want to face the most challenging question of them all--where to spend the remainder of your golden years. However, seniors need to ready themselves for this [...]
Post Date : 10/14/2020
Title : How to Stay on Top of Your Mental Health
Description : Mental health refers to a person’s psychological, emotional, and social well-being. It is the state of your own mind, whether or not it “feels” well and good. Having a healthy mental well-being means either or all of these three things: A person that functions well and serves his/her purpose in the society, workforce, and social [...]
Post Date : 09/28/2020
Title : How to Visit a Senior in Memory Care
Description : Senior memory care refers to an assisted living facility specifically designed to give care and medical services to older adults with memory problems. It goes beyond the standard services provided to seniors in independent living communities. Moreover, it provides a specialized kind of supportive care that focuses on dealing with and bettering the symptoms of [...]
Post Date : 09/08/2020
Title : How to Stay Active as a Senior
Description : As a senior, you might be asking the question “how to stay active as a senior.”  Staying active isn't rocket science. By merely combining different kinds of exercises, you can make your workouts more enjoyable as well as get the most out of your workout time. The secret is to discover what activities you love [...]
Post Date : 08/20/2020
Title : 5 Fun Ways to Visit Seniors in Senior Living Communities 
Description : Physical distancing is part of our "new normal" since it has been a vital preventive measure against the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. But with strengthened social distancing should come more robust emotional connectivity. Now more than ever, these trying times call for our need to connect with each other.   Visiting seniors during COVID [...]
Post Date : 08/10/2020
Title : Most Effective Types of Meditation for Seniors
Description : From the shallowest to the deepest form of stress and worry, seniors may encounter ruminations through their late stage of life. This can be overwhelming for them and for their loved ones and caregivers. Fortunately, meditation is the antidote that can alleviate this. This ancient practice of mind-body connection is not just limited to non-secular [...]
Post Date : 07/29/2020
Title : Health Benefits of Avocados for Seniors
Description : Reaching senior years comes with several life-changing realities. Getting older brings a lot of challenges, but more so in the state of one’s well-being. Therefore, seniors should make a consistent decision to always choose a healthy lifestyle from here on out. This entails quitting previous vices, constant exercise, staying socially active, and connecting with family [...]
Post Date : 07/01/2020
Title : Staying Entertained During Shelter-In-Place
Description : Social distancing is super important as Americans attempt to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. However, that also means that everyone will be spending more time at home. It's not hard to feel bored and get lonely. To deal with boredom and stay occupied, keep this list of activities and entertainment ideas in mind. And [...]
Post Date : 04/15/2020
Title : Spending Easter in Senior Living
Description : California is now under orders from Gov. Gavin Newsom to stay at home and to shelter in place. While you are allowed to go outside for essential needs (even for a leisurely walk in the neighborhood), social distancing is now the name of the game, especially when it comes to senior living in Oceanside, CA. [...]
Post Date : 03/24/2020
Title : Fun Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day in Assisted Living Homes
Description : In the US, we generally observe St. Patrick's Day with acceptable Irish nourishment, great beverages, tunes, Irish moving, and heaps of green all over the place. If  you are searching for some senior-accommodating St. Patrick's Day exercises, here are some options for you. Ocean Hills assisted living homes encourage residents to make the most of [...]
Post Date : 03/17/2020

Ocean Hills

Ocean Hills is dedicated to senior living with luxurious services and amenities. We are here to fully support you during this wonderful transition. ..

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