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Title : BoxBagPack Wholesale Round Shape Gift boxes And Flower Gift Boxes
Description : Rigid boxes are great as luxury gift boxes, because rigid boxes have strong construction, and elegant looking, rigid boxes look more quality and luxurious.The advantage of rigid boxes is that rigid boxes can come in any shape with various styles.When we use rigid boxes as luxury gift boxes, they can come in creative looking and functional shapes.Round shape luxury gift boxes are popular shape of gift boxes, some round shape luxury gift boxes are used as flower gift boxes to package flower.As gif [...]
Post Date : 03/03/2021
Title : Rigid Kraft Drawer Boxes With Logo And Ribbon Pull
Description : This is rigid box, it is made of 1200g recycled paper board, and covered box by kraft paper, this box comes in drawer style with ribbon pull, custom logo is printed on top of drawer box.This rigid kraft drawer box is made by BoxBagPack, as gift boxes manufacturer, BoxBagPack specialize in manufacturing custom made rigid boxes coming in any size,shape with various styles, popular styles include hinged lid rigid boxes,two piece rigid boxes,drawer boxes,neck boxes and shoulder boxes.We offer [...]
Post Date : 02/26/2021
Title : 10x5x13" Flat Handle Recycled Kraft Bags
Description : If you are looking for eco friendly shopping bags, recycled kraft paper bags are the best choice. Because as name, recycled kraft paper bags are made of different recycled kraft paper coming in popular styles, recycled kraft bags are 100% recyclable and biodegradable.Recycled kraft paper bags have so many styles, popular styles include twisted handle recycled kraft bags, flat handle recycled kraft bags and rope handle recycled kraft bags.Flat handle recycled kraft paper bags are not only [...]
Post Date : 02/13/2021
Title : Custom Made Rigid Boxes With Logo
Description : This is custom made rigid box with hot stamping logo.this box is made by BoxBagPackThis rigid box is made of 1200g paper board,covered box by art paper with matt lamination,solid color printing with gold hot stamping logo.Our Rigid Boxes (also called Gift boxes) are commonly used for luxury products and by brands due to their stunning designs and their sturdy packaging.Our popular Rigid Boxes are not only practical but highly customisable in every way! We offer various styles to customise [...]
Post Date : 12/27/2020
Title : Custom Rigid Boxes
Description : [...]
Post Date : 12/09/2020
Title : Black Color Foldable Gift Boxes With Ribbon Closure
Description : This is black color foldable gift box with ribbon closure. This box has collapsible construction, it is characteristic of foldable gift boxes, foldable gift boxes combine the advantage of luxury rigid gift boxes and pop up folding boxes together.  Foldable gift boxes are great as luxury gift boxes to packaging high value products.This foldable gift box is made and wholesale by BoxBagPack.​ [...]
Post Date : 10/17/2020
Title : Custom Printed Luxury Shopping Bags With Ribbon Closure
Description : This is custom printed luxury paper bag with ribbon closure, This bag is made o 230g art paper with matt lamination, so bag has very strong construction, when it stand, it looks more quality, and bag has full color custom printing for custom logo and information on bag, 100% ink coverage. As euro style bag, it has turn top with rope handle,ribbon closure and reinforced paper board.This bag is made by BoxBagPack.As paper bags manufacturer, BoxBagPack specialize in manufacturing custom printed [...]
Post Date : 10/15/2020
Title : Custom Printed Laminated Paper Bags With Handles
Description : [...]
Post Date : 10/09/2020
Title : BoxBagPack Wholesale Kraft Gift Boxes
Description : ​Rigid boxes are great as premium packaging boxes,because rigid boxes have strong construction,elegant looking,rigid boxes can add more quality feeling. Rigid boxes are great as luxury gift boxes and rigid boxes are made of different material with various wrapped paper, it is the reason why rigid boxes are versatile to fit any end. When you are looking for eco friendly gift boxes for your high value products and gift items, kraft gift boxes are the best choice. First kraft g [...]
Post Date : 10/01/2020
Title : BoxBagPack Wholesale Custom printed Euro Tote Shopping Bags
Description : CUSTOM PRINTED PAPER EURO TOTE SHOPPING BAGSEuro tote bags are great as premium shopping bags and promotional bags,Why euro tote bags can be used as quality shopping bags? What is a Eurotote? A eurotote bag is a high-end shopping bag option that can be manufactured with paper or plastic materials. What makes them differ from traditional shopping bags is the construction using premium materials and reinforcements in the bottom and handle area of the bags. Euro tote bags also have soft l [...]
Post Date : 07/29/2020

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