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Channel Description : PCTE specialises in the sale and hire of Concrete Non-destructive Testing equipment. We supply a range of equipment from around the world to offer you a one stop shop with all of the latest equipment.
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Title : Lecture Slides at PCTE
Description : PCTE have an extensive library of Microsoft PowerPoint slides that they use in presentations. These slides have been organized by product type but in the order that PCTE use them in slide shows. They may be used by anyone and are not copyrighted.
Post Date : 11/30/2013
Title : Guide to Non-Destructive Test Methods at PCTE
Description : The non-destruvtive test methods gives us an idea about Concrete testing,Reinforcement analysis,corrosion testing.The additional information is listed in the guide.
Post Date : 11/30/2013
Title : Resources at PCTE
Description : PCTE is pleased to provide access to our full stock of training & demonstration videos, lecture slides as well as our past newsletters. In addition, our guide to non-destructive test methods can help you find the right equipment for your job.
Post Date : 11/30/2013
Title : Video Tutorials at PCTE
Description : PCTE is pleased to offer the following training videos.
Post Date : 11/30/2013
Title : Testing Platforms at PCTE
Description : Testing Platforms are support systems used to operate testing equipment packages and to collect data.
Post Date : 11/30/2013
Title : General Testing at PCTE
Description : The following collection of equipment is for associated applications (i.e. Paper Roll Hardness, Coatings, Seals, Pre-stress Wiring and Screeds) and materials (i.e. rock, paper).
Post Date : 11/30/2013
Title : Geotechnical Systems at PCTE
Description : Geosense® VWP-3000 Series of Vibrating Wire Piezometers use the well-proven method of converting fluid pressures on a sensitive diaphragm into a frequency signal.
Post Date : 11/30/2013
Title : Second Hand Demonstration Equipment at PCTE
Description : This month we have a several systems available for sale from our demonstrator range.
Post Date : 11/30/2013
Title : Defect Location Testing at PCTE
Description : No matter how good construction practices are things can always go wrong with concrete placement. Defects can also occur in the form of cracking and delamination due to deterioration of a concrete element.
Post Date : 11/30/2013
Title : Corrosion Testing at PCTE
Description : Using this equipment a good understanding of the extent and rate of corrosion of reinforcement in concrete (commonly known as concrete cancer) can be obtained.
Post Date : 11/30/2013

PCTE Industrial

PCTE Industrial is a specialist in the sale and hire of industrial non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment. PCTE INDT is a branch of PCTE, who have been serving in the NDT industry since 2008. We offe..

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