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Title : Starting a Business in a Foreign Country? Here are 6 Traits You Need to Succeed.
Description : starting a business in a foreign country? Venese in this guestpost deep-dives into what it takes to launch a thriving business in a foreign country.
Post Date : 10/16/2020
Title : Nigerian Youth Investment Fund: See If You’re Qualified to Access This Single-digit FG Backed Loan.
Description : Searching for a single-digit loan to launch or expand your business? The Federal govt. is launching the Nigerian Youth Investment Fund to empower Nigerian youths to become entrepreneurs. See if you’re qualified and what you need to do to access the funding. As a Nigerian entrepreneur, one endemic challenge you often face is access to [...]
Post Date : 10/05/2020
Title : 4 Harsh But Valuable, Lessons I Learned From Starting My Business. You Won’t Believe What’s on #3.
Description : Lessons I Learned From Starting My Business read about Finn’s no-holds-barred true life lessons from running his business. Here’s the thing. Starting a business is high risk and overwhelming, especially, if it’s your first business. But, you can stack the odds in your favour by learning from those who have done the same thing you [...]
Post Date : 10/02/2020
Title : Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners: 35+ Experts Share ‘The One Thing’ to Consider Before Joining Any Affiliate Program
Description : Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners: In this post we asked 35+ affiliates what is the one thing that can cause them to either promote a product to to ignore it. You're certainly going to learning a lot, in terms of the thought processes that go into choosing winning affiliate products to promote.
Post Date : 09/28/2020
Title : [Infographic] 10 Female-led Startups Changing the World. You Wouldn’t Believe Who’s on #6
Description : While the startup community is disproportionately dominated by males; female-led startups hitting the unicorn’ status is on the rise. In this infographic, we explored 10 of these women-led startups changing the world. Start-ups have been a leading business trend of the 21st century with rapid changes driven in part due to technology and in part [...]
Post Date : 09/21/2020
Title : SEMrush Affiliate Program: The Brutally Honest, Must-Read Review
Description : SEMrush affiliate program is for you if you are looking for a high commission, high conversion, recurring lifetime affiliate program to generate passive income.
Post Date : 08/27/2020
Title : How Much Does it Cost to Start Online Business? 51+ Online Entrepreneurs Share How Much They Spent to Launch an Internet-based Business.
Description : If you have ever wondered how much does it cost to start online business, you may want to read this post. 51+ entrepreneurs cutting across different niches share how much it cost them to launch their businesses.
Post Date : 08/19/2020
Title : Key Employment Contract Elements to Know Before Signing That Job Offer
Description : If you're in the process of launching a business or about to accept a job offer, here are key employment contract elements to know.
Post Date : 08/13/2020
Title : 4 Creative Ideas for Restaurants: How to Adapt Your Food Business to The New Normal
Description : In this guest post, Sophie shares 4 creative ideas for restaurants and how they can adapt their food business for the 'new normal.'
Post Date : 08/03/2020
Title : 46+ Experts Share How They Use LinkedIn to Generate Business Leads Since The Lockdown
Description : 46+ in the trench Marketers, Business owners & Experts Share how they use LinkedIn to generate business leads.
Post Date : 07/28/2020

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