What is a service charge? Who pays for the service charge- the property owner or tenants?


In the real estate and property management sectors, a property service charge—also referred to as a service charge or maintenance fee—is a widely accepted idea. A maintenance and management fee is a charge made to building owners, renters, or inhabitants of a certain community, housing complex, or building to pay the expenses of upkeep and management of the property and its common areas. The service charge is often collected on a monthly or quarterly basis and is used to maintain the property’s upkeep and the provision of necessary amenities and services for its residents. Depending on the kind of property and the controlling body’s or owner’s management style, the precise elements and inclusions of a property service charge might differ significantly. Nonetheless, there are customary components that are commonly encompassed by a service charge, and they may be roughly classified into many crucial domains: maintenance and repairs: A sizeable amount of the service charge goes towards keeping the property in good condition and making repairs as needed. This includes standard maintenance, including maintaining the building’s structural integrity, cleaning communal spaces, and planting. It also includes unplanned maintenance like repairing leaks in the plumbing system, electrical difficulties, or general wear and tear on shared areas.

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